Monday, October 29, 2012

A stitch here and a stitch there



I am back quilting my pansy in the park by Thimbleberries


I have made 2 turns in a week


I am not sure you can see the stitches but they are there not sure why I am getting this yellowy lighting the top picture does a true color

Inch by Inch slowly I stitch so that I can get to another turn. I am hoping to have this done by the first snow fly

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Twisted Stitchers Nov 2 and 3rd 2012

A Grand Quilt Show!
My quilt guild, The Twisted Stitchers of Ajax, is holding a quilt show next weekend, Nov 2nd and 3rd, at the Ajax Community Centre. I have attached the poster with all pertinent information and the Facebook link for those of you who have Facebook. I realize that many of you are not quilters and have no desire to attend the show yourself, but in the off chance you know someone who loves quilts, please help spread the word about our show and send the poster to them. We have an amazing display of quilts, a beautiful queen size quilt that will be raffled off to one lucky winner, a tea room where you can get yummy treats, soup or sandwiches, a boutique where you can purchase readymade quilted items like tablerunners, placemats and small quilts, a silent auction, vendors who sell all types of quilt related items and a display of the in-guild challenge pieces. We hope to see you there.
See side bar for the Flyer I hope to see you there will be working there Friday evening, and Saturday after noon

Monday, October 22, 2012

If I could only count



I got my leaves done but thought I could only send out seven sets of eight. I packaged my leaves after raking them up and look I have 9 packages of Seven. I  made one more leaf and then separated one of the packages putting a leaf  into each one and now I have 8 packages of eight…If I could only count….so there are 64 leaves waiting to flutter to all regions.


Wait not tired of making leaves yet!! Our BOM for guild RVQG is leaves as well so I whipped this baby up and now I can hand in a BOM. I will say one thing I am well practiced in HST by now would you not say?

I hope I have a chance at this BOM I think a few of these in the center would be lovely with what I got planned If I don`t guess what I will be making more leaves…LOL

There was lots of inspiration with our fall this year we really got the full Monty of colors in our area. Hope you are able to get some sewing time in and outside time too…

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Leaves Falling

I bought this Bakers rake to go into the quilt room, We wrestled it downstairs had to cut 2 of the side spirals off to fit. We did and still are not divorced!
I should have taken a picture on how I got it here. Lucky for me they let me pick it up 6am on a Saturday. It only fit halfway in the back of the van I had to use bungies to secure it and then drive all the way home on the 400series highways so that I would not hit to many bumps, at that time there was not much traffic thank goodness.
I have all these projects waiting in line to start! this thing is iron and the weight has not affected it at all. So yes the Quilt room was once again rearranged. DH is amazed how I can fit something into a room that looks like no more won`t  fit into it.
 I am also making 64 leaves for a swap in the SmallTalk Yahoo group Group owner is Kathleen Tracy.If you view this blog she has some made too and they are gorgeous also has the link if you are interested in making any and sending some along.  Tried staging with my hydrangeas, this is the Alice Oakleaf one still my favorite
 you can see that some of them are still blooming this is a new one I got this year it is supposed to grow up to 10feet imagine these all over!! I am excited
 These are the pink diamonds below with some big hostas!!
I have been busy our wonderful Quilt guild Executives have been busy with our programs and so far we have had some great speakers.
Quilt show of one of the guilds I belong to Twisted Stitchers is having their show Nov 2&3rd hope you are able to attend. I am a new member there I won`t have a quilt this year but the next show I will there is not enough time to get one in.
I was supposed to go to a retreat with my other guild  but had to stick around the house this weekend so will work on gardens for winterizing, work on my leaves. Go to a Sat Sewday.

Well off to sew a little have a great weekend all..might be able to post again.