Sunday, November 26, 2023

a little help goes a long way

this is about the help I get I have a presser for my hexies and also a wind warrior there is no way I will loss any if the wind blows she is my rock Good Job Kiera
Then I have this supervisor that makes sure that I am selecting the right fabrics and making the right cut as she views from her crows nest as you can see she is not worried

Then you have the cutest and thoughtful neighbours that bring me this grinch tree that lights up and is just so perfect for my porch it can stay outside. Her Hubby came and blew my leaves into big piles so that I can put them in bags for p/u we used to be able to put them in our ditch and they would vacuum them out, the city has changed this due to only our district and one other getting it done. Long story very irritating and more expense of course but reducing the service does not reduce our taxes that is for sure! 

That is a fake smile I kept bugging him so and he kept having to stop and take his ear protectors of (yes I am laughing inside)

I little more progress and yes I have decided I am changing the lighter part I will still use what I have made but much less I am thinking just the middle in between the stars. 
Here are a couple more stars ready for piecing, it is so much fun to try to think of new designs. I am trying to see how many different layouts I can do I hope I can get all of the ones I have to make different. It will be interesting to look at. 
This is a throwback quilt that is still one of my favs pattern was from a Fon's and Porter Mag I think it was 2002 I changed the corners just cause I can..(another inner giggle) 

Well off again on again I know busy at home with other interrupted stuff so stitching is much slower...

Stay safe, keep your fingers moving. 

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  1. I remember you working on that basket quilt! So lovely! You are so lucky to have a kind neighbour!


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