Wednesday, March 25, 2009

National Quilters Day

Saturday was National Quilters day and I celebrated by teaching my last class. I had a 1/2 session to finish with the One Block wonder and the ladies done a super job!! They had time to piece their blocks and lay them out so when they came in it was great to see some progress..
this one she had half her blocks laid up but was not crazy.. the teacher (me) had her take them all down and put them in the "color" piles she thought they should go in and then we worked together to lay them out and this is what we came with.. there were about 5 blocks out of them all we didn't use..

the one below had more color selection to put in the design.. now this person set her blocks on the wall the night before and of course she was not happy with the results. We did the same as above and put them in their respective "color" piles.. now this lady wanted to also think outside the box and do a "not so square shape" she will have both sides with jutting blocks to make it look like they should be linked together like a puzzle this also helped with the itty bit of purple blocks and where to place them. This was not the finished product but during the thought process. We got to where she was very happy.. and that is the whole point of teaching to me.. satisify the students and helping them understand the process of "how too's"
this last one.. I have saved for last.. this came in just pretty well the way it is displayed.. she done an exceptional job on what we were trying to accomplish in our session together. She picked the perfect fabric 3 -4 colors max counting your background and it is so much easier to place your blocks. We are putting a tripe boarder with orange fusion and a wonderful "burgundy mottled batik" the quilt will be flipped so that she has a running tail into the boarder.

So as you can see it was a wonderful way to spend on National quilters day.. oh by the way I had brought in my design wall and they loved it so much I laughed they all came trucking in with their own and now say how did we ever quilt without it.
All it is insulation board cut in half, batting and clear duct tape (I call it ladies duct tape) tape both halves together like a book so you can fold and put away for later.
Well I hope everyone was able to celebrate like I did in some way.. let me know what you have done to celebrate your passion.
Thanks for visiting..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The mini madness continues..

the quilt above is it a mini or is it a full size.. I am going mini crazy this is a Sho-fly pattern.. I have called it Sho-Fly at my window.. the yellow single irish chain is the sun shining through.. I just love that daisy boarder and know I am almost at the very end of the scraps of that one.. I will miss playing with it..

the one above is Anvil pattern and this is taken from a quilt circa 1900 I tried to be as scrappy as possible and am hand quilting it.. I know when will I post something finished!! this one is almost done I am going to put mini prairie points won't it just be darling!!

this one above took a little work.. about a week of piecing this is made with batiks and of course the pattern had a cutting the seam ripper and I had a few words to say to each other.. but we worked it out. I am thinking seriously of machine quilting it. I have a friend that is willing to guide me and I have been doodling while on the phone at work sooo..please wish me luck
All these patterns were from the Miniature quilt Mags (that are discontinued)

I will posting my mini's have done.. I am up to 4.. 2 are almost completed and 2 have to decide on the blogger had a great idea on what to do with the Black and white rail fence and that is to use beading..what a grand idea Rose Marie
I am going to go over to the Yorkshire blog and update that one so you can see the wonderful display of mini's that other group members are bringing for our May 13th auction.
bless bare with me as I go through my mini madness phase..LOL

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mini Sensations

I have gone a little mini crazy getting ready for our guild auction on May 13 you will need to go to that blog (click on title it will bring you there) to see what is going on..I will tantalize you with one pic here... now you can tell me if this rail fence looks like a regular size quilt or a mini...LOL
I tried machine quilting it 2wice and ripped it out did not like it.. so Iam going to tie this one with black DMC floss.. suitable for a rail fence..don't you think.. so visit the Yorkshire blog..