Sunday, July 3, 2022

Finished top!

Well I had a wonderful time with this quilt a long by Piecing the Past Quilts. She will have a new one soon if you want to sign up it is free the time that it is running after you will pay a nominal fee. 

I used fabrics from my own fabric collection and made a few adjustments 

The triangles in the pattern are the same as the background I knew that they would be touching the next border so changed them to match that border. I also doubled the border in doing so I had made it a little bigger, so this had a domino effect where now I didn't have enough of the background fabric. 

That is okay, no worries I will find something else so a did a little digging well just so happens I had the same fabric line in a different design not much different and so I decided to add to each corner, kinda reminds me of the swede patches on the jacket elbows. 

There is lots of open space to hand quilt a nice design but I think it will just be some cross hatching and some sperodic feathers here and there. 

 just to give you a few close ups. I had to hang it on the garage door to show it a bit. there is no room in my house to show the whole quilt! 

I laid it on the bed and it fits just perfect with the quilting it will shrink of course and it will be wonderful. 

I am happy and hope to do her next one. that is coming up fast stars with nine patches and lots of quilting space. 

What makes this fun as well is working outside quilting on quilts and enjoying the weather at the same time. 

Best advise today would be remember to take time for yourself. 

Friday, July 1, 2022

Churn dash update


My Churn dash is getting there it is a challenge that Chookyblue has given I will do one more round of another Larger size and call it a day. This will be my lap quilt. 

Do you see Ted laying there enjoying the sun? this is early morning and we are able to see the sun shine on our patio. I had some trees skimmed close and away from the back yard they were crowding us. It is so much better and air flows through nicely

As Ted lays in the sun I have to do some unsewing I have changed my mind about putting the leaves on the inner part of the circle I have another alternative. 

We will see how it goes. It is our Canada Celebration this weekend so it is a long weekend. I am working nights but that is okay I will have time off again after. 

Hope you are able to enjoy your weekend too. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Waiting for last stage


I have the blocks put together and the borders on the blocks by Monday! low and behold the next part was the sashing. After much deliberation and diving into my cupboards I think I found the complimentary fabric. 

These wee birds will hold the quilt up as it marches through time. 

There is still 2 more borders to put on a thin one and then a bigger one I think I have enough of the bird to go outside the quilt as well. 

There was a lot of unsewing at one point because i pieced the rows upside down of course but took my time, didn't swear, and then I was able to finish. 

Waiting for Monday...again. I don't want to wish my retirement away that is for sure! Time is surely speeding past though!

I also have been spending mornings sitting at the table with my applique and or hand quilting it is lovely to be able to enjoy the outdoors knowing that time is not of the essence. 

Thank goodness for electronics I am able to talk to friends and family while the birds/plans and helicopters fly past. We are on the path of the Orange Choppers that fly by with sick in need of care patients. It always reminds me of where I was for 30 years. 

Well hope you are getting some R&R we had our eavestroughs done getting trees cut back today the yard is becoming ship shape. 

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Peace and Healing

Well we are on the final stretch for the Peace and Healing run by Piecing the Past Quilts project I have all 31- 9 inch blocks framed and the  32 -4 patch set in blocks pieced squared and ready. It was nice to sew straight lines after all those HST. I have chosen my background fabric for the finishing. It's getting exciting! I don't have the background posted yet I have to find the right lighting to picture, the pictures I have taken make it look gaudy,  but on the wall it looks great so I won't post till completed because I know there will be people wondering why I picked it. I quilt as I see fit and pick fabrics to my liking not all persons agree with the choices that is okay that is why we are individual creators. 

What I love about this quilt is there are blocks that I will use for other projects that I have in mind. Participating in these sew a longs helps your library expand in the tools needed to finish a quilt. Beginner quilters can have a library of patterns in no time to be creative in making new quilts. 

I know when I first started quilting I joined 5 quilt guilds (1 hr drive east/west/north/south)  because I started quilting with nothing and online quilting was not quite the phenomenon so I collected the block of the month patterns the guilds had offered and built my block library. This is also when gas was only 45 cents a litre. This year will be the first year I will join no guilds.   

 I also like to hang quilts that I have finished in my bedroom. So when I first walk in I can see it before I go to bed and when I wake up it is a great incentive for me to continue with the next project I am working on knowing that I will have a finalised project in the end. Some projects take a long time. I love how the sun picked up the quilting on this small What Not quilt design by Kim Dhiel it was a kit using her pattern and fabrics. 

I also decided to treat these tired and garden dirty feet to a pedicure I wanted to be bright and cheerful and was very happy with the results. it was a nice treat after all the work I have been putting in to our yards and yards of gardening. 
Hope you are able to get some stitching in our weather has been up and down but perfect for gardening some cool days some hot and some rain so this evens out the outdoor indoor work. 

Sunday, June 12, 2022

What’s doin’

More rhubarb baking finding recipes and experiments continue 
This was a good one too, I think now since Strawberries are also in season I have to make a rhubarb strawberry pie

I also made a rhubarb crumble and brought this one to work cut up and wrapped individual pieces served COVID protocol. This is the way we bring our foods to work so that everyone can enjoy! 

I decided that I was going to only use 2 fabrics for the churn dash challenge the emphasis will be on the quilting starting with 6in, then 10in  then 15in I will see the size and if it permits I will follow through with a 20in block for framing. The churn  dash challenge with Chooky Blue is interesting when you see what others are doing she has the links on her blog. 

I also thought you would like to see what my feet have been looking like just working in the gardens, its my natural pedicure, I better go scrub! 



Saturday, June 4, 2022

Simple life, simple days

rhubarb Pie in the making! these tins were my Gram's and I love how they cut your pie it is on the diagonal. The pie is gone but there is more rhubarb I am trying new recipies because I am trying to find the best Rhubarb Custard pie. 

Oh and one or 2 people asked what the recipes are that I am using

Recipe 1 (pictured)

Recipe 2 (not pictured it was gone before I could take a picture)

I am also back to the signature blocks where I am adding the Leaves the hearts were signed over 10 years ago and now I am putting them into a design that I found in the Quilt Mania mag # 138

It is the cover quilt. I have adjusted a little because I am not crazy about the skinny embroidered circle I have a skinny biased stem around, preferences are up to the maker right? 

 On top of everything else my new job is cutting the grass, in doing so I have a helper, look at those green paws! That's okay they cleaned up well. 

Also Chooky Blue has challenged us to make Churn dash blocks so guess what I can't pass up a challenge. She directed us to a wonderful double Churn Dash and I love it. This block is so easy to make and so effective! 

I love Chooky she has quilters meet from all over the world for wonderful sit and sew chat! the Catch is you have to blog which I have no problem with at all, it actually got me blogging again! I am not sure why I fell out but glad I am able to revert back to working on my projects and keeping a history of them again. 

A final note, live life lightly! 

Monday, May 23, 2022

Projects have me on the go.

I just thought I would also post this beautiful Basket quilt that was a sew along with Pieces in the Past Quilts  This was done in 2021 I finished it July 2021

 It was also a fun project most of the fabric I used was from Kim Diehl's line. 

I think I have another border around it this is not all together here but I do have the whole thing posted. 
Oh there we go I found it! I changed the corners from a solid finish to baskets on the corner as well. I was able to use my Handy dandy 150 blocks book and find some basket patterns that were 10in since the border is 10 inches 
I also didn't want my baskets hanging upside down when on the bed so I had them all the same way, 

during the summer last year I brought some tops to be basted to hand quilt I should be set for about 3 years, there is not one quilt that is under 100x100 but I am also going to big stitch some of them so they will go quickly
This is one of my favourite quilts, why? you ask it was a block swap that had to be anything to do with cat's kittens. I got all these blocks back and then had to think of a way to build a quilt. I had wonderful fabric for the corner stones, different cats, then the sashing there is kitty prints in the fabric, but what I love best is the borders they are cats walking on a picket fence. 
Even the binding is frogs, mice and such that kitties would find to torture. 
I am heading long in this quilt that has a ways to go yet but I am finding things to quilt it to my liking thank goodness the hardest part is what to decided to quilt in it. 

I am working on Moda Block Heads 4 blocks and I am on their facebook page. I have to say it sure has changed from when we used to follow the pattern and now its like a pattern is posted and everyone has their twist. I love it! sometimes it just gives you the incentive to make your own or use another participants idea. 
I love this block the corners that are on this block were not in the pattern but someone posted this idea. I had to do the same thing its amazing how a little twist in a pattern can be so dramatic to the block. 
I won't do it with all of them but sometimes a block needs a little touch.

Well back to getting my quilting going. I am almost finished my first row of big stitch with "Ruby will post next time no picture. 

Have a happy holiday for Monday be it anywhere in the world!