Sunday, July 3, 2022

Finished top!

Well I had a wonderful time with this quilt a long by Piecing the Past Quilts. She will have a new one soon if you want to sign up it is free the time that it is running after you will pay a nominal fee. 

I used fabrics from my own fabric collection and made a few adjustments 

The triangles in the pattern are the same as the background I knew that they would be touching the next border so changed them to match that border. I also doubled the border in doing so I had made it a little bigger, so this had a domino effect where now I didn't have enough of the background fabric. 

That is okay, no worries I will find something else so a did a little digging well just so happens I had the same fabric line in a different design not much different and so I decided to add to each corner, kinda reminds me of the swede patches on the jacket elbows. 

There is lots of open space to hand quilt a nice design but I think it will just be some cross hatching and some sperodic feathers here and there. 

 just to give you a few close ups. I had to hang it on the garage door to show it a bit. there is no room in my house to show the whole quilt! 

I laid it on the bed and it fits just perfect with the quilting it will shrink of course and it will be wonderful. 

I am happy and hope to do her next one. that is coming up fast stars with nine patches and lots of quilting space. 

What makes this fun as well is working outside quilting on quilts and enjoying the weather at the same time. 

Best advise today would be remember to take time for yourself. 


  1. Such a lovely quilt top. It's surprising sometimes what we have lurking in our stashes.

  2. Wonderful job! Those corners are perfect additiion.

  3. That is a beautiful quilt Deb, wonderful to find the right fabric in your stash.


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