Friday, February 27, 2015

Well I did say I was back and I am but the Router on the PC gave us a hard time at first I thought it was the computer so it was packed up and ready for Best Buy. Then my husband said his was running slow too. So I tried with my limited knowledge then decided it had to be our internet, well sure as piecing a block after working with rogers it was.

DH had just brought my pc to Best Buy and I called and said don`t do anything, saving 200.00 dollars! Rogers was out the next day and now we are back in action. A shout out to Greg (am sure he won`t read this)but still Rogers has a great employee

Well back to quilting right, I have been getting the border ready of both quilts Flourishes and Trick or Treat... so far doing pretty good.

Trick or Treat
So the sides are what I am working on I have 36 ready out of 48 of the top ones around the border, they are so far six different fabrics I am showing one of them right now and just wanted to see what some of the baskets will look like
Flourishes I have 4 sides like this 3  are appliqued have to think about those leaves though. the look okay this way but if you see them up close they are a little bulging on both ends I belong to a group though that has given me some good advise. 

So those that have commented on the other post I will respond just catching up on no pc...thanks for stickin` with me you will find now there will be alot more hand work I hope you don`t mind the slow pace. I am trying to finish all the things I have started. I have a chance to do a trunk show next Mar so I need something that looks finished! 

Hope everyone is staying warm we have had a very cold winter. I am going to say this again, we have had warm winters here for quite a while but since I got Buddy it has been becoming frigid (he is a Chihuahua) when I had the big dogs it was praying for cold so that we could walk the icy rivers. Buddy would not be happy he is currently on my lap not liking me petting the keyboard only him

Can you see me now Ma, I am higher!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 is starting much better

well it is quite cold and really we seem to be in the dead of winter with snow blowing and freezing temps. I had some issues but now much better and getting back to quilting. I actually pulled out an old friend that I had started about 15 years ago. This is Flourishes from Piece of Cake I got the borders to do and have started. once the borders are done I will have to quilt it but it is great if I can get it ready for quilting.
you can see in the small picture what I have to do.

so there was some auditioning I like the one on the right  better so went with that the side fabric on the left was very difficult to try to cut so that it looked straight. the top fabric has wonderful little cherry bowls and the medium of the fabric was dark enough as well I think I will use it for the binding or maybe pairie points?

 Then I had to think about what I was going to use around the border for the stemming part of the border. I got 2 fabrics together that I had in the box, The box of fabric that thank goodness I had the forethought to keep that I was using for this quilt.

I got the the stemming all ironed and ready with my clover bias tape maker I like the 2 greens that I chose, remember trying to keep with the quilt dynamics already

Then it was the middle of the tulips you may not like what i have done with the fabric choices but once you see it with the quilt you will see the difference. Now I have started with getting the leaves ready and I have slowed right down. I may have to needle turn these. the other stuff I had used the no melt templar method since all the patterns were the same. 
perfect fabric.

The picture below is the trick or treat baskets I am more than half done the baskets and am thinking about the outside with the applique along there and i found this wonderful strip fabric that I am going to cut and do around the edges as the background it will give it some texture and some interest.
I have it in red too...LOL

Well thanks for patiently waiting for me I had some issues with google but now have my account back (long story short) good to be able to see my quilting diary again and to get back at it.
Thanks for visiting and hope you have a great family day weekend for those that are able to celebrate it.