Sunday, March 26, 2023

new stitching activities

I am so excited that I have decided to use this utility stitch for my Trick or Treat basket quilt this is a pattern that was from the book When the Cold Wind Blows by Black Bird designs, I myself would recommend this book you will want to make most of the quilts in it.

I will show you down further what else this book has done for me, but for now I wanted to talk about this stitch the first time I was introduced to it was watching Jen Kingwell and saw these adorable stitches for quilting your quilt. I am big stitching around the baskets but using the tacking "X" all over the quilt background. 

I am trying to entertain myself with new stitches and quick quilting methods by hand so that I can get through the 30 tops that I have to quilt! (the joys of semi retirement) I love revisiting the baskets and the selections of fabrics I had made to put them together it also reminds me of many days in the summer during break sitting outside to work on them under blue skies. Perfect for the March weather we are currently having with power outages, freezing rain and high winds. 

 I am finished with the applique that I am creating for the top of a quilt that is on my design wall The motif's I have used are from the book When the Cold Wind Blows and I created a layout that is pleasing and reminds me of spring, our birds are almost deafening with song celebrating the change that is coming soon. 

I am very excited about this project due to creating "more" to enhance it, each project seems to help me grow in the quilting world. 

On a side note I am not sure if anyone has watched the feeds of the Quilt Nerd. I am finding her very interesting she really gives a detailed view on quilts, quilts I have not seen and not just modern but antique, political, innovative just a plethora of quilts and history I am thoroughly enjoying her narrative.  If you have a chance check her out it is well worth your sit and sip time. 

Well back to getting things done, thank you for visiting 


  1. I love seeing what you are working on, Deb - beautiful!

  2. That X stitch is very effective! You will get that quilt done soon. the applique panel is sweet and you will be able to show us the top soon.

  3. Love the basket & that stitching is quite effective. Lovely applique.


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