Monday, January 28, 2008

Feb BOM Done !!

It's not even Feb and I have my Carol Doak BOM done. I am continuing to make these blocks from my scrap barrel. This one was easy cause I got to use alot of stips which the barrel is full of!!

I tried to make it like a pond with the merky water and dragonflies/ladybugs. I put all the blocks I have together so far in a layout and there is starting to be some wonderful results!! Now I have to sit and wait for March to glad that Feb is a short month.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Paper Piecing Day

Well I finally was able to work on a little quilting. I have alot to catch up on and today I had some time. I pieced 2 more blocks for the Carol Doak BOM series she is doing on line
I was behind 2 blocks and so Dec and Jan are now posted. Carol posted her Feb block today so I am just in time to get that one done.

I bet when you are looking at these you are asking "where in the world is she getting her color palette from?" it is from my scrap barrel. I hav a whole garbage pail full of scraps and it really needs to get some fabric emptied out of it!

here are the 2 blocks.. have a great night

Friday, January 18, 2008

Rotary Cutting is a dangerous tool!!

Little did they realize when they post this on the package that the danger is once you start cutting your project it is very hard to stop... I have been busy the last 5hrs witha new 4patch posey...I got 42 blocks cut and sewn together. I just have to decide on what boarder to do!!

Well I have to get some sleep my parents are coming tomorrow and I have some house cleaning to do!! Nite

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well I have spent the last 2 days working on a deadline quilt. It is the 4Patch Posey.. or another name Stacked Posey's. I teach this plus 2 other stack and whack techniques. One block Wonder and of Course Stack and Whack... I love the effect you get when you make these quilts.. each block has its own personallity..

This quilt was easy to make the hardest part is there are so many options on the layout and the boarder... sometimes it is very hard to decide on how to showcase your quilt the best possible way... and then have enough fabric to utilize these creative ideas.. I was lucky I had enough fabric that I can also make prairie points!! I am posting a pic of it.. I used 2 fabrics from the same line rather than one and I love how it turned out!! I also have a few blocks that I am posting so you can see a close up.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quilt A Long 2008

Good Morning.. on top of the other projects I have started to make blocks on a quilt a long that is happening in one of the sites I belong to

The member that finishes their block first gets to pick the next block. We have just started in Jan08 and you can join anytime. The quilt is yours to keep when done... mine will be from the scraps in the barrel.

The blocks are selected from . Our theme is stars.. I did the quilt a long for 2007 when there was another site open but they closed and we were able to meet again on another site to continue.

Here is the 2007 blocks from that Quilt a Long

Monday, January 14, 2008

Country Sunshine.. made some progress

I worked on my Country Sunshine first block and have all the pieces layed out..the book does not have an enlarged copy for layouts and I have done it free hand pretty happy with the results. This is the first block for Jan08 in the yahoo group I belong to I get wonderful incentives from their albums of primitive and group projects and a great group to talk quilt shop

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Off a Whole week!!

Today is the start of a whole week off from work.. now that does not say I am not busy I have store samples to work on and plus I want to work on the "Country Sunshine" the dreaded house cleaning needs to be done..

What a find!! My mother brought some material a lady had given her.. in this package were blocks already made (25) they are beautiful with the templates and some of the material left!!

Also envelopes of from the Daily Windsor star dated 1937 postage was a penny!! with patterns by Laura Wheeler one called the "Brides' Prize.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Example of Templar Applique

I wanted to post an example of an applique quilt done using the templar method. This is called "Bloomin Butterflies" I got this pattern from Quiters Newsletter Mag many years ago and updated it with batiks.

This quilt was a good travelling companion.. using the templar method I used a little Roxanne's glue on the back of the pieces to adhere to the background rather than pins this way I didn't have to worry about losing any or having the thread get tangle as I hand appliqued!!

Country Sunshine start

I couldn't wait for the beginning of the year to start my blocks so I have started my first block.. so happens to be the wrong one but I will start the right one.. I am excited though so I will post what I have done.. I am using what is called the templar method. You use heat resistant mylar and fabric sizing. This is a perfect method to use with repeat patterns in a quilt
To start cut out the heat resistant mylar the shape you are going to use try to be as close as possible to the shape with nice rounded edges where they are to be rounded and nice points where there are to be points. If you don't cut as close to shape as possible you will see every jagged edge!!
Lay the mylar on your fabric choice draw shape cut out shape leaving a 1/4in. Spray some fabric sizing in a small tupperware container with lid. Lay the mylar template on the cut out piece so that there is a 1/4in showing all around wet edges that are sticking out with the sizing...with a clover iron I fold over the dampened edges and you will see the shape start to transform!! When you have completed this method your templates can be taken out and you will see your shape. I love this method.. no needle turning no basting and your shape stays forever.