Sunday, April 8, 2012

Project update…Stash invasion

I am on block 6 now of 9 for the Love Letters quilt! I am so excited! I am more than half way there.  I am in a group to finish up some UFO`s it is great incentive to pull out my stuff and get them done so that they can be happy quilts.
Also pieced 30 siggy blocks that will be going to another part of the world. I am ahead of the game they still haven`t closed the signup but I wanted to make sure that I had these done. You never know when you might get a chance to work on things. It is to be shirting background and 1800`s fabric for the star, there is only enough room to put your name and town, which is good cause I am not very creative as some are with siggies.
This quilt was done when I got home from my retreat, one of the ladies was finishing her UFO and I loved the pattern, the strip sashing in the middle was one solid color and the boarders where piano key, I could only see squares all around in between the chevrons, I tried to pick the ugliest FQ`s knowing I would not use them in my quilts and it still turned out pretty good. I just love my boarder fabric. All this is just from the stash. I started on Sunday afternoon and finished Monday night and that was even going to work during the day! just couldn`t stop!

This little gem is a work in progress it is another mini that i had been working100_3745 on, the inside blocks are fledglings of another mini they stayed on the design wall just like that then I saw this pink blossom fabric and couldn`t resist. I think I will just quilt and bind it now. I have a couple of other mini`s to show you later but didn`t get a picture of them yet.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your family in following loads of blogs the Easter pictures were lovely and the good eats you all made!! um!!

Friday, April 6, 2012


I entered this mini into the quilt show last weekend held by Kindred Hearts, the show turned out fabulous with many visitors and the weather was perfect considering they were calling for 4in of snow…NOT! beautiful sunshine both days
This was the mini I had made and when I went to my retreat 2 weekends ago I quilted, and quilted and quilted to get it done. All hand quilted of course, just in the nick of time
I had pieced this quilt when we had the SARS epidemic and hand quilted it took about 6 months and is still one of my fav`s not much color but love the fabrics. Pattern was from one of the Quiltmaker mags, sorry cannot remember what year, I then didn`t learn to write things down.
I entered this mish mash of a quilt too, thought I would be able to deplete some scraps…again NOT! This was also made at the time of our epidemic, there are lots of memories in this one since most of the scraps are from quilts that I had made. I used only scraps for backing batting and binding as well.
I made this one a while ago too, it was a stack and whack with the boarder fabric and the fabric was called the Unhappy Hour so I thought it was perfect to name the quilt as such, I also loved both background fabrics, the dark one has cats eyes
I guess you can also see that I love prairie points
If you would like to see some great pictures of the quilt show go visit the True Blue Canadian she took some great shots!
Then the Temecula company did a basket BOW mini for March and who can resist baskets, (well I know someone but it ain`t me) so here is mine. I had a little bit of a tough time with the outside edges and the cutting measurements as you can see it just fit but I have to take it apart and redo it so that I can have a 1/4in all around and not cut off my squares, darn! but it will be worth it, pictures are like kids they don`t lie and tell it like it is, I see that I may have to look at that bottom right block too, she is swaying to the right
Scrap Itch
Then Cheri posted another mini to make I like to call this one the Scrap Itch, this was made from another quilt that I have to get a picture of and show you, it was made after retreat, that is a new story
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter thanks for taking a little time to visit my humble blog.