Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hand Quilting

I had just added a button on my sidebar of hand quilting celebration. If you click on it you will come to a page where others are showing their hand quilting. I had hand quilted these little mini`s and thought I would bring them back to show you.

they both had gone into auction and I forget to get a finish of the stocking one
If you want a closer look you can always click on teh pictures.
We do need to have a revival on hand quilting. Quilt shows are wonderful with machine quilting but it would be nice if you got half and half.

I have some pictures that I will be posting later. Having some computer issues with getting my adobe to work and Active X (whatever they are) but will post soon.

Don`t forget those in the Ontario area that there is a quilt show coming up soon just Google York Heritage Quilt Guild and you will get all the information you need to get to the show. I know that you will love it

Well I have to get back to my SSS`s the dates are getting close and I need to finish them up.

Loving the rain...loving the fall colors soon we will have a winter wonderland. I have been in the mood for soup and I have been making everykind of lentil soup there is. Great for freezing and bringing to work for lunch.


  1. Oh, how pretty! Thanks for sharing with your fellow hand quilters!!!

  2. lovely hand quilting........time sure is getting close for the SSCS........

  3. OK! I have promised myself that sometime before the week is out, I will sit down and figure out how to get involved in this. Hand piecing, hand quilting, yes ... coomputer skills, nil!

  4. I agree about hand quilting, if only others could know the therapeutic value of hand quilting. I would give up owning a hundred machine quilted quilts for just one hand quilted quilt. There is such a difference.

  5. I love the red and white, Deb. Handquilting is not my thing. Its something I would never be good at. I've tried!

  6. Deb great little quilts and your hand quilting is very nice. I fumble along with mine but I am getting better at it.

  7. I completely agree - I hand quilt only! Once upon a time, long long ago, I worked for a company that manufactured comforters. The layers were put on a frame and a computer generated the quilting, much like people do today. I just can't get that excited about it. I know 'Finished is better than perfect' but I LOVE the process and the look of hand quilting. I may not make as many quilts, but I really, really enjoy the quilts I do make! (Okay, getting down from the soapbox now.)

  8. I used to hand quilt all my quilts. There just isn't time to hand quilt all of them that I make. I like the look though.


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