Wednesday, June 29, 2011

little by little

 my baskets are growning...i have not appliqued them but they are prepped to start. I still have to put the centre in the flowers as well...I love how they are turning out...
This is my mothers gorgeous garden (a very small portion of it) This is a Dogwood she has and it just flowered beautifully check out the hostas...
I had worked a night and mom had to drive us back to her house along the way she surprised me by stopping at this beach. I can`t remember when I took time to stop and put my feet in the sand. This was wonderful we laughed and the waves were big enough to get our pants wet...this was Lake Erie we found rocks and picked up a few to take home as a memory.
Today is my Dad`s birthday, I hope he had a wonderful day, I was not able to reach him personally but sang my Birthday song (he will tell me to keep my day job I am sure). It was a perfectly lovely day here not to hot but it is supposed to get warm for our wonderful weekend
HAPPY CANADA DAY everyone!! and also a wonderful Independence Day to all our American Friends...stay safe and hope you get a day to do a little quilting.

Monday, June 13, 2011

no is not the answer

when a friend says lets make a quilt together. I don`t know if you all remember Monika but she suggested we make a quilt for a friend of ours and we have trouble getting together due to shift work we were finally able to set a date. We got together yesterday and sewed some of these kitties that we are making as the quilt, as you can see it is very very scrappy. We want our friend to be totally entertained with each of these kitties, she has kitties herself so she will love it.
As you can see Monika is holding up the pattern it is from an old McCall`s Magazine Oct 2000 (that is why I don`t get rid of my mags)see what we did so far what is great is we are using both our fabrics and we are very different yet they go together so well.  I love this picture of Monika she looks so summery and happy.
After Monika left I kept going and finished the ones I had cut so we have a great head start on it. Monika has gone home with her little pile of background. We are using Muslin so that there is some resting area..LOL
do they not look cool!! if you want you can click on the picture and see what fabrics you probably have. We only have about 46 blocks more to go 1/2 way there already. I know that not one block will be the same...
Then we have this poor poor tie. My DH has asked me if it is done yet. He gave it to me to put a couple of stitches in about 3 weeks it is not done yet.. maybe tonight (I have only said that for the last 2 weeks) Don`t they know what priorities are when quilting??

Well have a great week...
This is a very late post. but just found my camera (had been using DH) I had this picture on it. When I lost my Dear Brit in Mar my friend Mary sent this wonderful bouquet of flowers. It was totally unexpected...but that is what friends do it was perfect at that time because it really brought spring into the home.
Don`t I have great friends!! well there is going to be a couple of quilty friends coming over on Thursday and then I have my mom so probably will not be on for about another week. I am getting better with the posting though. I guess a little more the garden has not been touched yet but maybe tonight.

Friday, June 10, 2011

is it just me

time is just flying by almost the middle of the year already!
Today is my mothers birthday so I would love to wish her a Very Happy Birthday and we will be soon celebrating together. This is a picture of mom and I together getting ready to go out to a meeting. She had not seen me in glasses before and wanted a picture with me wearing them..LOL
I may be a tad taller but everything else is just like mom. Thinking of you all day Mom talk to ya later
I have all the basket handles on the 24 baskets now just appliquing the top half. I do these at work by going early and sitting on an outside terrace it is just lovely. I have 4 of the pieced baskets done...I think I will have to buy ALL the tickets to win this one.
This picture is of me and my Dad we are currently in this wonderful Heritage Lodge that he had orchestrated to be built. It was alot of work and pulling together lots of volunteer time to put this together but on the May long weekend they had their grand opening. I am so proud of my Dad for accompishing this landmark it is the first in Ontario and he was a big part of it. It really takes a great dream to see it through to the end. People will now come to the Heritage Village in Southern Ontario and see this beautiful building. I know when I see that I will see the pride and joy that went into building this monument for Masonic Lodges in Canada.
Way to Go Dad, High Five and big hugs

Friday, June 3, 2011

WOW`s are late again...LOL

Well it is Friday and I am posting my WOW it just shows you how fast this week flew!! This quilt had been done a couple of weeks when I had been QOTM (quilter of the month at guild) I had this as a UFO for a couple of years and when mom and I got together I cut the boarders and she was nice enough (great mom!!) to sew those flannel boarders on for me. Not easy lots of weight on those arms. Then my friend Sandy a fantastic LAQ was able to get this done in time for me to show at our guild. I put all those prairie points on and Sandy still got it quilted for me within 24hours she had to stop and start at each end and that is called custom she did fantastic!! Love the pantograh and thread that she used...always got a big hug for her.

 Then I am working on these baskets I have my fabrics all cut for the background and have started the baskets. I also have all the handles cut and am now putting them on the background I love how they are turning out. Can get this pattern from June 2011 Fons and Porter mag.

I also wanted to show you this glorious view that I get to see every spring. My mom gave me this as a sapling a couple of years ago and each year it is prettier and prettier. look at all that gorgeous pink!!
Red Bud Tree sapling was from my Mother
I also am a very big winner!! I won a package from The Quilt show and will post everything Sunday the bag is packed with goodies that I just have to share... will take pictures and post.  I didn`t want to post to many pictures at once for those on dial up...