Sunday, January 2, 2022

Twenty twenty two

 Good Morning New Year, and how are you today?

I am free! 1 month retired and now I can enjoy my retirement savings, my collection of fabrics, patterns, books and projects that kept me sane through the years, that I can finish, start, dream of creating.

Sweet potato pies to share, eat and freeze

Appliqué of signature blocks 

I am also ready to revisit blogs from years of following and catch up on their projects as well, the incentive I know I will find there. 

I have much to tell and much to show and share. I hope my journey of quilting is all I hope for with all this new found freedom of time. I am also toughening up the quilting fingers for winter quilting this was just a piece I put together with scraps long ago will go on the coffee table.

Looking forward to meeting new and old friends again in the age of technology, yes I finally gave in and even got a cell phone. It’s a need now for appointments proof of vaccines and the like. 

Keeping it real! Stay focused! Onward we go! 

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