Thursday, June 25, 2015

words escape me

 The mailman came and my DH came downstairs and called out you have a parcel. I am sitting at this quilt I have been quilting for just too many years. I put down my needle and thought this package is big for just a mini!

Out tumbles out these wonderfully wrapped bundles in CW repro`s with wonderful fabric.
 so I untied the first parcel carefully to reveal this gorgeous mini quilt DH stood and watched with as much excitement as I . I asked him to take a picture of me with this wonderful piece of TLC. it was painfully pieced  with tiny strips as you can see and then it was hand quilted!! all those seams! all this time! I know how much time it takes to make this quilt....but that was not all there was another parcel
 Here I am with the second parcel opened and still in disbelief a place where I can place my wonderful hand work and needles and thread where I can travel and think of my wonderful new found friend and how thoughtful she really is. Where i can put my treasures that I love to work with.

Thank you so much Jennifer this is just so thoughtful and so wonderfully generous! You are really the best and I so much appreciate every stitch you put into your work it is just fantastic.
Treasures I will keep forever.
 Look at this wonderful Signature block in the travelling kit and her fantastic pockets and of course I had to show off the fabric again I have to make something maybe you all can come up with a good idea.
 See the front patchwork and the heart that holds scissors and a sturdy zipper that will not break to easily and great to handle when your arthritic hands cannot close things well.
 a couple of more pictures of the quilt I can`t get the fabric color just right but look at all the different fabrics..lots of time...Jennifer says she is going to make one for herself...I am laughing cause i can see why.

Thank you again Jennifer...Small Talk Yahoo group perfect partner to share with.

swap partner is happy

Well this is the other swap quilt I sent off...I should get my partners either today or tomorrow I called this one sunny lanes I see that the quilting does not show as much on the back, but Jennifer liked it and it is to her that it is for. This swap partner was so enthusiastic it was wonderful to communicate with her and get to know her a little. The border fabric I got for a steal at one of the guild meetings. I love it and so did Jennifer.

 i am just posting a few of the garden surprises that are coming up as you can see these are inbetween the lovely weeks that fight to take over.

 This tower beside me here you can see the van and the size difference. I had planted this climbing hydrangea just for this effect. I love how it flowers every year, it really doesn`t get major sun though so glad that it is happy
 These are my favorites too, there is not alot of sun on this side of the house either but yet they flourish the painted ferns on the floor are seeded from around the corner garden I love them there and I am getting more every year. Love how the garden decides what I should and shouldn`t do..LOL

Then there is buddy lying no the cement enjoying the warm sun...the little bugger got his halter off this morning and I can`t find it anywhere. no walkies till we find it! I dont`know how he got out but it is not on him this morning...hmmmmmmm did I take if off in my sleep?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Many swaps

Humble quilts Mini Swap
 I was lucky enough to get into the swap on Humble quilts blog and in doing so there was a theme where you had to use the idea of quilts from 1775 to 1910 it was a nice range. Being in Canada I thought of red and white and I wanted to do a little something different, so I found this redwork pattern in one of my Mini quilt mags then I added these lovely pinwheels about an inch in diameter and then mitered the corners with some hand quilting you can see at the bottom. I also have her an option to hang the quilt if she so wished.
I did not know my partner Margaret, but she seemed to be the traveller just coming back from Paris and then away again. She has finally been able to settle a bit and she was able to enjoy her quilt. I am happy that she is happy.
Thanks to Lori of Humble quilts for organizing it and having a little patience If you click on her name you will see the link up of all the wee quilts.
Quilting of Redwork

 the one below I got from my sweet swappee she hand quilted it and the signature block is just as lovely as the quilt, not only that I got some wonderful Fort Wayne chocolate. It was a great swap
My wonderful swap gift
Quilters Last Resort swap

Mini`s that I have finished

I don`t want to pose on that thing!!
The blocks to the left are a start to a swap that I am in I should have about 20 by the time I get them all from friends around the world I have known for many years on line. The stars are fabulous we are all having a good time with them. One member could not make the blocks so she sent us her siggy block and we made the block around it.

Below I was staging a little I have finished a few of my mini tops and thought I would let them get some fresh air with my rhubarb.

Buddy and I had to wait for the car to be fixed and I wanted him to sit on the Canadian Tire emblem he would have none of you can see. LOL

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

winding down from Easter

 We auditioned where blocks where to be layed
 Cut background fabrics
 had an audience
And taa daa we got 3 tops done. Mom had the blocks done through BOM`s she did through the year then we get together to put them into tops, then she and her Wheatley Friendship Club quilting friends will hand quilt them. 

These were done in between going to Markham Guild on the Thursday to watch a friend of mine Sandy and her Trunk show, Sat going to 2 Quilt shops and lunch making our Easter Meal on Sunday. We did well it was any easy setting for us. 

 I also have put my giant star in a frame to start hand quilting this will be fun to do since there are sooo many fabrics used in it.
aaaaaand we have another mini finish. This was a challenge from Twisted Stitchers guild on how to describe you as a quilter to make a small quilt and put words on it. This is hand appliqued and quilted. Bringing tonight for show and share.

It has been slowly turning to spring and I have been getting out in the garden with the winter clean up

Also this weekend is the Napanee quilt show.  It is a beautiful drive to get there.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Odds and sodds

 You will notice that I am a quilter that likes different fabrics and quilts you never know what the heck I would be working on or what fabrics, that is what I love about quilting I can do anything at anytime. so this is a top I finished (well almost just got borders to put on) it was from a Quilt for Cure Kit and the stars are cut from a jelly roll. I love the sashing fabric that is what enticed me to even make this gorgeous quilt!
 The cover on my tv stand (aka dresser) was a xmas gift I received in a swap, from one of the groups I belong to,  it fits perfect and she did a fabulous job using her machine stitching!
This one I had started last summer and I am going to finish it soon but wanted to just have a look at it. I am not a purple fan but you can really see it. I want to put lemoyne stars all the way around as one of the  rounds. I bought a new ruler last year that is supposed to make them easier. I love doing Y seams but thought I would try the ruler.

The first picture is all Y seams I can do them in my sleep.

Have a wonderful East to you all.

Friday, March 27, 2015


I have a finish or 2 to show you this basket quilt Hand quilted and appliqued just using some of the never ending scraps as you can see Buddy claimed it as soon as I put it down to take a photo, milliseconds within touching the carpet. 

 so here is some of the quilting you can see I quilted everywhere, again washed and dried to get that ole`crinkley look.

This is the next project I am finishing This was a free pattern on line long ago. 
 This one I had been working on as the swap for spring it went out last week I could not find the right binding for it.
nothing like a basket of tulips to help with the image of spring. I love this block have made it 6in and now the 9 it is just too adorable not to do again what about as a border? hmmmm

Went to see Sherri H at the East Toronto guild and she gave a 2 1/2 hr spectacular session on how to build your quilt. now I am thinking how can I build my sashings, and borders....the options are endless now!! Great Show case Sherri!

I will be burning the candle at both ends this weekend.
2 quilt shows and working nights then cleaning house cause guess who is guessed it MOM! we are going to quilt our way through Easter! what a plan I have the holiday off.

Will have lots of pictures.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Internatinal Quilting Day!

What better way than a quilt show, Kindred Hearts in Oshawa is having their show today. I have just finished a mini quilt it is on its way to the recipiant, once she gets it I will post and I got the most darling mini to celebrate spring
You can see she pieced the basket and appliqued it and the wonderful wisps of embroidery and hand quilted. Thanks Karen for a lovely gift it is my first wool work too! You can see maybe a better picture over at Karen`s blog This lady does lovely work and I feel blessed that I got one from her!

Quilt show is having free videos this weekend too, I am off to shower and get ready to see a show