Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Waiting for last stage


I have the blocks put together and the borders on the blocks by Monday! low and behold the next part was the sashing. After much deliberation and diving into my cupboards I think I found the complimentary fabric. 

These wee birds will hold the quilt up as it marches through time. 

There is still 2 more borders to put on a thin one and then a bigger one I think I have enough of the bird to go outside the quilt as well. 

There was a lot of unsewing at one point because i pieced the rows upside down of course but took my time, didn't swear, and then I was able to finish. 

Waiting for Monday...again. I don't want to wish my retirement away that is for sure! Time is surely speeding past though!

I also have been spending mornings sitting at the table with my applique and or hand quilting it is lovely to be able to enjoy the outdoors knowing that time is not of the essence. 

Thank goodness for electronics I am able to talk to friends and family while the birds/plans and helicopters fly past. We are on the path of the Orange Choppers that fly by with sick in need of care patients. It always reminds me of where I was for 30 years. 

Well hope you are getting some R&R we had our eavestroughs done getting trees cut back today the yard is becoming ship shape. 


  1. I really love those blocks set on point. I wish I could sit outside to work, but the mosquitoes are making up for lost time in the winter months.

  2. That is a stunning quilt Deb. Lovely to sit outside and do your handwork.


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