Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dead Head slow stitching

There comes a time when you just can't stitch very much both hubby and I are down with colds I call this the "achy breaky" cold each bone can be felt.
so I am either in my chair or in bed and either one or 2 of the dogs are with me, this to me is the first sign of spring I always seem to get something just before Easter or Thanksgiving.
So I have some project beside me where I do a couple of stitches and then put it down I feel so useless and really wanted to get some stitching done before it becomes full on gardening.
 There was a fabulous quilt show that I went too in Newmarket by the Region of York Quilt Guild

What a great show there was old patterns and new for all to see this is the front door quilt they had when you first come to the door

The one below what a way to entice a quilter or non quilter!

 I loved this one with the baskets I have a bunch of nine patches and I think this would be the best way to display them so I am keeping this on my short list of to do's

 The one above I just absolutely loved!! really my picture does not do it justice.

the one to the right does anyone remember this pattern? I love how she used the border Drunkards path as vases for the green sprouts.

Then below we have my slow stitching moments pick it up and do a little put it down and sleep pick it up and do a little put it down and sleep doesn't help when you have watery eyes either.

This is block 4 and 5 of a Simple Life

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