Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Park City Girl started a great trend and I have a few minutes to post what I think I have done as my best quilt that I have saved as a pic.

This is a Piece of Cake design called Flourishes.. it is still not completed but the top is almost done just the boarder.

Why do you think I like this quilt? It was when I was just starting to build my stash and I had to get fabrics for the boarder to look like bricks.. so it was the start of a neverending stash buildup. I collected fabrics as I went along and made the florals and baskets. The store that I did this workshop in has now closed.. another memory of many quilting friends. I still considered myself a beginner at the time but it was great to pick the fabrics until this day now I try to make sure all my quilts have a variety of backgrounds (I have to dig this outta my chest and finish it!!) I was smart enough to put the fabrics I used in this quilt aside so that when I do go back I will have the same feel

to see all the other bloggers and what they had posted please go to her link you can either click on the title and/or her name. I will also post a link on the side bar you will see to go directly to the link that she has posted all the wonderful people that played... already close to 252!! quilters are a very small community aren't they!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I visited my mother and dad this past week and came home with pics of what we had done.. some of what we had done...LOL

Mother made the most gorgeous butterfly quilt...all the fabrics were from my stash...amazing what someone else can do with your fabrics!! This is Mom's first quilt on her own that is hers to keep she has made quilts for her organizations but this is her own. She picked her fabrics to make the butterflies and then appliqued them herself. Mom also bought the embroiderie floss at an auction for a little change.

The quilt is a king size and without further ado I would love for you to see that any beginner can create the most gorgeous masterpiece...did I say that I love this quilt??!!!
click on the picks and you will get a closer look

Now the purpose was to have these 3 quilt tops that she has completed, to put the boarders on and then to mark and baste to the backing and batting. Well, good intentions we were able to baste one of the quilts after working hard the night before to get the boarders on... while mom was busy putting the design she wanted on the quilts

We bought widebacks of course but you know what? they were only wide enough for one of the quilts and just!! we thought we had a good sized queen wide back but they were to small... so there was some disappointment... but we are ready when we get the right size. So lesson learned measure your top before you buy.. we said queen and I guess queens can start at 96" hers are bigger than that!!

this quilt below is the one she did as a BOM through a store in Leamington.. I am sorry I can't remember the name of it if mom tells me I will edit.. but she did all the log cabins all by herself after the blocks were done... she is going to hand quilt this so that she will have lots of practice for her butterfly one. This is the one I was able to baste...see we had 2 tables going at once we were lucky the Masonic Hall let us use their facilities.. it was perfect!!

I also had to throw in a pic of the princess "Ruby" this is one of Mom's kitties I have the mother this was her first kitten. Poor Ruby had to get some teeth pulled and now she is the ruler of the household of 4 kittens (cats but will always be kittens to me) They were all ferral outdoor cats and for the first time have all come out when I was there and let me pet them.. but could not get pics of them all.. as you can see Ruby poses..
Then for my Bear friends.. we are happy to say that we have saved these bears from the darkness of green garbage bags. My Aunt B had stored them when my Gram had passed and she has now relenquished them to my mother. My Aunt G in Florida makes bears and the big Purple one is from a wrap that my Great Aunt used to wear. The beige beauty is one of my fav's as you can see they are all very happy. The rocking chair was also in my Gram's house and mom was very happy to receive this as well... so the bears feel right at home.. they all have adoption papers but I neglected to read who they were and what their whole history is.. later.
We got so much done when I was down there that it took me about 3 days to recover once I got home.. a 4hour drive took 7 due to a little rain fall...but that was okay good music was playing and I had a new (almost new) van to listen to it.. I was the recipient of mom and dad's Dodge van 2001 cause they bought a new 2009 Dodge Van...and then Dad ended up taken my 1999 Dodge van (they thought they could manage with one vehicle.. but with the nice weather it is more difficult) so here is dad.. I love this pic of him..

So as you can see it has been busy and I have been keeping up with your wonderful posts the last 3 days.. many to catch up on..everyone is very very busy I see trying to squeeze in that last stitch before the weather is nice enough that being inside is no excuse.

I am still working on my mini's for the Auction on May 13th. The Anvil quilt is quilted I am just putting on the binding for that one.. was going to be prairie points but I goofed on the cutting.

Well mom has just walked in the door they are down for Easter.. happy Easter to you all..