Monday, August 8, 2022

A sweet finish or 2

Its a wrap! literally! I had to bind it and posted what I use to hold my binding in place I thought everyone know this! I use hair clips that I have bought from the dollar store many years ago they were much cheaper then. 
After binding I thought that the quilt looked too new so I had to do a coffee dye! it just added so much charm to the quilt. I also used the folded triangles on the corners 
Also what little girl doesn't bring a quilt for her doll so I made a little carrying sachet to put her little quilt in. It will stay safe and she can also put her jammies in there. 
I hope it meets the criteria of looking like yesteryears quilt. I did do a half feather quilting around the edges put its hard to tell with the design. 

There is also another finish small but still it is a utility quilt for the fur kids. It was supposed to be for Ted he likes to dig the quilts into mounds so I gave him his own...or so I thought. 
It seems that Mears feels she has equal shares. I am not able to show the whole quilt due to ownership, one day it will not have a body on it. 
hope you are able to get some shelter from the heat, we are hoping for a little rain of course. 
I am also hoping that the grass stops growing a little my lawn mower doesn't want to start and I am booked for service but as everything now we have to wait. 


  1. Good idea about those hair pins. You made a sweet quilt that looks old. The coffee dye did the trick. There is just something about quilts and fur babies!

    1. yes she thinks it is hers she lays on it every night.

  2. Lovely little quilt and bag, beautiful cat you have.

    1. thank you we think they are special too. The quilt has now gone to the recipient and she has said she is very happy with it.


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