Tuesday, January 31, 2023

way back quilt

This quilt is one I made from start to finish during the 6 monts of SARS hand quilted as well. You can see the toppled trees. It is still one of my favs I love neutral quilts. 

I also love prairie points and this was a different way to lay them out I will do this one again.

 and what's to say if there is a new quilt on the bed that Meara is not testing me out and she is given me some chatting approval

We have been getting a touch of snow here and there enough that we have to shovel but by the end of the week they are calling for a cold vortex coming in...of course I have 3 appointments on Friday that's okay we have the gear to wear

Stay warm, stay cool if your hot elsewhere and think of yourself a little too. 


  1. For some reason, I don't remember you showing me this quilt. You made great use of the neutral fabric.

  2. Beautiful quilt, nice to see it has been approved!! Take care in the snow and cold.


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