Saturday, December 31, 2022


Christmas was time spent with Mom she came to spend some much needed time with us. This is the quilt that we put together Mom made the blocks and framed them then we had to look for fabric in my collection for her triangles and red borders. We found some great fabric and started putting it all together. 
I was lucky enough to catch mom in action as she sewed away we have a great working relationship when building a quilt I cut pin and iron and she sews her perfect 1/4 she is also quality control were if I pin something backwards in error she catches it thank goodness. 
Kiera also was enjoying Mom's company lots and lots of play 
Mom also brought me a special gift something I had wanted for a long time, a quilt ladder and I was lucky enough to have a perfect place for it. 

Hope your holidays was special see you in the New Year!

Sunday, December 18, 2022

In the groove

Well this project has been on my mind for a while it was started last year. Bordercreek Station hosted this Gorgeous project so now I am going to finish it I think I was running low on the snowflake blocks but found this gorgeous complimentary green. Sunday may be another sew day for me before the Christmas 

As I contemplate my fabrics I see that Meara thinks she is hiding under the stairs and her sister is debating whether to jump her, there are no dull moments in this house, but it is an innocent play just the same 
So I think bordercreek still has this free on her site it’s called Let’s get frosty, take a look around she has great stuff to enjoy too


Saturday, December 17, 2022

finally in the spirit

I have our tree up with some handmade trinkets and the tree skirt I made many years ago the birds were from before my time with DH so I put them on for remembrance for him they are old. 
I have someone that is trying to deter me from working on my next project the fabric she is languishing on is what I need next oh well I have have to wait. 
this is the other finish I of the Holly and Berry's that was published by Pam Buda I love these monthly little quilt patterns from her Archaeology series. 
I also have another top done from the 10 partial quilts completed by another quilter. I love the fabrics on this one and it will be fun to quilt. The tops are seriously starting to pile up. 
Pictured below are the girls watching me work on this project they make a great audience Meara first and then Kiera. They really are such good Kit Kit's 

Take time to have some holiday fun quilting I hope it goes fast so that life can get back to normal again. I am not used to the holidays normally I work it is strange...

Sunday, December 11, 2022

this and that

I think I mentioned I am able to see my couch in the Quilting Room since I have spent so much time organising and shelving so now I can dress it up a little I made these pillow cases long ago with the quilt. 

The quilt on the couch came from a block swap I participated in when Connecting threads used to have  online groups but it has discontinued it was call quilt with us, too bad there were many groups and many different topics that were so much fun, again the idea of putting the blocks into a quilt is the challenge. I wanted mine to be like the CW quilt cots I loved how it turned out

These 2 mini quilts are different but the same pattern from Heartspun Quilts it was free for a short time and then you pay a nominal fee of 5.00. It was so much fun to make I used fabrics from a quilt that I had just finished and the scraps were still on my cutting table. The quilt is 12x12.

Sign up for her newsletter these archaeology quilts come out once a month and you are notified by her email updates. 

The top one I used conventional small hand quilting in black gutterman thread and the bottom one I used small big stitch red valdani. I will post the finished project after it is being borrowed for a demonstration at the moment. 

I don't know if you can zoom in but the fabrics are from this quilt below. 

 Well I am not sure how you are doing for holiday readiness but as you can see I have my head in the sand per say and keeping low key with my quilting which is a wonderful way of distressing. 

I hope you can find your cubby and enjoy some Peace and good will during the season. Thanks for taking the time to visit. 

Saturday, December 3, 2022

forgotten show and share

This was a fun bag to make and easy we had it as a workshop on our guild meeting in Oct
The person that was responsible for the workshop also made these cute labels for each person that attended how nice was that?
As you see it became a multipurpose bag Kiera found a better use then putting stuff in it. The bag is big enough to fit a queen quilt quite comfortably I am going to make a bunch for mom's quilting group so they can carry in their quilts they want to quilt and are finished. 
Meara has this favorite spot its her dad's chair in the kitchen I know the sun shines there in the mornings and it knocks her out...not pleased with me in picture interruptions I see. 
I have not been quilting this one lost the ambition at the moment but have 3 sides done in the new year I have to remark it in some areas the white pencil does rub faintly hard for the old eyes to see. 

 On the whole we still have had fantastic weather its perfect fall weather time for the gardens to be put to bed and raking, more raking and more raking! soon hopefully soon we will be able to stitch our days way from the cold. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

thank you for your patience....

I have been a little busy getting a few tops together
I have changed them a little from the original design so that they are big enough for my queen bed.
This one I am adding this applique pillow top part rather then pieced there is more to be added. as you can see Ted is totally thrilled under the ironing border. This bed is heated
I am on my last rows of Ruby as well it has been a fun quilt using some stitching I have not done before will do it again and have a quilt ready and in mind
I am also selling tickets to win this gorgeously made quilt by Region of York Quilt guild if you are interested in tickets message me I will mail take e transfers and send you pictures of the tickets you have bought to claim your win.
The quilting and the fabrics are just fabulous so scrappy but so together!
I was also making prairie points on my last quilt its secret sewing time can't show you but I had some pressing help as you can see here. Miss Kiera sure knows when to make her appearance present. 

Well you can see why I have not posted for a bit but yard cleaning and also quilt room cleaning I have 5 second hand cupboards added to the room and it has me wonder where I had all this stuff before they found a place on the shelves. It is much easier to find things and it took ALLLLL week to rearrange now it is some smaller touch ups. I found my couch I am able to now sit on and also a Laundry basket that that I am actually using for laundry! 

have a great day...till we meet again. 

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Other quilters projects becoming my treasures.

I am fortunate that one quilters half done projects can be another quilters joy...and that is me. 
A quilter on line wanted to offload some of her projects she didn't want to finish 
This is the first one I have pulled out and started working on 
I love the fabrics she had it organised, her 1/4 and pressing was perfect and she even had pins numbering the pieced rows she had already completed. 
I am not sure why she ran out of gas with it but I gave it new love and attention and have it all pieced I only had to piece another 3 rows and border then I added another border from my stash fabric you can see a little below. 
The pictures do not do the fabrics value justice I have the first project pieced and ready to quilt. (pile) 
It is very large and fits our queen with a nice drop I will post a finish when the weather is not so wet. 

I was able to put borders on during a fabulous international zoom conducted by ChookyBlue
It was a very relaxing time chatting and catching up. 
So on to number 2 this again had most of the blocks done everything on the wall except 3 nine patches. so I have started putting it together. 
Since this picture i have fixed the bottom 2 right blocks they were not correct. 

I started putting this together today while zooming with a bunch of canadian quilters and the conversation was great on guild interaction it almost felt like I was at an interguild meeting 
Lots of input and ideas on how to keep the numbers up in the guild since the Covid transition
I know one thing i am going to make this one again with my scraps love the secondary design. 

 This is the place where I sit and do my hand work, I have 3 projects in transition here. 

I am hand quilting the amish quilt. I am also stitch an wonderful this is a fun pattern and I have really been taking my sweet time with it. I have 4 blocks done but feel that I am going to progress a little more quickly with it I am getting a stitching rhythm and I am sure you understand what that means. 

All this with closing the gardens we have had superb weather but I have a feeling it is going to turn very soon the winds have picked up tonight and the leaves sound like they were were all clapping as they scurried across the drive. 

Well hope you are able to get some stitching done would like to visit and see I love show and tell  

Thursday, October 6, 2022

fall bring stitchin' (many pictures

I finally completed my hexagon mystery quilt by Jemima's creative quilting she created 2 mystery quilts sew a longs for 2020 and 2021 so much fun and really stepping out of my box in color

I also finished piecing my second Winter top I found the pattern in Quiltmania 147 called the HOUR GLASS you can see it below with their gorgeous fabric. Honestly my quilt looks great on the bed! I will show you later

My mom and her quilting friends gave me this beautiful old quilt I am debating whether to repiece it I think it will be worth it. Love the fabrics this is old!

and it is time to start harvesting the hydrangea's the mini quilt underneath the vase is the gorgeous doll quilt that I received in a swap it has found its home.