Thursday, April 14, 2016


I am thinking of doing this wonderful challenge Blue By You by some of the Ontario guilds for the next Quilts at the Creek Show in July anyone can participate and last years challenge was a great success.
This 2015 mystery quilt that was done by many Canadians, Designer was Sherri Hisey for a quilt show we had at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto last year. it was called Pioneer Spirit you could make is as scrappy as you wanted since it was to be part of the pioneer days so I did. 
you can see many of them and how everyone made their own rendition.…/quilts-at-creek-pione…

This pattern is still for the 2015 challenge if you want to make it. Free.

I didn`t get mine done in time but I am hoping to this year. It is a great show and you see quilts from all over the world not just Ontario.

I know I don`t have blue quilt and am not sure if I want to go modern or traditional...hmmm...thinking. I will have to start pulling fabrics and then look at some patterns, I am not a designer but love to put a new twist on a design...lets see what happens.

This was my late version of the mystery from last year though.  It is currently at Whirls and Swirls for quilting going to get the baptiste fan on it.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Seasonal Celebrations

 We are so lucky as quilters no matter what the weather is like outside we can change it in our studios, quilt rooms, basements and dinning rooms. by selecting fabrics on what we think the season should be.

It was blowing snow here yesterday so I picked this pattern for the fabrics that I would like to make up into a quilt, by pulling from my stash.
 Even viewing the selvage you can see the wonderful hints of spring  I hope you can see the names of the fabrics. If you click on the picture it should get bigger to see
 My husband came downstairs and saw the fabrics laid out and asked what I was doing. I said going to whip up a top, I have been doing a lot of applique I need something quick and feeling accomplished.
With all the fabric cut and a couple of blocks started I set off for my afternoon shift feeling like spring in our cold wintery day.

How do you celebrate your secret seasons.