Thursday, September 5, 2019

doll quilt finish, porch views

 Well I have a finish! this little doll quilt will be on its merry way to the person that was selected to be my swap partner. I was lucky enough to have some time on my porch and view the gardens with my trusty pal beside me on our new cushions. Ted loved it out there it was a perfect 4 days of weather to do some gardening then sit on the porch and watch our Monarchs, Swallow butter flies and bees start their harvesting.
The backing of the quilt is a great addition since it is part of what the theme was about " A token of Friendship"
 I had to make a decision on the quilting since the heart/tulip left too much space so I quilted the lines and I am pleased how it turned out.
 Teddy with chin in paws as he watches the world go by and me working in the gardens he did not want to leave his perch. I see that the cushion has passed, we were lucky to get these cushions "free" my canadian tire money paid for them!
 My hibiscus Mallows are all flowering and they look fabulous so much I had to get another one, there was alot of splitting and replanting and I am not done yet. I am hoping for more time in the following weeks. I had to work in the backyard for a while and as you can see there is a spot under the Oakleaf Hydrangea, it got so big this year with loads of blooms.

 Love this red Mallow it is so rich and really shows up from the road, lots of people are slowing down when they either drive by or walk by this is a great way to control traffic fill your garden with brilliant easy care plants so that everyone thinks you have a gardeners thumb.

 The Alice Oakleaf turns this rustic rusty brown soon the stems will be orange and they will peel I love how it transforms into its fall majestic beauty.
Fall is approaching and soon it will be quilt show/ quilting weather I soo can't wait!!
Do what you do best!


  1. Admiring your garden from can grow plants that wouldn't survive here, I love to see them! Your little quilt is beautiful, its new owner is a very lucky person. Hello, Teddy.......your new cushions are very flash, I approve!

  2. Yes, fall is approaching! 4C this morning. Coolish for sure. Love that mini!

  3. Your pictures make me long for the days when I could sit outside ... or even walk the dog without being devoured by mosquitoes. I love your little trees... real and quilted


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