Sunday, March 26, 2023

new stitching activities

I am so excited that I have decided to use this utility stitch for my Trick or Treat basket quilt this is a pattern that was from the book When the Cold Wind Blows by Black Bird designs, I myself would recommend this book you will want to make most of the quilts in it.

I will show you down further what else this book has done for me, but for now I wanted to talk about this stitch the first time I was introduced to it was watching Jen Kingwell and saw these adorable stitches for quilting your quilt. I am big stitching around the baskets but using the tacking "X" all over the quilt background. 

I am trying to entertain myself with new stitches and quick quilting methods by hand so that I can get through the 30 tops that I have to quilt! (the joys of semi retirement) I love revisiting the baskets and the selections of fabrics I had made to put them together it also reminds me of many days in the summer during break sitting outside to work on them under blue skies. Perfect for the March weather we are currently having with power outages, freezing rain and high winds. 

 I am finished with the applique that I am creating for the top of a quilt that is on my design wall The motif's I have used are from the book When the Cold Wind Blows and I created a layout that is pleasing and reminds me of spring, our birds are almost deafening with song celebrating the change that is coming soon. 

I am very excited about this project due to creating "more" to enhance it, each project seems to help me grow in the quilting world. 

On a side note I am not sure if anyone has watched the feeds of the Quilt Nerd. I am finding her very interesting she really gives a detailed view on quilts, quilts I have not seen and not just modern but antique, political, innovative just a plethora of quilts and history I am thoroughly enjoying her narrative.  If you have a chance check her out it is well worth your sit and sip time. 

Well back to getting things done, thank you for visiting 

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Tops to talk about

I finished quilting my first big stitch quilt so so happy loved the practice on this quilt and have really enjoyed the "freedom" of big stitch
The 9 patch blocks were from a swap long ago when Fons and Porter had a Quilt Chat group they had shut down suddenly we were lucky that some people stayed connected and opened their own site to chat because as you know we start to connect and build relationships. 
here is some of the quilting and the blocks 
here is the back now the fabric is bright but the quilting has toned it down a little 
I have already decided on the next quilt to put on the frame this was a quilt started just before the Covid Pandemic as called as I sat with other quilters on our sew day. Karen  had developed a pattern for Barbara and I to put together and I had made some adjustments and created my version in the middle then created a bigger quilt by adding the borders. Did you notice that I have used that black and white rose fabric? This is my covid quilt as you can there are similarities in the virus. I will show you more of the quilt later 
This is my back of the quilt I thought it was appropriate at the when there was such controversy on whether to vaccinate or not 
Also I have finished part 2 of the Mystery Hexagon quilt by Jemima's Creative quilting. I am loving the different fabrics people are using in this mystery, worth going to visit on Instagram. I also love that it is a 4 week post this helps you keep on track and get a quilt done in a year with hand work

 I thought I would also post an embarrassing moment, these are all the tops I have in mind to quilt and yes I will get them done if I keep going the way I am Big Stitch has become my friend. 

Hope you are able to get some stitching done, thanks for visiting! 

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Quilt a longs are fun


the quilt above was a quilt along a few years ago called "Fonthill" this was one of those quilts where I dove into the scrap barrel and picked whatever came up, each block had a personality the challenge was picking the borders and sashing for this one
Then Border Creek Station had a stash buster  pattern that was almost the same a little smaller in diameter so I changed the layout and made this applique to compliment the blocks It was a great challenge to design the layout but very happy with the end result. 

Below are quilt a longs I did with friends we exchanged strips of supposedly our ugly strips but as you can see there are just no ugly fabrics one of my friends has a blog Applique and Patches   go to her blog she is a very creative quilter 

The pattern was called waves and as you can see I could not make just one they are both the same pattern but I did a little tweeking on the layout my dad loved the red one so it was given to him as I was finishing the turning of the edges since there were prairie points as the finishing. 

I love to do sew alongs with sites that promote their different blocks of the week/month. Question would you rather a block a week or month? I like a week it keeps you in high gear as you build your quilt. this one below was from Piecing in the Past signing up to her newsletter always keeps you busy with new free projects 

The one above was a semi completed Kit that a fellow quilter did not want to finish and I was at the right place at the right time I was able to purchase this as a small nominal fee and finish it I love this quilt! The quilter did a wonderful job of what she had completed with piecing and ironing the pieces so continuing was like a dream! Sometimes a quilter will find your half finished projects treasures. 

Well this is a little look back on some quilts since I am slow stitching right now I thought I would share some that I have been working on the last few years. hope you enjoyed some of my memories and it gives you incentive to get involved in your quilt room again. 

Monday, March 6, 2023

Snow blows in to Ontario with a vengeance

I put this little quilt together yesterday there was a sew day in the morning with one of my guilds via zoom and Pam Buda of Heartspun quilts  had a wonderful new Archaeology pattern that she is calling "Welcome Spring" using spring colours. 

I decided I wanted another quilt for St Patricks day since the one I made last year went to Australia in a doll quilt swap. 

I still had some of the fabric left so I used greens and blues and I am calling this sweetheart of a quilt Irish Spring. I love how it turned out at the time this was taken I was not able to put on the border due to the paper weight fur ball on top of the border I wanted to use but can you see a corner of it? 

It is together now and I will post it when I have done the quilting it will be simple to go with the simple pattern. So much fun I hope you get a chance to visit the site and make one. 

I am also continuing with my stars and have found a wonderful go between them I will have to post next time didn't take a picture but it has all the color that is used in the quilt so far
And this was the stall in my hand quilting I thought I would have 2 projects finished but shovelling for hours deterred me and believe me my back shoulders thought I grew wings because they were painful just in that spot. 
I did get one side done of the border and only have one more to go I am using this lovely cable I am showing the back and the front just love how it finishes. 

 I am using the needles above they are Chenille 24's and they glide so nice for a big stitch as well as the # 8 valdani no twisting and runs smoothly through the fabric and batting. I can't wait to put the next one on the frame that I will big stitch too. 

Well spring is but a dream as we quilt, the days are getting longer soon the garden will be calling for me am I ready for the change....hmmmm that is mixed emotions for me. 

Saturday, February 25, 2023

my stars

I am still producing stars I am more then have way there 

 I just can't wait to lay the next one out before I finish the one I am working on! 

Monday, February 20, 2023

hand work

I am on my last 1 1/2 rows big stitching this quilt and I am thrilled on how it turned out! I can't wait now to put the next one on. I can almost see why some people would get behind on the binding just so that they can start the next project but i will bind first. 
I bought this frame off of Facebook Market and have it stationed upstairs and as you can see someone is in her glory, she thinks she can help...but as you can see irritation is on her face because I keep lifting her off. 
I have started and finished Part 1 of the Mystery QAL with Jemima's Creative Quilting the hexies are 1 1/2 inches bigger then the ones below. This is a free posting once a month if you want a pdf it is for a nominal fee of 2.00 dollars. 
I am continuing also with my stars I surprise myself with different layouts and fabrics making it entertaining for me and not a dull moment 

 Its a family weekend this weekend I hope you have some fun with your family the extra day helps to make time for them. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

My Quilt is on the frame of the Wheatley Quilters and look at the fabulous job they are doing those stitches are incredible! 

My Mom is quilting with them on Mondays and Thursdays and they are a close group so excited I visit via zoom when they have their break on Mondays, yes they punch in and out and you pay for their time 

I thought I would introduce the quilt I have on the bed at present. This was a block swap long ago, actually 2 swaps together the nine patches were from another swap.
I love swaps, the challenges on deciding what fabrics to use to pull it all together and then the layout. 
Fabrics are pulled from the stash so it is the point of also having enough fabric for the end result as well. 
You will see the sashing fabric was perfect as well as the border fabric since it was a fall themed swap for the blocks.
Love these kinda challenges. 
In keeping with the swapping aspect that year I had this great backing fabric it was a quilting map and then as you can see below the drivers licenses in different cities with different fabulous ideas to create a licence for your car. 

The super models on the bed keep me from getting the whole quilt in focus. they are characters that i for sure. 

I am also having fun with creating stars to go around the border of a hexie quilt I thought I was finished with but felt it needed more....WHAT was I thinking! 

I will post more later on, as you can see I have a little lap warmer under my board...nope it doesn't bother him in the least he is in his favourite spot.

 This ladder I got for Christmas from my mother has a few quilts displayed on it now and I love how it just fits perfectly there when I walk in the door it is the first thing I see besides the little tail wagging and the chatting girls at the door. 

Well I guess that is all for now, well of pictures. I am doing much much more and will follow up with more to come don't want to inundate you with too much right? 

Spring like weather here in Ontario is getting everyone itching to start the gardening I am hoping for 2 months of winter so that I can enjoy my quilting...selfish I know.