Thursday, April 18, 2013


I have not been piecing or doing applique lately but hand quilting, I have just made another turn on my Pansy in the Park quilt.
This was a thrilling turn I can see the top of the quilt so I will be foraging ahead trying to finish it.
I am waiting till dawn so that I can rearrange my van to get ready for my final quilting retreat with the Twisted Stitchers group at Elim Lodge (my favourite place). While I am posting I hear the rain tickling my window so it will be a wet travel which is fine I like the rain.
 I have brought 4 projects with me and will see how much I get done. These are the ones that were not unpacked from the previous retreat in Woodstock. I did work on the frogging one on a sew day I had at Brambleberry Cottage (Irene`s) on Thursday and got great progress that will be my first finish on retreat.

 There are going to be 20 or our group and 12 of another group that will be sharing. I will be travelling with the co-coordinator Fran since I have a Grand Caravan that can fit lots and I also love to drive. I always ask the ladies if I am allowed to post their projects and faces on my blog, most are compliant I hope I have another great slideshow for you.

On another note. I am trying to follow the blogs that I used to follow but it has been extremely difficult I was under the impression that Reader would be available till July but the option has already disappeared I am trying that blogly and find that they had not picked up all my blogs that I follow so please forgive me if you have not heard from me but you can email me to add to your blog
I feel lost without my regular blogs and reader, it is amazing how you depend on things and distressed it is when taken away….the powers that be need to understand some of us are not good with change.
well I am finishing laundry and vacuuming, nothing is better than coming home to a clean place after fun, fun, fun. I hope you all can get some stitching in too..

Monday, April 8, 2013

Quilt retreat number 2

I had a great time this past weekend and have a slide show to present. you will need a cuppa tea this is about sixty odd pictures. I didn`t take pictures of my project yes I said project. I didn`t get alot done...didn`t sleep much but got lots done with pictures taken and eating. I was not doing so well with my piecing I kept having to undo. so I kinda gave up you know when you have those moments. enjoy the show
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