Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our First Snowfall

this is what happens when I go to the computer it becomes a lap cushion for this particular girl..if I stop petting her she decides she needs to knock things on the ground or starts to kneed my leg..most times as I am typing she is lying her chin on my arm which makes it difficult to reach some letters..LOL
Below is my first snow fall...we are lucky as quilters cause we can make it any season we want when it is the dead of winter and we need some bright flowers to cheer us up we can make a bright quilt and that is our summer... right now I would love some snow so this is my first snowfall. I bought this kit at the Orangeville quilt show 2 weekends ago and had it all together in 2 days that is with working too... click on it and you can see it closer.. I am not a batik fan but this one really caught my eye...
So being in the mood to sew I had picked up a book at one of the guild meetings I go to and got incentive to make an antiquy quilt..I didn`t have the red`s that it had but I loved this guild fabric I got from Sewing Machine Factory and the background for another 2 tone quilt...hmmmmm

looks like there may be a theme behind this post.. 2 tones...I started this on Wednesday and have 5 x 7 rows done already....getting out into the quilting world had helped get my mojo back I am also working on my Love Letter blocks and almost have block 4 to also working on a BOM from another quilt store Quilters Palette.
I thought I would have a great slide show of pictures with all the quilt shows I went to this year but I only have 1/2 of them my chip in my camera malfunctioned...( big disappointing sigh) but I do have half of them so will see about getting alittle time to load them
Right now quilting is keeping my sanity work is challenging at the moment but I take each day as a new day and try again...I just keep thinking I am lucky to have a job...I am lucky that I am well and healthy and able to go to work everyday...I am very lucky to have an outlet.. my quilting...