Friday, May 13, 2022

stitching outside.

Well the kitty t.v. is very busy the warmer weather has birds, chipmunks, squirrels and Meara is vigilante. 
I found that it has been so lovely gardening outside I have now started a new quilting project that I will work on outside. This was a Kim Diehl Whatnot project I pieced together last year

I loved sitting out there viewing the work I have done and have great sunlight to see the marking and stitches. 

Someone asked me what I marked my quilt with and I was introduced to Washable Crayola markers fine tip by Rosemarie and I love using them. I have not had issues washing the markings out either. 

The one issue is that the dollar store used to carry them but now I see the stock has changed and I don't see the fine tips anymore. 

Showing you the back you can see the stitching better. 

Well, the quilt you see, yeeeesssss under the kitty. I was prepping this quilt for my first big stitch attempt. You can see it is busy (well look around the kitty) so the this is the perfect big stitch project project to start with.

 I made this long ago when my Gram passed. Her name was Ruby the quilt has alot of "ruby" in it. I am going to be quilting with valdani variegated thread. 

Kiera was like a fly to the flame with this quilt, she is still following the 3 second rule when I quilt comes out she is on it. The sewing machine is right beside her here, I sewed for a couple of hours and she did not budge just stretched out a little bit more. Silly little girl 

 I also could not resist this absolutely stunning Simple Whatnot project that is with Border Creek Station I have to say it is so personable there was a precious note of thanks on the back of the card an extra pair of cute scissors. There is even a new kitty toy (the raffia) 

I have to be honest I got this on Monday and i have 6 blocks done already! 

I am loving that I have time to clean house do gardening and quilt. Freedom for me! 


  1. Kitty cats know a good quilt when they see one.

  2. Life sounds like it's going great...... It's amazing when you can do some of the rings your want and have time....... Goodluck on the big stitching


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