Saturday, December 29, 2012

2nd place and Giveaway

but still a winner!!

I am very excited and it was very unexpected due to all the wonderful submissions. I won second place in voting with This n That Fabrics what a great end to 2012. I won a years subscription to The Quilt Show and a $25 dollar certificate for This n That Fabrics I already redeemed my subscription and already spent my certificate. This n That Fabrics currently has fabrics on sale for 2.79 a yard which is a great deal for me! so I picked some choicy reproductions.
Thank you to all that voted for me and also to This n That Fabrics.

I would like to pay it forward in redeeming my membership with The Quilt Show I have a gift certificate for a friend for 6months membership. I will do a giveaway with this certificate. I would like you to post any comment you like  about quilting,  that is it no other tricks needed. If you have a tip, or a favorite pattern, or a favorite technique or what you are currently working on post it I would love to know and I am sure others would. The only thing is I will need to email you if you are a winner so contact information is important.

The draw will be Sat Jan 12, 2013 this way those that follow but are currently busy with Christmas celebrations and then catching up in blogland will have a chance. I think that is fair.
I want to thank those that follow me I hope you have a great year for 2013.

I guess you would like to see the quilt that won 2nd place (believe me I am very proud) it was a New Years Eve mystery quilt from a Yahoo group.

Check out ThisnThat`s Blog and you will see it there. I am sure you all know the first place winner which is so justified cause it is my favorite too, and my favorite designers suggestive pattern she used. Carrie P.  she has a fabulous blog to follow with lots of gorgeous eye candy especially if you are an applique fan like I am.

I thought since I am in a Winter White exchange I would post my Winter Wonderland quilt. It is all hand quilted machine pieced I made this about 10 years ago hard to believe time has gone by that fast!! I hope you can see the quilting when you click on it. I just tried it and you really can`t but it is tilting evergreens in the big spaces and then lines every 1in in the triangles and all the way around the boarders.
Good luck on the draw looking forward to your comments.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter stars

I joined another swap you can see it on my side bar. Lala  is hosting her first swap and she would like winter white. I love winter, love swaps and love winter whites so I had to join.
I have to have the blocks in by the end of Jan but I found my block and picked the fabric out of my stash and have had a little time in between working double shifts and some back problems to get them done.
My theme is starry winters night, it seems that the stars really shine at night so I hope they like it. We are to use any fabrics that remind us of winter whites. Once I got the fabrics and the pattern I got these done in no time the required size is 9 1/2in. unfinished.
all 12 are ready now to be shipped and then I will get 12 different blocks from different parts of the world. I will have my own cuddle quilt for winter.  I tried to pick fabrics that would not relate to christmas but to winter itself so that it can be used all winter long…the cold winds blowing under the winter stars. What I have to do now is think of my layout on assembling the blocks and what fabric to use inbetween my blocks. Think icy cold it.
Also a slow cooker comes in handy when you want a pork roast…
I hope everyone stayed healthy and had wonderful holidays.
2013 looks very promising with new projects to start and old ones to finish, I will be adding some new links on the sidebar for BOM`s in 2013.
Can`t wait to see what you have in mind for the new year.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Quilters do...part 2 ES

They make room for other quilters to come and join them for some chat and sewing.That was Irene`s hand there trying to clean up before I could take this picture. It is a quilt that she is machine quilting for Christmas
See all clear for me, this was on the other side of the table
Isn`t that just acutie pattotie quilt
I had to show you how Irene has been doing her Flying Geese she told me she got the tutorial off of  The Quilt show and one of my friends also in my Canadian Yahoo group also recognized the technique and posted the link for me. 
This technique is absolutely fool proof if you are worried about points and 1/4in seams this is the perfect solution. Irene may even go one step further and sew the wing back like the cathedral windows Technique that would just look awesome to me.
This friend is very, very talented, she develops her own patterns and is now making patterns for Northcott. She is revamping her walkout basement as a sewing studio for herself too. Visit her Bambleberry Cottage Link by clicking on the name look at her patterns I am sure some of us Canadians remember her Maple Leaf Quilt. I have taken applique and the Simon Says class with Irene she is a funny and knowledgable teacher and a wonderful friend.
Doesn`t that look amazing!! its perfect ain`t it.
As for me I got allot of my geese together but I have to iron the other sided. you can see some I didn`t sew as yet…cause as a quilter I miscounted and I think I have way to many…maybe the extra can be used in my misfit quilt
here I go again I said I liked something (I am going to quit that…liking something that is) and this cook book copyrighted in 1965 but first printed 1910  was given to my by Irene it has wonderfully delicious recipes of old crusts, cakes, glazes custards. I am just thrilled!! (15lbs heavier just looking at it…LOL This book belong to her mother-in-law so it is really special to me that Irene would let me have it.
Our next get together will not be until Dec and Irene is coming over here so I better do some housekeeping…and I know she likes dates, I saw something with dates in the book...hmmmm
as I started on the top as saying what quilters do...they give and give and give Friendship, Fun and special little gifts...I am gettting one in the mail I will post when I get it....a real treasure to me anyways.
Waiting till the AM for Bonnie`s next clue can anyone guess....I have just no clue whatsoever

Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Street part 2

Last night I was picking and cutting and so far have all my 4patches done plus 20 of my Flying Geese (FG)
I think I mentioned I am not a purple fan so this was my choice again using up some stash these blacks or darks were found in the FQ part of the stash.
These are pinned for Monday night quilting fun, you can see it is the no waste method of FG. I just have to sit and sew them. Tuesday night is another Dinner with DH and Wednesday is Easy Street with Irene Thursday I have something on the calendar just can`t remember will have to look and then Friday Saturday working nights again (working straight through till mid January now then I will take a small break)
I am a neglectful friend, when I had visited Hetty the first time she introduced me to this lovely aloe plant it is BIG. I loved it and in saying that she gave it to me…Isn`t it gorgeous I know my picture is a little dark sorry it is 300am…and I can`t have to many lights on.
Well see if I can get a little nap in before work exciting times are ahead with this mystery many quilters are working on this one and cyberspace had allowed us to quilt internationally!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Quilters Christmas starts early

I was lucky to be able to sew with a friend last weekend we have both started BH Easy Street Mystery the fabrics above are Irene`s (sorry no blog) the fabrics below are far

This is a late post cause we both have all the 4patches done and are now on phase 2 Flying geese if you want to know how many of each go to Bonnie`s site. If you would like inspiration you will see that she has a Flick post of about 200 people making this quilt in different fabric choices
Another friend that is a blogger is also on the Easy Street path, surprised I read it on her blog Hetty cyber wave to ya
it is still not to late to join if you would like to dip into your stash. I am only using my stash materials not buying any have been doing well so far on that promise to myself.

Now I also had a little show and tell at Irene`s she has made a couple of Bonnie`s mysteries are they not stunning! the top picture and the bottom one

This will be my first one of Bonnie`s so I am excited cause I love mysteries. I have also all the confidence in the world that this quilt will be spectacular. I have not seen any of Bonnie`s mysteries that I have not liked but really really loved. I just hope I can do it justice with my selections cause I am not using her same colors...for thing there is purple in it...a mass amount of purple!! not my favorite color.  

Went also to Orono Quilt show with Hetty and she has shown most of the quilts on her blog so you can go visit.  I loved the quilt above it was their draw I didn`t get a call so I guess I didn`t win. It would have suited my home just perfectly

This quilt I just loved the sparkle it had with all the velvets used

I like the dimensional illusion of this scrappy quilt.
Well I had a break back to my wonderful Flying geese surprised that I am keeping up? so am I ..LOL