Friday, July 1, 2022

Churn dash update


My Churn dash is getting there it is a challenge that Chookyblue has given I will do one more round of another Larger size and call it a day. This will be my lap quilt. 

Do you see Ted laying there enjoying the sun? this is early morning and we are able to see the sun shine on our patio. I had some trees skimmed close and away from the back yard they were crowding us. It is so much better and air flows through nicely

As Ted lays in the sun I have to do some unsewing I have changed my mind about putting the leaves on the inner part of the circle I have another alternative. 

We will see how it goes. It is our Canada Celebration this weekend so it is a long weekend. I am working nights but that is okay I will have time off again after. 

Hope you are able to enjoy your weekend too. 


  1. Your Churn Dashes are stunning Deb, love how you have done the two sizes. Ted seems to be enjoying the sunlight and warmth.

  2. Oh, I love what you are doing with the churn dashes! Different.

  3. wow the churn dash blocks look great..........and thats cool the effect between the two sizes also.........

  4. great idea with the different sizes for the churn dashes... looks great...


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