Sunday, September 28, 2008

Take a look!!

if you go to your right hand side you will see I have been blogged!! I just finished teaching a Stack and Whack class at Cockadoodle quilts on Sat and it was so much fun... the classroom is the best lots of light, a huge floor to ceiling design wall, numerous ironing boards for each of the students with their own work area and good eats... if it is an all day session Joanne (the owner) makes a wonderful lunch and dessert for the instructor and students.

What also makes it is the fabric selections that you get to chose from up-to-the minute fabric so that you get what's hot off the press. I can't walk outta that store without a bag full...a heavy bag full of fabric!!

The quilt on the left is one that I had made in the summer for a sampler for the class we had on Saturday. Isn't the fabric just gorgeous!! It was excellent to work with as well the fabric on the boarder is what is used in the pinwheels.

Glenda (one of the students) has been only quilting for a year and by the end of the class she was a pro!! she felt much more comfortable with cutting/sewing and piecing her blocks. What was a challenge is that the other 2 students were actually teachers in the store. I had never taught other "teachers" before and believe me they made me very, very comfortable.. I admit I was a little nervous..LOL.

To visit Cockadoodle Quilts store you can click on the headline of this post or just go to the left and read her blog

Quilt Show Extravaganza!!

I was lucky enough in the last 2 weeks to visit 3 quilt shows. I am going to post the links to my webshots so that you can see the pics. There were so many quilts to see and so many friends to talk to it was absolutely wonderful.. nothing like going to quilt shows to get great ideas and to talk to quilters you have not seen all summer!!

Oxford County Quilting Guild

Yorkshire rose Quilt Guild

Ingersoll Quilt Show

If you have some time grab a tea and take a look.. the inspiration of what these ladies bring us by showing what they can do is phenominal!! We all should show what we have done, we all should support our quilt guilds.

Quilt shows are in abundance right now take some time and go see one!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sally Post

The block that is on the right is #1. These blocks are from a wonderful site that you can view by clicking on the Title of this bog. This young lady really makes quilting fun with all her wonderful free patterns!! I love her site.

There are about 36 blocks all together and they whip up fast. I am needle turning these and am trying to be a little primitive with it.

Gayle turned me on to this wonderful mustard color fabric and so everything is really geared towards it. I also love the leaf fabric I picked it is different and I will use it throughout all my blocks.

You will see some finished blocks on Gayles site just look at the top on her tabs and you will see albums they are just beautiful and I can also see she has started her own with wonderful color fabs.
This one is block # 2.. I am trying to go in chronilogical order and not to far from the path... I have blocks 3 and 4 in progress...really it is not to hard to do considering each block is so amazing!!

When Gayle first posted this quilt I fell hard for it and had to work it. I had to wait until I had a few of my commissions done. (darn deadlines!!) I am not waiting any longer!! so I started..

To view her quilt go to you will be like me soon enough to many projects on the go. I pretty well think that I am at my limit though.

I'm on my way!!

this quilt is going together so quickly!! I have all the strips cut for the big star and have the center pieced now I am just starting the second section. So far I am so very, very excited!! I hope that u'all can see how fast and easy this is coming together...

Just a few helpful hints.. don't wash your fabric the sizing in the fabric helps keep all those bias sides nice and straight.. and since this quilt will be antiquy look'n I love the fact that when I DO wash it (after it has been completely quilted and bound) it will start to get that wonderful quilty look!! (all crinkly)

Accurate cutting and sewing is essential this way you have all the diamonds the same shape!! and easy to piece when pinning the segments together.

I have one problem my design wall is not big enough!! I need a mansion!! does anyone have one they would like to donate so that I can have a kingsize design wall.. LOL

Take a look and see whatcha' think...

On the wall there is only the center and 2 pieces of the next section... as you can see it is going to be very large. When they said king they were not joking.

I thank you all for the comments I know once you see this you will post your pics for me to see... is just to hard to resist!!

Thanks to American Patchwork & Quilting... oh BTW.. I have not used any sizing on this as yet because of the sizing in the fabric already...just be careful when you are pressing don't over-do-it.

Well back to the next steps I have so much more fun to look forward to!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I know.. I know

What starting another new project?? but the American Patchwork & Quilting Oct2008 issue has the most beautiful star quilt!! As I have been thinking about it since it came to my door about 2 weeks fabric started knocking on the doors to say we can be a part of it really!! we can we can... lo and behold look what happened to my was jumped!!
so this was Friday. I have all my strips cut and I have the first section I cut the strips I did a few changes and now I am on my way to make this wonderful quilt!! I was at the almost all day yesturday for their open house. It was great fun some of the other instructors where there and Joanne pulled out new bolts of fabric to admire...yes I did buy Lakehouse fabrics more hydrangea fabric!!

Well off to sew more strips and applique more blocks and try to get some sleep!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful sew day. We were supposed to get rain the sun has peeked out and I am currently wishing for it to rain again so that I can stay in and sew.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mom and I..

had so much fun when she was done at the beginning of Sept.. She bought this beautiful Hydrangea fabric when we were in to go with the fabric we got a beautiful minty green and this wonderful pink fabric. The pink fabric is a finger painting design all over it.. the texture is wonderful!!
Well we took 2 days and got it all done except for the boarders. I had suggested a raspberry color around the boarder just a sliver and then she is going to put the hydrangea fabric around again... These are mom's colors.. this quilt is really her!! and what makes it most fun is that Mom loves it!! you will see the happy quilter pic below!!
The quilt is picture on its side cause of the design wall.. I need bigger walls. This pattern was from Quiltmaker Nov/Dec 02 (you would not believe what we had to go through to find it!)

I had made a quilt like this with beige colors and mom loved the pattern it is great for those thathave fabrics they don't like to cut up.
Mom happy in my little sewing studio.. I am sure she is going through with drawal!!.
Mom...proud as punch next to her wonderful creation. If you click on the pic you will see the fabrics better. As you can see she was not allowed to even get her jammies off!! Doesn't she look so cute?? I love my mom...

Well I hope you like the little adventure that I have posted... there is alot more to catch up on but I know you all have your own sewing to do and I want to post my Sally Post blocks that I have started... that is on there is another excellent site.


Piece of Cake Centers-what I do

I made my template from a plastic cutting board that you get from the dollar store. I love them cause there is alittle rough side that helps keep your template in the material better. I traced the template image on the fabric I was going to use. I used applique pins to pin the pieces together for accuracy. Hand sewed the pieces.. you can machine if you like but I liked the hand work theme as I am also hand appliquing plus it is better control for such small pieces

I thought you would like to see how small the template is compared to my finger. It really is not that hard to work with since they are just straight sides.

You can see after all is together the wrong side is ironed with the spiral of the seams all going the same way this helps with your piecing as well as the bulk.
This is the right side of the block . See the fussy cutting that was done? you can see all the flowers are all going the same way and are also lined up. I love this one!!

This is one of the blocks I don't have it all appliqued but it is in place. I think I will change the centre of the flowers on though I like to see it better.. but I do love the dragonflys Probably can use them in one of the other blocks.

This one is almost done I have all the leaves done just starting the flowers.

I will have alot more to show you there is so much eye candy to catch up on.. I do hope the little tutorial helps with your center as you can see piecing comes out so accurate and you really can be fussy with your cutting...I hope I get to see others who are making this quilt and see what fabrics they are using if you know someone who is making it lemme know would love to see what they are doing.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lots of Questions..

..are being asked about the One Block Wonder.

To start "yes" when I teach this class everyone has to buy their own book it is only fair to the developer of the technique. Plus I am sure once you have started with this technique you will not be able to make just one and you will need the book to refresh yourself when making your next one. Honestly most have made a second or third after taking the course. I would ask if they completed theirs and the reply would be "oh I am on my second one now!!" LOL.

Fabric selection is important. If you want print this page and bring to your store for assistance when buying your fabric. You should get a fabric that has movement in the back ground as well as some movement with the motifs. I find the orientals are a little difficult for the OBW technique there is to much color.. you are looking for fabric that has 5 colors or less that would mean your background as well. When you get your book you will see some of the fabrics that Max and Joy had used.

How much fabric?? if your fabric is a 24in repeat you will get a double size quilt this will include your boarders as well. Remember if you want a larger quilt you will need to get 2x the amount of repeats. If you are making the hexagon that means 6repeats of fabric. You are making a kalidescope and you need to stack 6repeats to make that kalidescope. DO NOT THINK IN METERS/YARDS!! think in how many repeats. So if you want a larger quilt you will need to by 12 24in repeats. I really hope this helps...if you are short repeats your fabric will end up being a 4patch posey instead.

Since talking about repeats if your repeat is only a 6in to 8in measurement I suggest you double the count of repeats. Your material will be easier to work with. So that would be 6in repeats x 12.
If you are going to do the octagon block you will need to buy 8 repeats of fabric to make a block you can see one of the octagon quilts to the left and I had posted another one earlier.
I know that most stores in Toronto are carrying the book and they will gladly order it for you. I am sure you can call them and ask if they will have it at the Creative festival as well.
I have quilts hanging in The Sewing Machine Factory, Cockadoodle Quilts, and Cozy Quilts (in Cobourg) if you want to take a look at them up close and in person.
The most important thing is this will be fun! bring a sharp blade and your design wall. Oh the design wall that was another question.
I used a piece of insulation board cut in half, used some clear duck tape to put together both pieces so it opens like a book and then put batting (cotton) all around again attaching with duck tape (clear). You can also use an off white quilters flannel as well. I am not sure if we can just tape our design wall (batting) to the walls but will find out.
As they say "don't worry.. be happy" this will be mega fun!! Can't wait to see what everyone pics!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Block Wonder News!!

I have been accepted to teach at our Creative Sewing Festival on Oct 17 . It will be the One Block Wonder (OBW). I have taught this many times at our local and not so local quilt stores such as.... and a couple of stores that have now changed hands. Every student that has taken this course have been so amazed at the outcome of their creation.
I am posting a couple that I have done. I hope to see everyone at the Creative Sewing Festival for 2008.

This one was with penguin fabric very simple.. you are looking for fabrics with no more than 5 colors this would also include your background color... it is also advisable to use fabric that has great background movement. You can see the fabric used on my webshots photos.

I had to laugh when Encore came out they had used the same fabric on one of their quilts!!

This is the type of quilt that you can be creative even as a beginner. You learn more about how your color values work for you to create your own personal work of art... remember it is only one fabric, one block how can you go wrong??

This beauty below is with a wonderful sunflower fabric... this fabric is for more the intermediate that knows their design will be on the wall for a couple of weeks before a clear decision can be made. The pic on the right is the fabric that is used as you can see there are more colors so there is more thought into the placement of your values when designing your quilt.

After effects of cutting and designing.. this is so much fun but better in a workshop so that you can see what others do with their fabrics.

Another Before...

Below is the after.. this is using the 8 wedges rather than the six wedges in previous... I would advise using the 6 wedge to start... you have 3 sides to choose from when piecing your blocks to take advantage of your fabric.

Well as you can see I am very excited by this technique and am glad to share it.. I would advise you to get the Encore book if you are going to make it... it has all the information required so that you can make the cubes as well that are displayed... they didn't put the cube pattern in the first book...
Off to work to dream of quilting....


Monday, September 1, 2008


is a virtue. I am having problems with uploading pics with my camera and trying to resolve these issues. I will try to continue with great patience... but it is wearing thin...uuuuugh

I am known as the Stack & Whack (S&W)queen in these parts I love all aspects of S&W and thought I would show you some of my works.. these are old but they are still fun. I still teach this class at a couple of stores as you saw earlier with the tree skirt. I also teach One Block Wonder (OBW) another favorite and very addictive.

This one is called "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" The pattern was from the Stack and Whackier Book pattern "Sarah's Roses" . The fabric I used was the Hydrangea fabric by Lakehouse that was so popular it was perfect for the roses and rosettes and so much fun to do. Many students took this one.

This one is made with halloween fabric that I just fell in love with the fabric was called the "Unhappy Hour" with ghouls and gobblins drinking and celebrating halloween. It was also a perfect name for this quilt. The background fabric is with cats eyes that glow in the dark very, very cool

This one here is outside my color spectrum I am not a pink/purple kinda gal.. but I just love these Kaffee fabs and it was perfect for the wonderful florals... it is currently hanging (and finished) at the soon it will be down and ready for fall classes... I think it only took me 3 days to put this together.
Oh the title of this one is " Glad to Be Mine"
Well I will continue to work out my camera problem and hope I can post my Aunt Millie Blocks soon.. I have 4 done and they are looking pretty good. Plus I want to show you how I do my centers... Piece of Cake did post on their blog how to.. but I have done mine differently cause I had started it before they posted.
May piece be with you... Deb