Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Life evolves like quilt projects

 First change is we lost Buddy a couple of weeks ago, it was a hard loss as all furbabies that go are. I didn't realize how much time I spent with him till I had all this time!
He had a wonderful 3 years with us out of a cage and in loving arms with everything that a Chihuahua could want. We will miss him

Holly is adjusting well to her new home and I am getting to know this little princess. Holly was very helpful in our adjustment. It is amazing how things work out we got her about a month before Buddy departed its like she had Chi wings and fluttered down to help us with our new life.

I had time to take Holly for long fall walks
I had time to do a mug rug swap through Small Talk Kathleen Tracey's group.
I had time to finish my basket quilt
I had time to bind 2 quilts that a friend could not do
I had time time to start a new project
I had time for another Chihuahua
Meet Teddy he has come to live with us through the Chihuahua Rescue and Transport team. They have some really cute chi's that need rescuing I can vouch that they are the most sweetest pups.
Our home is balanced again.

Mug Rug swap from LA CA
Mug Rug that I sent 

Black Bird Designs Trick or Treat Basket quilt Basket on side in Memory of our Dear Buddy

Hocuspocusville Skeleton Fabric From Logcabin Yardage. 

Start of the Houses to go around the nine patches

 I had time to go with my mom and DH we went to a lovely dinner

I have also lost 50lbs through watching what I eat and now exercising. I know that I will maintain and not go back to where I was.

The 2 quilts pictured are not mine but a friend of my mothers that wanted them finished so I put the binding on for her

our new addition Teddy
Doesn't he just look like a Teddy Bear

and then we have our new Teddy Bear is all of 6 lbs like Holly they both get along really well not sleeping together but are both happy to be together. DH is so happy with them as well they are so friendly and full of love. 
Well I think that is enough for now lots more has happened but I have taken enough time...have a great week I am linking up to Needle and Thread.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Quilt Shows and Baskets

 I had a weekend of friendship and quilt shows it was so much fun. I went to the North Bay quilt show (4hr drive) and stayed with Rose Marie of Applique and Patch Quilting she will some very exciting news to post you will have to visit in a week or so.

I have over 190 pictures but for now I am posting these giant star quilts.

Aren't they wonderful!!
 I taught this class and there were many that were completed and in the show and the quilters only had nice things to say about the class this really makes me feel good that I could give a quilter incentive to enjoy a technique and finish.

 Apologies but this one is on it's side..students brought fabrics with different values and then we worked together on the best way to use those fabrics in their blades

I taught out of Eleanor Burns book Radiant Star and everyone had their own book that is a stippulation I have if I teach a technique that someone has written about and I use the book the student has to have the book
 Another sideways glance but I am just so excited I will try to fix these later.
Working the show with my friend we had a little time to lay my blocks out on her design wall for the Trick or Treat quilt Love how the values are coming together, this is just slapping them all on without playing so I am not going to play to much. I am down to 30 blocks and less then half of the borders and a few inbetween blocks

I would love to thank RMC and GC for hosting Buddy and I while we were there. Buddy was an absolute delight with them he actually let RM pet him more than once and then when leaving he jumped on their couch and pretty well said see yeah to me! he got a little spoiled..LOL

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

almost everything in 2's

 Mom was down this weekend past and we did a lot together.

We pieced another sampler from the blocks she made last year from Rose Cottage Quilt shop They have just celebrated 10yrs in Amherstberg.  It changed hands and the new owner has Celebrated 2 years this coming weekend.

Mom picked these fabrics for her kit. How do you like our mitering job! honestly we were ment to make this quilt
 This was the center and as you can see we were not cutting off any points. The layout was supplied with the finishing of the quilt.

Mom was short on one of her fabrics and low and behold we had to go to the "Stash". Mom was surprised I had a batik, I am not a batik fan at all, but I do have one shelf with different batiks for this purpose. Mom loves Batiks.
 So this is the Finished quilt! As you can see we are both looking very trimmed with the hair cuts. I went to a new hairstylist a couple of months ago and she cut my hair the way I asked. Mom loved it so much that she got the same thing. We were just all over Toronto showing our new Doo's

 Yes I am still in my pj's this is morning and really I love being in my jammies. Don't look there though look what is in my right arm! We have a new Chi!! We have had her for a week and she is just an ANGEL.
Holly is 10yrs old and needed a loving home her mommy passed on August 17 and my she was my neighbour's friend. Thing is my neighbour has a big dog and Holly is afraid. My neighbout thought of us and asked we said yes without hesitation. She will be my husbands and they have bonded very well.
As you can see she is as friendly as can be. As you can also see I am holding my precious Buddy. Both of the puppies respect each other and she has no fear of him, Buddy is 10 lbs ( I know a porker but we are working on that) and Holly is 5.5 fearless.

We are a very happy household.

Mom left on Monday happy about the finish but not feeling so hot. I also caught a dandy of a cold and she has now got the symptoms of one starting.
Well thanks for visiting it has been a very very busy summer for us! but we have also had the most perfect summer weather! I hope you have had a great summer and that you are like me and can't wait till quilting weather starts!

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

more swap action

 what great fun this weekend at the Quilts at the Creek show I had 3 quilts in was able to take 2 pictures then my camera battery went to sleep.

This was the challenge of last year, of course I was late so submitted last year. The pattern was from Sherri Hisey of Border Creek Station designs

 This one was of the 2 swaps that I had designed to make one quilt. I was thrilled to see the quilts hanging and getting a little air. This was a great show anyone can enter a quilt, if you do you get in for free.

Next year they will be celebrating Red and White quilts, when I got my quilts back there was a Red and White FQ inside. I am going to try to make this challenge.
 I got my wee blocks back from Small Talk yahoo group and they were in a row on my design wall, the block in the center I got for free at a friends stash sale, it was just sitting there on top of a never ending quilt I am hand quilting.

I walked by them for days what was I going to make? finally after my friend left I sat and just started sewing this together it came together great so far!

Now this is a design in progress, it will be a medallion quilt I will embroider a little more in the center block but this was already made I just added the wee baskets, now to think what my next row will be.
 Just a little close up as you can see there are borders. I made a measuring bloop so I just added a skinny border, worked out great, designs usually end up from trial and error, really there are no errors just alternatives.
 here ya go a little closer to the center, what a great block to start with eh?
 I also finished my 8th BBD block from Love Letters Pattern. one block left to go
 I was remiss in showing you a couple of quilty gifts that I received. This cute wee pincushion and thread catcher and cutter holder from a fabulous friend. Love them and use them all the time. I use all my gifts quilters put so much into them..look at the machine quilting on the side of the thread catcher and she hand quilted the top of the pincushion
 somewhere for my cutter to now snooze in when I am not using it. her own sleeping quarters, love it!
and then Rosemarie came to visit and went to the quilt show with me. This will be an annual tradition for us she loves to go I love to have her here I will be seeing her in Sept!

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Sampler!

Hi, Mom made me another sampler she does BOM at her local quilt stores one in Leamington called a Stitch in Time this year she picked red, white and black and this was my Christmas present. We didn't get to see each other for Christmas but we celebrated Christmas in July.

Mom got 8 of the blocks done and then I did the last 4 the patterns were perfect.

 I did the last on the right and those flying geese. Honestly each of the patterns were very precise the pieces fit together like a puzzle.
 My job now was to decide how to finish the quilt. I had picked out this fabric before Christmas specifically for this quilt from The Quilt Store  when they had their last 50 percent off before Christmas.
 I had also bought this book at a guild quilt show one of the members boutiques. I had a plan.
 This was the first block, I was very happy with the results I ran up to show my husband he liked it too. Poor guy just had his other knee operated on and had a tough time with the anesthetic so progress has been slower, but this gave him incentive to come down the stairs to see the rest of the idea I had decided for the next sampler layout! LOL
 This was one of the side blocks thought that was pretty cool too...

Now I was excited! I got the top done I started this Thursday night and got up this morning to sew the 2 halves together the center is now completed. I only have the borders to put on.

I think Mom would be very happy her sampler gift did not sit in a box but got done right away.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Field of Dreams

 the title of this one love the baptist fan quilting that Tella did on this! it was perfect for this quit.

These are strips that I had done a swap with in Irene Dewars group a while ago and we used the Bonnie Hunter pattern of Many trips around the world
 I found the border fabric from a place in a small town in Ontario called Dutton.

 The John Deer Fabric I had for a while it was first going to be a one block wonder and then it was going to be a quillow for my dad, then it became the backing for this quilt, the baptist fan really makes this look like furrows in the fields
 So here Buddy and I are modelling hair not combed but out and about enjoying this breezy day.

 I wanted to show you one of my buds coming out on one of my oakleaf hydrangeas, I have 4 different varieties. This year they are blooming last year they did not so happy.
 My Roses are climbing and blooming they are sturdy they have been cut down to nothing and come back every time...how faithful
 then these 2 are really favorites of mine low maintenance, barely and sun and yet they give so much!
 I thought this one was a goner a couple of years ago but it decided that it liked it here after all.. they are not honeysuckle but not sure of the name of them...

which btw all I smell is honeysuckle in the back yard with them blooming  now as well will show pictures next time
 I thought you would like to see this painted fern up close is it not beautiful love it and the texture the colors give
So this is the pile of quilts that I have had done in the last month there are 8 there! in different stages of binding.

Whew I can`t wait to get back to fun sewing!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

quilting and gardening (picture heavy)

 Well I have been garbage picking again, my neighbour round the corner had these solid oak stairs in the garbage. We scooped these up and now I have a tier for my plants that i will stagger on, thinking different herbs and crawling stuff.
My wonderful neighbour helped me carry it believe me it was not easy it weighed a ton!
 here is some garden shots been keeping up with the weeds and love how it is turning out. I had not been able to work in the garden for 2 years problems with standing too long on my feet if at all prohibited it. I am making up for it this year. Feels good to be healthy
 This is my Japanese Peonies tree it is almost 20 years old. This year there was lots of dead that I had to cut off but also there were many shoots coming from the ground. It seems it was rejuvenating itself as well
 I love big hostas and was able to get some at the end of season for a more reasonable price, again patience pays off love how they really make a garden. also seperated a couple of my peonies (favorites of course) and they are happy where they are.
 Because of neglect these bushes grew 2wice as tall, so I have cut them down to half of what they were was a little worried but they are filling in nicely, this was alot of work but again worth it.
It opened up the yard and the hosta underneath are also thanking me for airing them out.
 are you getting the impression yet that I love hostas LOL. This is the walk leading to the back yard the morning sun is welcoming
 and these are my absolute favorite love how they are so curly next year they will be much bigger I really thinned out one plant to make it go a long way they are along the drive in between hydrangeas that are trying to recover I am not going to show you those yet.
 This is the other side of the house I love the painted ferns that have planted themselves there and are flourishing and these wonderful plants here tha are so happy they are so full of flowers with minimal care and sun and they give me the greatest of displays
 Now for the best part of my days I have been getting some quilt tops done by a new and wonderful friend she is so fun to talk to and has the same exuberance and energy I do about quilting and I think in life in general. She has done a fabulous job on the quilts I have been sending her way and with great flourish. Introducing Tella`s lovely quilting her business is called Lucey Longarmer, if you want anything done by her leave me a message I will give her your contact information

This was the Border Creek Mystery from Quilts at the Creek
I was going to do a Baptist Fan but then Tella had done another quilt for me with this paisley and I loved it so asked for it on this quilt as well doesn`t it look amazing! Just picked it up yesterday!
 here is the back hope you can see the quilting it is wonderful and it doesn`t take way from all that piecing in this lovely pattern that Sherry developed.
I cut a strip off each of some fat quarters to piece this quilt together to try to make it as scrappy as possible thought I would be able to put a dent in the Fat Quarters, I realize i have a long way to go.
 This monster was one Mom and I made together she did the blocks and go the panel this was through her local quilt shop then I designed a layout for the blocks and panel. Well I was not sure how to quilt this but Tella has this wonderful Peacock design that we decided on and it looks fantastic!

So in between gardening and sewing backings and getting binding on it has been extremely busy around here.
 Here is a close up of the peacock panto I think it was the perfect choice.

The design of this quilt was as you go so I just made it all kinda as I went along...not to bad eh?
 This is one of my favorite quilts it is a combination of 2 swaps the nine patch is one and then there is the blocks as the other what a great challenge it was to decide on a design to put these all together the fabrics were just in my stash

Tella again picked a great pattern we actually used a fabulous maple leaf panto that was perfect for the fall feel of this quilt
I have another done in the same panto I will show later the binding has to be put on.
as you can see on these quilts the binding is done as well
 My husband helped me lay these quilts out and he thought he should take a picture with me in all my glory so here I am in my jammies with Buddy on our friendship quilt
 This is the backing I used the Row by Row licence plate fabric I thought it was appropriate since all these blocks were also from around the world. I think you can see the quilting in this as well.
 Sometimes when you try new things they are not what you expect. I tried the computerized quilting where the computer sizes the panto and quilts the quilt. This technique did not thrill me as much I found that the panto looked disproportioned, stretched, unnatural. Something I tried but not sure I would do again.
This was the stack and whack I did many years ago as you can see it is bound as well
You might see more of the quilting in this picture if my model would move out of the way. He was so funny every quilt we laid out he laid on to be in the sun.

Well I hope your days are as full as mine and that you are enjoying every one of them. I will have lots more to post in between keeping up with the everyday events.

Enjoy each moment because each moment goes so fast.

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