Sunday, November 26, 2023

a little help goes a long way

this is about the help I get I have a presser for my hexies and also a wind warrior there is no way I will loss any if the wind blows she is my rock Good Job Kiera
Then I have this supervisor that makes sure that I am selecting the right fabrics and making the right cut as she views from her crows nest as you can see she is not worried

Then you have the cutest and thoughtful neighbours that bring me this grinch tree that lights up and is just so perfect for my porch it can stay outside. Her Hubby came and blew my leaves into big piles so that I can put them in bags for p/u we used to be able to put them in our ditch and they would vacuum them out, the city has changed this due to only our district and one other getting it done. Long story very irritating and more expense of course but reducing the service does not reduce our taxes that is for sure! 

That is a fake smile I kept bugging him so and he kept having to stop and take his ear protectors of (yes I am laughing inside)

I little more progress and yes I have decided I am changing the lighter part I will still use what I have made but much less I am thinking just the middle in between the stars. 
Here are a couple more stars ready for piecing, it is so much fun to try to think of new designs. I am trying to see how many different layouts I can do I hope I can get all of the ones I have to make different. It will be interesting to look at. 
This is a throwback quilt that is still one of my favs pattern was from a Fon's and Porter Mag I think it was 2002 I changed the corners just cause I can..(another inner giggle) 

Well off again on again I know busy at home with other interrupted stuff so stitching is much slower...

Stay safe, keep your fingers moving. 

Friday, November 24, 2023

My mystery has grown we just finished part 10

 Working on number 3 of a mystery series by Jemimas creative quilting free for the year I am on part 10 

Checking to see how much more I will have to add with the finishes being posted 11 &12 is posted but it looks like I have to do some designing to make the sides drop a little longer around the edges and I have to say to no surprise I have a plan...stay tuned. 

Thought I would do some close ups so that you can see some of the fussy cutting. 

In between the mystery this year and the one last year I am still working on the stars for the borders to make it bigger I have one more side to put on of the black and white border and then about 9 more stars. I am debating about the border background it looks pretty light in the picture it is really not that light bu still debating we will see. Looking at it now I may have another plan (yes I am laughing inside as I say this)
WEll hope to see what everyone else is stitching it is Thanksgiving in America I hope they are feasting well and giving thanks to one another that they can celebrate together this year. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Hexagon mystery garden update

This is a mystery quilt I am working on and I have part 4 done and partial part 5 (not pictured) I love how she introduced the light it makes it looks so lacy you can still join there are 12 parts all the information is up still Jemima's Creative quilting  
These red annabelles are new to me I planted last year and I just love them they are sturdier, meaning they don't droop if a drop of rain falls on them they are so pretty
They match with my red brick path and they just make the garden look so dainty
I have to show my Alice Oak Leaf hydrangea again she is in all her splender I have to trim the bottom so that I have a path to the shed, the hostas around her were put in last year and they will grow very big as well. 
And of course...what would be a post if I didn't finish off with a little catatude Meara look at that nose she has such beautiful features. 

Keep stitching until next time. 

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Picture heavy-I mean it was a quilt show! Wellington Quilt show

I want to make this one for sure Jacks Chain a member of my quilt guild made it many years ago and I fell in love with it! I love how the maker on this one used scraps of various fabric so me!

Wonderful paper piecing
I love the medallion approach more and more in quilts 
The picture does not do justice to this one. 
Loads of hand stitching many using the big stitch technique look how love this is
I love the piecing on this quilt it is amazing
This blocks is a sample of the quilt on the right below and was donated for comfort quilts look at all that gorgeous cross stitch wow!!
Below I picked some of my sea lavender and I love how it just stays just like this I am drying it not a very pretty smell though for now
And I finished the top that I was working on with the swap baskets I was in 2010 love how it turned out
I know this was a while ago because Holly is in it and she has been gone 5 years now look at that Ted, seeing his pictures and videos then really reminds me of how he was and what he was like after his stroke he is melting right on my hands. 

 well lots of sew days ahead and lots of gardening hope you all get some quiet time. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Summer journey

I found a quilt that was printed in the quilters newsletter that I loved and wanted to use my blocks that I had received in a swap in 2010, yes you read that right 2010
This is the start of it I have learned some things along the way scale! it is important. I had pieced the 12 baskets in a row and found that it was very long the baskets in the picture must be 4in so I had to unsew. My rows will have 9 blocks I also have 12 blocks that were not on point was going to put them in the middle as a medallion to change it up a bit but too big so my friend Rosemarie suggested to make a small quilt with and I have decided to go with her suggestion. 
We had rain so it has helped with working the dirt and getting rid of those weeds, still have a ways to go I might get it all done by end of summer. I don't have the same umph this year I am missing my mascot. Don't worry time will help me get used to it. I do have the neighbours with their hounds howling and a baby that just does not stop crying so there is not much peace in my garden. 
I had put the other leaf in the table to make it longer in the kitchen and the kitties now think this is a great place to watch me work in the kitchen usually both are up there we never eat at this table so it is their perch. I used to be really strict with my animals when I was younger now I just let them be, just no counter and they know this with gentle coaxing. 
My husband had visitors yesterday it was a fabulous visit he was in fine form his sister on the right and his niece on the left he did really well! 

 We were lucky the rain subsided for us to sit on the porch and enjoy the sunshine and company. 

Hope you can get some stitching in 

Saturday, June 17, 2023


Good Day to you all I had to make a decision on which quilt to give to my Mom's hand quilting group and I decided on this one. 

The middle block was a sew a long with Border Creek Station I don't see it listed but there are others you can do. I had already made a quilt with this block it was a bigger version but didn't want to make it again so created my own design with books and mags to get some elements from them 
It was fun to venture out of the comfort zone of just following a pattern and making up your own. 
I love applique and especially with piecing it really blends well together. 
This is the basket quilt that I had returned to me from my Mom's group so you can see why I would like them to hand quilt another one look how wonderful their stitches are. 

This was a sew a long during covid with Piecing the past Quilts
It looks wonderful on the bed, I have the binding cut just have to put it together and sew it on
This was a block swap I had done on Carol Doak's Yahoo group many years ago. I was going to submit this to moms group but when I put it on the bed I noticed I didn't put the last border on. I feel better now it is complete. 
Carol is starting up another group on Facebook you might be interested in she has a new book she is promoting but also posting free blocks as she did in her Yahoo group! Carol's patterns are exceptional for paper piecing you will love it once you try her method and use her patterns 

Well I hope you have time for stitching, I really haven't I finally started in the garden this week.