Saturday, March 18, 2023

Tops to talk about

I finished quilting my first big stitch quilt so so happy loved the practice on this quilt and have really enjoyed the "freedom" of big stitch
The 9 patch blocks were from a swap long ago when Fons and Porter had a Quilt Chat group they had shut down suddenly we were lucky that some people stayed connected and opened their own site to chat because as you know we start to connect and build relationships. 
here is some of the quilting and the blocks 
here is the back now the fabric is bright but the quilting has toned it down a little 
I have already decided on the next quilt to put on the frame this was a quilt started just before the Covid Pandemic as called as I sat with other quilters on our sew day. Karen  had developed a pattern for Barbara and I to put together and I had made some adjustments and created my version in the middle then created a bigger quilt by adding the borders. Did you notice that I have used that black and white rose fabric? This is my covid quilt as you can there are similarities in the virus. I will show you more of the quilt later 
This is my back of the quilt I thought it was appropriate at the when there was such controversy on whether to vaccinate or not 
Also I have finished part 2 of the Mystery Hexagon quilt by Jemima's Creative quilting. I am loving the different fabrics people are using in this mystery, worth going to visit on Instagram. I also love that it is a 4 week post this helps you keep on track and get a quilt done in a year with hand work

 I thought I would also post an embarrassing moment, these are all the tops I have in mind to quilt and yes I will get them done if I keep going the way I am Big Stitch has become my friend. 

Hope you are able to get some stitching done, thanks for visiting! 

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  1. Lovely finish! How long did it take you ... roughly? I will look forward to seeing some of those gorgeous tops finished.


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