Sunday, November 7, 2010

I have been singing here comes Santa Claus all day.

I know it is early but I saw real snow yesterday and that got me in the mood.

I started my swap gifts on some of the forums I belong to and just finished the binding on this quilt. It is a mini that measures 19 x17 hopefully if you click on the picture it will get bigger so that you can see the wonderful fabrics

Christmas mini

Pattern before

I saw the pattern above in a Miniature Quilts Mag No 58 and thought that I would make my own rendition of it this one is 17x17

Mini Christmas

Both done in the last 24hours hope you like it. These will be part my swap package. It was just such great fun to work on quilting again. I just wish that I could work some real machine quilting magic.

I am almost finished my block 4 of the Love Letters BOM


When I am at lunch I pull out this beautiful block and add a few stitches.

I had also started working on a BOM program at Quilters Palette they have it where you pay 10 dollars to start and then you bring in your finished block. If it is finished then you get the next one. If your block is not then you pay again. I also had DH sign up which I am glad I did you will see why


There are 2 patterns one for the 12in block or 2 6in so DH`s blocks are 12├Čn and mine are the 6in. so far so good eh??

Well as you can see it is busy busy now with quilting. I have a row robin to put together for one of the guilds I belong to that has to be done next week and I think that is about it.

I will post my baskets that I got back from another group I belong to next time, everyone of them is just fabulous.