Monday, May 23, 2022

Projects have me on the go.

I just thought I would also post this beautiful Basket quilt that was a sew along with Pieces in the Past Quilts  This was done in 2021 I finished it July 2021

 It was also a fun project most of the fabric I used was from Kim Diehl's line. 

I think I have another border around it this is not all together here but I do have the whole thing posted. 
Oh there we go I found it! I changed the corners from a solid finish to baskets on the corner as well. I was able to use my Handy dandy 150 blocks book and find some basket patterns that were 10in since the border is 10 inches 
I also didn't want my baskets hanging upside down when on the bed so I had them all the same way, 

during the summer last year I brought some tops to be basted to hand quilt I should be set for about 3 years, there is not one quilt that is under 100x100 but I am also going to big stitch some of them so they will go quickly
This is one of my favourite quilts, why? you ask it was a block swap that had to be anything to do with cat's kittens. I got all these blocks back and then had to think of a way to build a quilt. I had wonderful fabric for the corner stones, different cats, then the sashing there is kitty prints in the fabric, but what I love best is the borders they are cats walking on a picket fence. 
Even the binding is frogs, mice and such that kitties would find to torture. 
I am heading long in this quilt that has a ways to go yet but I am finding things to quilt it to my liking thank goodness the hardest part is what to decided to quilt in it. 

I am working on Moda Block Heads 4 blocks and I am on their facebook page. I have to say it sure has changed from when we used to follow the pattern and now its like a pattern is posted and everyone has their twist. I love it! sometimes it just gives you the incentive to make your own or use another participants idea. 
I love this block the corners that are on this block were not in the pattern but someone posted this idea. I had to do the same thing its amazing how a little twist in a pattern can be so dramatic to the block. 
I won't do it with all of them but sometimes a block needs a little touch.

Well back to getting my quilting going. I am almost finished my first row of big stitch with "Ruby will post next time no picture. 

Have a happy holiday for Monday be it anywhere in the world! 


Saturday, May 21, 2022

Piece out!

 Well this is pieced Kim Diehl Whatnot quilt, I bought from Bordercreek Station that I got last week! it was fun to do and would make an excellent leaders and enders as well! 

Still spending mornings working on the gardens. Little hot today doing laundry and have all the windows open its just so fresh!

 Picked Rhubarb debating what the first thing is I am going to make. 

Also still working on my Peace and Healing blocks by Piecing the Past Quilts  free blocks SAL that you can sign up for. 

The wall is filling up so far I am loving it

These are fabrics that I cut at the beginning from collection of fabrics and bagged. I like this way of doing sew alongs you just grab a baggie and work it. 

Debbie has many of these sew a longs that finishes beautiful quilts I did her basket quilt not too long ago. The patterns are written so well you can see that all the points match all the blocks have been super simple to put together. 

The four that I posted below had much more work to them but they just flowed so nicely putting them together. Each block I make i keep thinking oh this would be great as a border all the way around, or I would like to make a whole quilt just with this block. 

I am also trying big stitch on this quilt I had made it a few years ago 
The nine patches were from a swap that I had participated in and as you can see I have used this bird fabric. (the first time it is many quilts right now) My Gram had passed and I thought this was a great quilt to remember her, Gram's name was Ruby and so this quilt became Ruby I had put it together in memory of her. 
Then it sat how was I going to finish it? this is the perfect quilt to big stitch right it is busy and you will not see that my big stitches are not perfect as I try to gain with practice. 

I have the shells on the bird strips and then just some lines in the nine patch blocks it is moving along very fast. 

then we have the signs of spring, my red bud trees are in bloom Meara is more adamant then ever adventuring outside. She only goes out when I do and she is good at waiting till I do go. When I garden in the front she is on harness and she coos as I put it on her is so funny to listen too the excitment! 

These tulips were so beautiful I had to take a picture with Ted beside them as you can see he was not thrilled to be the model but he did put up with me. 

Well I guess there was a little bit of a chatty post but spring brings so much more to see and we have been going for more walks its lovely. 
have a great long weekend, or short weekend whichever it is. I hope those that are having such horrific rains and floods are able to be safe. 

Friday, May 13, 2022

stitching outside.

Well the kitty t.v. is very busy the warmer weather has birds, chipmunks, squirrels and Meara is vigilante. 
I found that it has been so lovely gardening outside I have now started a new quilting project that I will work on outside. This was a Kim Diehl Whatnot project I pieced together last year

I loved sitting out there viewing the work I have done and have great sunlight to see the marking and stitches. 

Someone asked me what I marked my quilt with and I was introduced to Washable Crayola markers fine tip by Rosemarie and I love using them. I have not had issues washing the markings out either. 

The one issue is that the dollar store used to carry them but now I see the stock has changed and I don't see the fine tips anymore. 

Showing you the back you can see the stitching better. 

Well, the quilt you see, yeeeesssss under the kitty. I was prepping this quilt for my first big stitch attempt. You can see it is busy (well look around the kitty) so the this is the perfect big stitch project project to start with.

 I made this long ago when my Gram passed. Her name was Ruby the quilt has alot of "ruby" in it. I am going to be quilting with valdani variegated thread. 

Kiera was like a fly to the flame with this quilt, she is still following the 3 second rule when I quilt comes out she is on it. The sewing machine is right beside her here, I sewed for a couple of hours and she did not budge just stretched out a little bit more. Silly little girl 

 I also could not resist this absolutely stunning Simple Whatnot project that is with Border Creek Station I have to say it is so personable there was a precious note of thanks on the back of the card an extra pair of cute scissors. There is even a new kitty toy (the raffia) 

I have to be honest I got this on Monday and i have 6 blocks done already! 

I am loving that I have time to clean house do gardening and quilt. Freedom for me! 

Thursday, May 12, 2022

When you need to make a decision


Well I finished the little rose quilt, binding on and then washed and dried. To my dismay the reds ran. I don't have the catchers or what ever it is that people use to fix the problem so I had to ad-lib a little. I heard through following a primitive post on facebook to coffee dye quilts. So  that was my next choice. How can I go wrong? it was already damaged. 

As you can see this was investigated by the kitty patrol as well, she wondered why these marks were on the quilt and wondered what was I about to do? 

as you can see that did the trick I see no red but I do see the quilting and a little bit of colouring from the coffee. I hope you can see it if you click on the picture to get a closer look 

adventures are wonderful when you gain from them 

I am still working on the Peace and Harmony blocks by Piecing the Past Quilts and am using my fabrics to piece together the blocks I laid the blocks out that have been completed and posted them on the Facebook group and so happy there are quilters that see the small things top left hand block there is a piecing error that I have to fix! Quilters are so helpful. 

This block on the right is one of my favourites and the top one 2 the instructions are just so perfect you almost don't need to pin to sew together.

Well I hope you are getting some time in. I am using the cool mornings for gardening I am cleaning up almost 2 1/2 years of neglect and then I come in and do some stitching. The joy of all this is that I can do all my chores with a relaxing and enjoyable pace. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Sweets that are good for you

I am almost finished quilting this little quilt, the quilting is minimal due to the small triangles and seams. 

It keeps my fingers quilting ready when I quilt on the bigger quilt I am working on will post pictures next time

This quilt on the right was very exciting for me. I was in the last of the Doll quilt swaps that was international it was for 4 years and it was wonderful! this one I received from Australia and it is hand pieced and hand quilted with favorite fabric selections

I also received some gorgeous pinks that I will showcase later since I have a plan already for it. 

The card was an added touch of one of their homeland flowers! How lucky and special I feel. 

 Check out the hand quilting and such precise hand piecing as well! Yes Hand piecing!! 

Gorgeous flowers wonderful incentive to create an applique block!
I hope you get time outside, been cleaning up some gardens and have hired someone to do the garden care for weeds and fertizled applications. Soon it will be warm enough to sit outside and stitch