Sunday, July 31, 2022


 Well I thought i was being smart on designing a little doll quilt as I was putting it together I was not thrilled so I slept on it 
Sleeping on it, as you can see above, has lead to undoing the stitching and recreating something a little more simple. Don't worry these pieces will not be wasted i can use them for the signature block on the back. 

I am also going to use 3 colors for quilting since I want the Redwork to be the showcase of the project. 
I do hope that my partner to be, likes redwork and will like the quilting. There are some guidelines we are to use to make our doll quilt such as size, and fabrics we are to use. Also stipulates hand quilting. 

 I have great company as we sit on the porch and enjoy our Ontario skies it has been wonderful weather not so humid so I have been porch quilting. 

Ted loves it on the porch and will stay here all day if allowed. He gets VERY disappointed if I step out and he is not able to come, but sometimes it is just to get the mail and he is not a courier lover. 

Well back at it there is a deadline too. 

hope you have time to slip in some stitches. 


  1. Beautiful doll quilt, always good to have some company when stitching.

  2. Looks lovely Deb hope your having a great summer your partner will love the quilt.

  3. Whatever you do is lovely and you hand quilting is always gorgeous! Teddy is the perfect porch buddy!

  4. i'm sure they will like it............goodluck getting the stitching finished.......I like then idea of changing the colours in some parts.........


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