Sunday, April 24, 2022

Rewind or redo

this quilt was a mystery that was published by Jemimas Creative Quilting

This was an ongoing Mystery for 2020-2021 there is another started that I am working on now 

I finished it on Wednesday, or so I thought! I didn't like that I cut off the birds on the long borders but I was making due with what I had left of the fabric.
I started cleaning up and found more of the same fabric. Okay lets measure to see if I have enough to fussy cut. I did! 

Here is a close up of some of the fabrics I used. It was scraps of fabrics that I had left of other projects so if I didn't have enough the challenge was to use something else. 

You can see below that I ripped the 2 long sides off and rejoined the 2 sides with the fussy cutting where I was able to have the birds in full flight!

I also found a fabric sitting on top of a pile and thought it was the perfect finish. I measured and sure enough I had JUST enough to make mitred borders.

I am pretty happy and hope to quilt this in the winter to come. 

I just get so lucky sometimes when finishing with my borders, even though rethinking undoing and recreating can be part of the process I still feel lucky! 
I hope you have a lucky day too


Saturday, April 16, 2022

A top of things

Well I have a top done this was a sew a long using stash in 2019 by Border Creek Station I had made the block before so decided to add my own touch you can see how a block can change so much just by the layout

I have also joined a BOW with Piecing the Past I have all the blocks cut and she has posted her first set of blocks on Monday 

As you can see Kiera is so entertained by the whole event!
Below I also have the friendship stars completed but as you can see they are claimed 

I hope you get some stitching in I am slowing down now with the weather change I have to get the gardens ready so I can sit and stitch outside and enjoy the flowers


Friday, April 15, 2022

Little quilts

I have been getting these wonderful designs from Marcus on Mondays for little quilts and really enjoying the process of making them. 

I have this green one done and it is on its way to Australia for the last Doll swap that was on Instagram. 

If you go to the site it will explain what it is all about. 
I made this for St Patrick's celebration I hope the person that gets it likes it. 

This sweet heart above was the second one I made I loved the fabric and thought it was perfect for the celebration of Valentines
Everyone knows I am a chihuahua fanatic and that is what I put in the back with the quarter corners on the back for hanging. 
I used the teacup pattern for the quilting I was on square short and found a bunny that wanted to pop in and say hello
this was the first one I made and I quilted Furrows on the back I found this cute SBS fabric and decided she was working in the fields 

Its amazing how our fabrics really do keep our imagination so alive. 

Thanks to the designers that took the time to post these free patterns.

There are more, it finishes soon you can catch up.