Thursday, December 30, 2010

One way to get incentive


quilts and things 007

One of my gifts was a wonderful pack of 5in squares from my SS (Secret Santa)

1800 vintage from Moda

Then I found this Blog which brought me to Kathleen Tracy`s blog which brought me to her Smallquilttalk yahoo group which had the pattern posted for a challenge they were working on from Moda

So now you see the trail it is amazing what you can find for incentive to get you motivated. I love mini quilts and this pattern was perfect I did not waste 1 ioda of fabric

Below I had started to make HST and found them too big so made them in half again and now have a doll quilt that is only 7in x 9in. I don`t think I will put a boarder on this one but just some binding.

quilts and things 008

I am going to machine quilt this little one but hand quilt the 1800 vintage one.

as you can see below a little spooning going on with mother and daughter that is their kitty quilt I made that by hand about 22 years ago now…geesh time flies when you are having fun.

quilts and things 004

Happy New Year to you all and hope to see your new creations for 2011

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa`s sleigh is empty!!!

cause I think it all came to my house!!!

The first gift I received was this wonderful old world Santa panel all made up and ready to hang from my Secret Santa she also gave me a wonderful kitchen towel with Christmas candies on it.
She lives in Ohio and is still waiting for the one I sent her 2 weeks ago.... Thank you so much Marion it is a great Christmas treasure
The parcels above are just amazing all except the package on the left bottom of fabric came out of another huge envelope from my Secret Santa while I was emptying out the package DH and thought it was never going to end, it was an avalanche of presents. I didn`t want to bore you with the wrapped gifts so DH and I opened them so you can see all the prezzies.

The package on the left bottom is gorgeous William Morris fabric I had won (which I am still pinching myself I can`t believe I won) on Michelle`s blog just click on her name and you will see these gorgeous peonies she is sharing with us right now she has a fantastic blog.

The other gifts are from another group I belong to that is just Canadian`s and is on yahoo. It is called Canadianquiltersonline
My SS was MIA and that is understandable cause life happens she was having some health issues but I just got this yesturday and you have to click closer to look I got a whole quilt store of goodies I tried to take a picture of everything. Even that homemade scarf on top which is perfect a Mug Rug and Glass bottom stem holders just unbelieveable....and I am telling you that is not all click on the picture and you will see everything more clearly
I have not had a tree up since I got the cats and now you can see why this tree has only been up for 5 min and Miss Molly had to check it out the last time I had one up she climbed it . Under the tree is the most thoughtful people in the world. Knowing that my SS was under the weather I did not expect anything next thing ya know I am getting these little squishes in the mail marked SSE. and in it were tokens of these wonderful gifts SSE stood for Secret Santa`s are Everywhere. These are all from the Canadian quilters on Line group they are very thoughtful. I can `t thank them enough this could not have come at a better time.

They could not have been more thoughtful so for about 2 weeks now I have been getting squishes and I don`t think there are any left for you others waiting out there..I got them all!!
Look at all this loot amazing!!

I had been working on a quilt and this was a piece that was left over that is flannel so I have sewn it into a little case for my camera. I can`t take a picture of the camera in the little case cause I am using it..LOL

Also on the Canadian Group we have decided to do a swap on Maple leaves and like the eager beaver I am (pun intended) I have already made 12 of the blocks..I hope you can see the fabric it is very very cool they really look like leaves

Well I want to thank all the bloggers that post their quilting journey`s and their free patterns and their whimsy ways. Your travels through the quilting world is very enjoyable and I hope that in the New Year we are able to share more.
Merry Christmas to you all and have a safe, happy, and healthy New year

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I have been singing here comes Santa Claus all day.

I know it is early but I saw real snow yesterday and that got me in the mood.

I started my swap gifts on some of the forums I belong to and just finished the binding on this quilt. It is a mini that measures 19 x17 hopefully if you click on the picture it will get bigger so that you can see the wonderful fabrics

Christmas mini

Pattern before

I saw the pattern above in a Miniature Quilts Mag No 58 and thought that I would make my own rendition of it this one is 17x17

Mini Christmas

Both done in the last 24hours hope you like it. These will be part my swap package. It was just such great fun to work on quilting again. I just wish that I could work some real machine quilting magic.

I am almost finished my block 4 of the Love Letters BOM


When I am at lunch I pull out this beautiful block and add a few stitches.

I had also started working on a BOM program at Quilters Palette they have it where you pay 10 dollars to start and then you bring in your finished block. If it is finished then you get the next one. If your block is not then you pay again. I also had DH sign up which I am glad I did you will see why


There are 2 patterns one for the 12in block or 2 6in so DH`s blocks are 12ìn and mine are the 6in. so far so good eh??

Well as you can see it is busy busy now with quilting. I have a row robin to put together for one of the guilds I belong to that has to be done next week and I think that is about it.

I will post my baskets that I got back from another group I belong to next time, everyone of them is just fabulous.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our First Snowfall

this is what happens when I go to the computer it becomes a lap cushion for this particular girl..if I stop petting her she decides she needs to knock things on the ground or starts to kneed my leg..most times as I am typing she is lying her chin on my arm which makes it difficult to reach some letters..LOL
Below is my first snow fall...we are lucky as quilters cause we can make it any season we want when it is the dead of winter and we need some bright flowers to cheer us up we can make a bright quilt and that is our summer... right now I would love some snow so this is my first snowfall. I bought this kit at the Orangeville quilt show 2 weekends ago and had it all together in 2 days that is with working too... click on it and you can see it closer.. I am not a batik fan but this one really caught my eye...
So being in the mood to sew I had picked up a book at one of the guild meetings I go to and got incentive to make an antiquy quilt..I didn`t have the red`s that it had but I loved this guild fabric I got from Sewing Machine Factory and the background for another 2 tone quilt...hmmmmm

looks like there may be a theme behind this post.. 2 tones...I started this on Wednesday and have 5 x 7 rows done already....getting out into the quilting world had helped get my mojo back I am also working on my Love Letter blocks and almost have block 4 to also working on a BOM from another quilt store Quilters Palette.
I thought I would have a great slide show of pictures with all the quilt shows I went to this year but I only have 1/2 of them my chip in my camera malfunctioned...( big disappointing sigh) but I do have half of them so will see about getting alittle time to load them
Right now quilting is keeping my sanity work is challenging at the moment but I take each day as a new day and try again...I just keep thinking I am lucky to have a job...I am lucky that I am well and healthy and able to go to work everyday...I am very lucky to have an outlet.. my quilting...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Great Buy-LAQ`S or wanna be`s

My friend Sandy is selling her HandiQuilter to upgrade on another machine (she made a mistake and went to a weekend LAQ`s convention...and found the perfect machine to upgrade too..)

Her machine is in excellent condition and is perfect for anyone interested in buying/or thinking of buying a machine. You can email her at . I have seen the quilts she has done on this machine and believe me they have been beautiful.

HandiQuilter-Fusion 24in if you have dreamt about LAQìng this is an excellent is only 1 year old...tell her Deb sent cha...

On the other note I have been so crazy busy working many hours and getting used to my new job...quilting has taken a back burner at the moment so that I can adjust to all the life changes.. one thing I noticed working days is that more people are holding there heads...but I love my job and know that I will finally settle down there... thanks for your patience I have lots of pictures but no time to show them off...

remember there are 3 quilt shows this weekend. Ingersoll, London and Essex check the Canadian Quilters Association link for all the details I was hoping to hit one of them but I am working nights this weekend and really don`t have time to travel that far it is 2hours from me...Essex is the farthest almost 5hours....but I can dream... I am hoping when October starts up life will be a little more normal...I can only hope

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fallen Angels






OUR WONDERFUL STAR POINTS..the one on it`s own at the bottom was a sample from scraps...she is mine (nun) these colors are specific to each angel. the fabric is specific to the coming to hunt for a gold star for the angels to carry and lead them on their way
I found this pattern by Pam Bono in our Guild sale where someone threw it in the free could not have been more perfect timing
off for the conference...loving the day life starting to get used to being out of the fog

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pets on Quilts

SewCalGal has a great idea on people posting pictures of their pets on quilts... I had many pictures on my pc but am not able to get them as you know earlier with all the problems I had. so I dug out my disks and found this one on it.. it is one of my fav`s... as you can see Joey loved to help with laying out the blocks embarrassing to say but this poor quilt is a flimsy and has not been quilted yet...but it is together...LOL he was a handsome gentle kitty...

Brit and I went to the Groomers old one we used to go to till they was great seeing them again Colleen and Paul they own the pet shop called Muddy Paws..what a great name I know!!!...well they handled my geriatric girl with great care and let me stay with her as she was groomed. I sure wish we had a before and after shot but Colleen took this picture.. Britnee and her chunky mama...and as you can see she is what big ears you have girl
We were going to Petsmart in Pickering Ontario for a couple of years there was a girl that was grooming her and did a great job.. but the last time I am not sure what happened but they had really chopped up her hair even the girl at the counter told me to bring her back and get her cleaned up...well I guess they didn`t like that cause they had refused us this time...saying that because of her condition that they don`t think that they could be liable for her...
Muddy Paws had no problem I was with them the whole time (only took 1 1/2) and Britnee did exceptional.. so I was very disappointed in Petsmart they thought they were thinking of the dog but in reality when a dog gets comfortable at a groomers it is not good to change.
Lucky for Brit and I Colleen took us in we were long time clients when we first started our life journey together and now we will continue with her in our geriatric journey glad that we have wonderful people like her on this earth.
Colleen took this picture of Brit and I after the grooming..Happy Pup..

and not to be left out in any way would be this favorite picutre I found of Molly or should I say Princess Molly... those awesome eyes and bushy tail...

I am working on some quilting projects that are almost at their end will post them soon.. have patience and have a great weekend...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Picton Ontario Quilt show 2010

I composed a little slide show of our adventure to the slide show... I see that date on the side ooops it is actually 2010..LOL

Click to play this Smilebox photo album
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It was a great time perfect weather and fabulous company

On a personal note. I have been working shifts for many years and now will be working days with a new position that I am excited about so there will less time on the PC...usually I sit here when I have worked nights and feel like a zombie, I am not able to function and work around the house for fear of falling it will be nice to actually join the rest of the world with their chaotic lives of rush hours and line ups...LOL
I am even sure that I will be able to get more quilting done now that I might be able to see right
It is the long weekend in Canada this weekend I am working my last night this weekend so celebration is in all have a great weekend and celebrate my good fortune

Monday, July 19, 2010

dancing the night away

we went out for the first time in ages and had a blast met some real cheeky people and had a great time dancing..

What was great is they liked the same dances and music it was a fantastic time!!
above is the view from the boat we were on downtown CN Tower

Waiting to board the in the red...

This gentleman above boarded us on.. isn`t he friendly looking...

This is the sky while we were waiting...very stormy weather looking but it all cleared up and it was just perfect...I get sea sick so glad it was all smooth sailing... thanks to new friends and a wonderful DH..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

shop til ya drop

I went to a sale a couple of weeks ago where all these kits were 50 percent off.. now I could not resist them!! this one I will use the fabric for something else but you could not get these for the price I did on their own.. so I nabbed it...

the one below I have been eyeing this kit at another store for ages and ages and they wanted way to much money for I only pet the picture as I walked out the door well...guess what I had bought so much from this store she let me have it for almost half so I was very very will see the date since 2006 believe me I have been eyeing this since then.. I want to make it in the turquiose colors but I also want to make it in scrappy civil war so now I also have the pattern. if you would like to visit her store just click on my title it will link you there...they have some very gorgeous fabric I mean gorgeous!!!
this is my yo yo village as you can see we are coming along it takes alot of thought when you are limited on the amount of fabric choices. I would have these kits made up of fat 1/8`s fabric choices than 1/4`s for more variety.. but it is coming along

I went out on a boat cruise with my honey last night around the Toronto Islands...we had a great time meeting other people and also dancing....but boy it was hot and today I am suffering from hip much of the old dance moves in a body that hasn`t done it in a while...will post some pics for next time with other goodies I bought...
I am so in love with another applique quilt that is hitting the bloggin circuit..not sure if you all are following Janet (quiltsalott) but she is appliquing a wonderful Kim Mclean quilt that you have to go visit...this is the second Aussie designer that I have fallen for...these ladies on the island are just so talented...I am soo sooo soo tempted.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Want to Learn Handwork

You should go visit Crispy on the left of her sidebar you will see an icon Hand Piecing with Crispy she is an excellent quilter and does ALL her quilts by hand...yes all the piecing and quilting and applique. Crispy has done alot of work in preparing for these tutorials which took precious quilting time away from her. Take a moment and go visit I am sure with this fast pace world we can all slow down for a minute and work with our hands again.

So if you want to visit her site you can click on her name to see what quilts she has lovingly created if you want to go right to the tutorial click on the headline of this post I will also add her button to my sidebar.

Thank goodness it is Friday!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the priceless items continue

I was in a block swap earlier in the year through a yahoo group of Repro Fabrics these are the wonderful blocks I got it is not often that you are in a swap where every block is to the correct measurements, the 1/4in is exact all around the outside perimeter and that the piecing is so perfect. Each of the swappers really paid attention to their work and fabric choices...All of the blocks were fabulous.. that to me is priceless...

I have 30 blocks and now have found the perfect pattern that I will use to put these gorgeous blocks together. This is found in the McCalls Quilting magazine June 2007 designed by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith each block has a sample block I will have to make a few more but oh this quilt will be so worth it!!!

Well I think that is the end for now in the priceless department...for now...LOL

a special note if you would like to read more on my LAQ that quilted my applique quilt 2 posts back you can read about Sandy Lindal just click on her name the store did a little feature on her today!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

more priceless items

This is another quilt I had started about 8 years was a workshop...I got as far as making all the baskets but didn`t get in the mood to make the flowers
I mentioned this to my Mom and she piped up with I`ll do them...sure okay...this was her first project in applique...she dug through my stash of mostly scraps at the time and started with these gorgeouse blocks

she counted them and said you don`t have enough baskets you need to make more...okay so I have just pulled out the fabric and made 6 more baskets she is now going to take them home and make more precious blocks to go with these others below.

are they not gorgeous she was a beginner at the time and her work was fantastic she just followed Eleanor`s instructions in her book. I love them all and they are dimensional too!!
I was lucky enough at a guild garage sale to pickup another book as above for a $1 with Eleanors siggy in it...I am giving this one to Mom since she likes her so much.

Mom is here with me this week so you know what we are doing. I will post when she is back home what we have done.

Monday, July 12, 2010


One Long Arm Machine...15000.00
One Applique top wall hanging....25.00
One Friend....PRICELESS

Look what Sandy did for me!! she wanted to try a Mctavishing techinque in LAQ and this is what she did....thanks so much Sandy for a priceless heirloom. I have to finish the binding, put the antenna`s up and then it will be on the wall

I don`t have to say much more I will wait till you catch your breath...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I`m live!!!!

and what better way to show it by giving a little garden happiness.. I had taken some of these pictures at 5am so that is why the background is so dark

my clematis one of them
my climbing hydrangea the first year it has flowered so much last year I got one at the top...LOL notice all the hostas bowing to this tower of flowers

this is one of my favorite climbers but not sure what it is I love the thingy that holds the bloom it is oval and the flowers are so different to me..

in my glory (don`t mind the grassy weeds in front) they left after the photo was taken
My first post on my new hard drive and I am so happy next will be some quilt shots. My friend Sandy had Mactavished (machine quilting design) one of my applique wall quilts I will be picking it up tomorrow...I didn`t sleep well all day I am so excited cause I know it will be exceptional...
well off to work...bye bye my wee hard drive I just want to hug it right now...
oh and I will be going to the Picton Quilt show this weekend.. I never miss their show really worth going too that is Picton Ontario