Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Mini Version of life

This is another Archaeology Quilt by Pam Buda I finished the quilting and have it bound loving the finish. 
now on 2 the other 2 that are marked and basted for quilting
little goofy moments, new drug for cough and its got him a little loopy
meara and I had fun on a friday I curled my hair and she loved the curlers. 

I hurt my thumb quilting so a little bit a reprieve I will start appliquing again but I really want to hand quilt in the mood. 
New Hexagon Mystery if anyone is interested they are great designs by  Jemima's Creative quilting. 
 She kept me sane for the last 3 years with her mysteries and doing it as a monthly adventure will help you get a gorgeous hexagon quilt made.


  1. Gorgeous minis and your fur babies are always so sweet!

  2. Stunning minis, great photo of your dog.


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