Monday, June 7, 2021

Hell has not frozen over

I have finally finished this quilt that is now gifted to my husband. There had to be some testing done as you can see below.

It was a kit bought many years ago. I pieced it in a week but the hand quilting took about 15 years. The quilt was patient with me though and was happy when I sat to stitch on it. This quilt has many memories of its own as I worked on other projects and it waited patiently. 

It now has its reward of being loved on my husbands bed. He loves it and is happy to finally have this loving quilt cover him in his slumber. 

Introducing Meara and Kiera these girls came last year. We celebrated their year on May 30 they have been a delight and keep Uncle Ted on his toes. 

I am posting from my iPad it is a new experience please bear with me as I learn and grow

Hoping this post brings you health and happiness


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