Saturday, February 9, 2008

Temptations of Quilting

Good Afternoon...It has been a while have been sick and not able to do anything about quilting for the last week.. yesturday I got my act in gear and started with a quilt that you need to know a little history on first...I will try to make this short.

Two Quilting Forums were closed abruptly by Major companies without any notice. All friends that were connected through these forums lost the ability to contact each other. Some of us were lucky to have emails and contacted others to this new forum. we were able to slowly meet and greet and become a community again... the individual that had developed this forum for us did this all for free and asks of nothing for the maintence.

We as quilters of course had to do something in thanks so we did. We thought the only way besides money was to make a quilt. Blue/cream was decided and 10 1/2in block. I volunteered to put it all the blocks together and another lady volunteered to LAQ it. The person that helped us find a home is going to bind it.

I have completed all of the top now except for the boarders. The Gentleman lives in Australia and loves to garden.. you will see by some of the blocks that people have went with that theme... others developed their own block.

The joy is putting all of these lovely blocks together. They went together so well and didn't have to be resized it was lovely. My contibution of the boarders has meaning.. the red around each of the blocks is the path between each block.. the gold stars are in 2 part 1. each member deserves a gold star for the exceptional job they done. 2. The sun to keep our gardeners garden growing.
Hope you like what has brought 40 women that don't know each other together except through cyberspace and what they can accomplish.