Sunday, June 30, 2013

Binding, Binding, & Bound

Our spring summer started out with activities that were more in demand than quilting. So I have not had any to post…until now
I had put a couple of tops in to get quilted these were the ones I showed previously well they are done!
This one below is just called sunshine I wanted a yellow quilt and these blocks I had bought at a guild members boutique someone had handed in their BOM I put the gold around them to make them bigger and then went a little further by putting them on point.
I found Tammy Murphy through a guild member and asked if she had time to quilt these just a pantograph design. I share the wealth with LAQ everybody deserves a share of quilting my quilts.
I met her at the house and we discussed thread and pantograph design, she was surprised it only took about 15min I knew the color and the design she has a wall of threads. It is hard to tell the design on this one due to the color closeness but she did a fabulous job!
Do you like the backing fabric I love it got it Sew Sisters a while back, same with the border fabric. All the fabrics were picked from the `grand stash`
The one below is the second beast loved the pantograph and thread we picked for this it went the theme of blooms. I am just finishing the binding on this one. It is big!!
I hope with the photo`s you can see the binding fabric I picked it was not easy to find in my `grand stash` but this goes with both sides and you will see below why I want both sides
I love the fabric I put on the back and the quilting of the pantographs is so close that it is a great filler and a perfect `second quilt` This was an asian fabric that was on sale at The Quilt Store believe me I paid less than 7dollars a meter for it I was very very happy….but it was a while ago when they had a sale and so it was pulled from the stash I must have bought the whole bolt cause I was able to use it all on the back this is not a small quilt sorry I can`t remember the measurements but it could fit a king almost.
I am trying to get it so that you can see the quilting I hope you can…
Then there is this wee quilt that is going away on a swap I was in…due to unforseen circumstances it is arriving late but that is okay my partner understood and I hope it is worth her wait.
Well I am not sure when I will be posting again I have taken a great turn towards my gardens this year and it is paying off, the weather has been fabulous with enough rain to make everything happy, I am just starting to feel like doing a little quilting again we will see what happens If not please have a wonderful Summer and enjoy our weather