Friday, September 25, 2009

the Cats came back....thought they were a gonner...

On Saturday mornings when I was young there was a song that they used to sing on the T.V. that was part of the words that were in the song.."the cat came back the very next day"...LOL I don't know if anyone remembers that song...I hope it doesn't stick in your head like it will mine!

Now are these blocks not the best!! I got these the other day..I have them on the design wall waiting for my thinking cap to go on on how to put in a sashing...what kinda sashing... If you click on the picture you will see them in the Picasa album and view a great kitty parade

I am going to a Quilt show this weekend in Kitchener Waterloo for details on our Ontario Quilt shows please go to Canadian Quilters Association there is one also in Orillia.

Sandy my speed demon LAQ that does fantastic work will be coming with me.. as you can see by her pose we are going to have a blast. You will see she is posted alot on Cock-A-Doodle Quilts
Sandy quilts lots of quilts from the store and also teaches great classes!! as you can see she has "personality".. Sandy also teaches at Sew Sisters Quilt Shop classes you don't want to miss especially if you are scrappy girls. I was surprised the other day she told me she only buys Fat Quarters!! The quilts she comes out with!! I will have to take pics and show you a little later. I have one of her pattern kits with the 1930's fab's in the same pattern that is listed on Cock-A-Doodles blog so go take a look

I could not resist this pic.. i have a hedge that I am trying to grow of Pink Diamond Hydrangea's and they are their peak to be cut and dried. I cut some and put them in this blood red vase I got at a yard ask Joey are they not beautiful?? These had not been sitting on the table more than 10 minutes and everyone had to check it you think he is a big boy or what?? don't mind his bare underbelly from day one he has licked the fur clean no matter what food I have given him.. it is like he has his morning shave.
Well I have joined a finishing a UFO group and going to try to put three quilts together that are UFO's before the end of the year.. that is my resonable goal...I hope I pray I will. I will post the link and the projects on the next post with the quilt show pics...
I am going to an Applique group tonight at Cock A Doodle Quilts.. I am bringing.. yes you guessed it my Love Letter blocks...
So for tonight happy applique, be it blocks or binding.. it is applique day for me...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mail Watch!!

Molly is on block watch patrol.. she heard that the kitty block swap I was in the people are starting to get them in the mail. I was not allowed to post my blocks until they were now I can!! yippee!! another reason I am posting it. I forgot to put labels on all my blocks so this way everyone will know which ones were mine...duh!!
The theme was cats.. you had to use cat fabric to make 12 blocks we got the pattern from online it was free (I am so sorry I cannot remember from what site!! please speak if it is your pattern so I can give credit) I made 2 sets cause someone had to discontinue.. life sure does get in the way sometimes.
This was the second batch of blocks I made they are full of kitties and the background fabric is called strings how appropriate I thought.. look at those darling kitty eyes.. yes it was hard to rotary cut through those kitten bodies.. but a girls gotta do what a girl has gotta do

And of course you do have to play with them on the design wall.. they look pretty good..

this was the first if you click on the pic you will see the beige fabric has kitties stretching, climbing, sitting.. and then they were talking about dogs so the back ground has meow and bow wow on it and then there is just writing on the outside what kitties like to lazy days and such.. I had made a mistake on these and put a different boarder on from the "background fabric.. but with all the many blocks I am sure they will be okay

i loved the way this looked cause it was like the kitty was glowing at night on a fence..
One lady is going to make these into placemats and give to a seniors home..I think it is a fantastic idea.. but I am being more selfish and making this for me.. I loved to make the blocks it only took 3 hours to make 12.. once I find the site I will post...i would do this again.. but much later...I found all this fabric in my stash did not have to go out and buy any..I didn't think I had much kitty fabric..but I guess I did.
Take time to join a swap it is great fun. I have not been disappointed yet!! I am waiting for mine when they come I will post what I got.. as you can see I am very very excited.
thanks for your visits working on block 2 of my love letters and my AMG blocks

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Love Letter's

Welcome back like I said I have lots of news and will be posting dribbs and drabbs..below are bags I got at a dollar store are they not cool!! they even have zippers! You will see the hearts with numbers...well in one guild York Heritage quilters guild I am hosting the Special projects chair.
we are going to do sort of like a round robin by making a different size block each month and passing the bag to someone in the group each month so at the end everyone will have back 8 different blocks to make a sampler.... the challenge is to make a quilt from these blocks
I had 32 bags and 32 people signed up I am very excited to see what the outcome will be for this the President of the guild came up with the idea and that really helped me know what to do...we have a great President this year.
Above is what I got in the dear jane bom, my next block for Love letters and also another bom called Heartland. I have already got my fabric cut and pinned on for the next Love Letterss block Bur Oak for some reason I thought I took a pic but didn't will show it the next time.. but you can see the middle packet with the fabric and the pic above is the next block

above is block 3 ready also for now I have 2 of these gigantic blocks ready for applique and one done.. Yippee.. I'm working on it I am!! you can see below the finished first block I love it and finding it a challenge with these blocks cause they are so big not used to it that is for sure.

I am not sure if you remember this quilt below.. it was partially done and posted on Quilters Bloggers under ugly quilt. Well it is done, quilted and I do have the prairie points on it..this is before the points darn it.. thought i got it with the this is the bed quilt. It was a Fon's and Porter technique I saw on QNN when it was free and decided to try time I will pic better fabrics but I do like the idea.
Well I got no votes.. I am not a purple lover at all so this is one reason why me thinks its ugly...
but then I look over at my day bed I have a quilt hanging that has purple in it and then the one on the day bed has purple..I don't know what I like maybe...
Well I am going to my friends Sandy's for a bit she is a wonderful LAQ. We are going to chat and sew a little she wants to make a mini star quilt in the beiges and off whites I am going to applique..
thanks for your wonderful encouragment and comments they are always a big welcome. I feel better about the mini now that I read what you all had to say.. I thought it might have been to plain especially with all these wonderful talented ladies that blog and design.. I learn so much from you all.. thanks

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my mojo is back

well I am much happier this time.. I had no idea what I was going to make for my summer mini quilt swap.. I was blank. The person that I have to make this for is sort of a fibre artist. I have no fibre art skills...but I think my piecing skills are I gave her a little of me.

I took an old fashion pattern "Waves" and thought this was a perfect way to celebrate summer. I grew up on the lake for a short time (Lake St. Clair) and loved it. So first come picking the fabric and then cutting and piecing and ironing

Then it was cutting those lovely little corners off... in building this quilt I realized that I didn't have enough wave fabric.. back to checking out the stash...found something!! WHEW!!

above you can see the fabric that I didn't have enough of all those wonderful waves..the off white fabric has little dots that looks like rain drops hitting the water and then we have those triangle as the waves.

This was all built in a day machine quilting is very simple I think the pattern shows enough movement...but if the receiver wants to quilt more in the water blocks they can.. I will not be offended.. I still am not the best machinequilter. The quilt is 18in square..hope she likes it.. this is summer to me.
I have lots of photos uploaded but don't want to overload the people on dialup so will post more tomorrow...just glad my mojo is back.. now i have to make one more project and then I am not signing up for anything els..nothing!! I have so many projects on the go right now.. as you all know.
Don't forget to check out the side bar Dorothy has now posted her first "Sweet Nostalgia" Block
Quilt on ladies and gents and thanks so much for visiting.. I am going to Sew Sisters for their 29 % off birthday sale.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I would not be a quilter if....

I really don't think you can get stuck in a rut!! not in blog land anyways...there are numerous bloggers starting free BOM's and designing new free patterns...the talent that is out here and the imagination is just incredible.
I on the other hand am one to just follow patterns and am very gratefully for those that satisfy us that love to do their patterns.. if it weren't for the designers..

I would not be a quilter.

I am adding 2 more freebie blogs to the sidebar... it pays to visit other peoples blogs and leave comments this really lets them know that the public appreciates what they are doing and likes their that they have incentive to make more!!

Paula has a wonderful new BOM starting "Life's a Hoot"

Kaaren has "Freebie Friday" designs that she is creating and they are amazing!! I just saw the first one and her talent is really a great gift.. this one is embroderie for fall with the black crow and pumpkins

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dorothy Baker Sweet Nostalgia

check on the sidebar for a new BOM that will be starting and believe me with the little bleeps and peeps here and there you will love it...

I have been finishing quilts and appliquing blocks inbetween going to conference having my parents visit and working...posting of pics will be soon!!

Time to grow. I am also taking an EQ6 class through Quilt University with Fran Gonsalves and it is just fantastic with lots of homework so that takes some PC time...

Until then I try to keep up with everyone's posts but not able to comment...Sept brings new meetings with old organizations reopening.. news will be updated soon.. so for now visit Dorothy
I have my quilt pics in the camera.. so for now you can see we are all waiting in anticipation for this new BOM by a wonderful designer. Check out her blog and see the wonderful designs she has already created.. I have all the bear patterns waiting for me to accomplish!!and these are beyond cute..they look so real!!

from left to right Joey, Girlie, Nosey and Molly a rare photo of all of them together.. but that is what happens when you have exciting news!!