Thursday, May 26, 2016

Doing more

than I  can keep up with right now, with gardening, quilt shows, visiting friends, finishing some tops yes I am still binding and backing sewing.

I have joined another swap and have made 25 4 1/2in baskets will get 25 different ones back!!

 Also went to a mini quilt auction and look what I got isn`t she lovely? what is wonderful about this wee quilt is 3 wonderful quilters have put their hands on it.
The Yorkshire Rose had blocks that members had made long ago and they had members buy the blocks for 5 dollars when they finished the blocks and returned them for the auction they got their 5 dollars back
Karen`s mom, did the finishing touches like the embroidery, Karen machine quilted it and the appliquer is a no blogger but had been a member of the Yorkshire Guild for many years and has been known for her applique quilts.
 Then there is my wonderful Red Bud Tree, I so look forward to spring and watching it pop into splendor. This was a sapling from my mothers yard. It now bring shade to our rooms on the east side when the sum comes up and also to our patio, the leaves get huge!
 I have also been making some wonderful Rhubarb desserts it is really happy in its new place and I gave it lots of good compost last fall.
 This was a swap that I had  been in many years ago I go the quilt together. There are actually 2 swaps in there the blocks and then the nine patches. I am so happy to finally get it quilted. Tella is a fabulous LAQ and she did a great design of Maple Leaf`s which to me is appropriate.
I laughed at her comment and also stated not to take office but she says some of the fabrics were very ugly like my strip fabric but when in this quilt they all just blended so well together.
 She has done 2 other tops for me that I will have to post but I had this one in hand when I had the camera. Look at this quilting it is just so perfect.

Oh I was talking about the piecing see the corners of the quilt. I had changed them on the night I was to do my trunk show (was flimsy at that time)
I had pumpkins there and never liked it. Then I decided to go with more nine patches These are from projects that I have been finishing and it looks so much better
 Hopefully you can see the view from here. Tella also said that she was amazed on how square it was well you know how it is when you do a swap not all blocks are the same. These were there was no finagling. and using this kind of sashing also helps with squaring the quilt.

The borders if you look closely is all about fall. it was a stippy fabric (still have lots) so I fussy cut it to go around the border.

So now to pick a binding see the back these are the license plates from last years Row by Row how appropriate since these blocks came from all over the world.
Well back to work my LAQ wants to see them bound they do look better when they are!
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Thursday, April 14, 2016


I am thinking of doing this wonderful challenge Blue By You by some of the Ontario guilds for the next Quilts at the Creek Show in July anyone can participate and last years challenge was a great success.
This 2015 mystery quilt that was done by many Canadians, Designer was Sherri Hisey for a quilt show we had at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto last year. it was called Pioneer Spirit you could make is as scrappy as you wanted since it was to be part of the pioneer days so I did. 
you can see many of them and how everyone made their own rendition.…/quilts-at-creek-pione…

This pattern is still for the 2015 challenge if you want to make it. Free.

I didn`t get mine done in time but I am hoping to this year. It is a great show and you see quilts from all over the world not just Ontario.

I know I don`t have blue quilt and am not sure if I want to go modern or traditional...hmmm...thinking. I will have to start pulling fabrics and then look at some patterns, I am not a designer but love to put a new twist on a design...lets see what happens.

This was my late version of the mystery from last year though.  It is currently at Whirls and Swirls for quilting going to get the baptiste fan on it.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Seasonal Celebrations

 We are so lucky as quilters no matter what the weather is like outside we can change it in our studios, quilt rooms, basements and dinning rooms. by selecting fabrics on what we think the season should be.

It was blowing snow here yesterday so I picked this pattern for the fabrics that I would like to make up into a quilt, by pulling from my stash.
 Even viewing the selvage you can see the wonderful hints of spring  I hope you can see the names of the fabrics. If you click on the picture it should get bigger to see
 My husband came downstairs and saw the fabrics laid out and asked what I was doing. I said going to whip up a top, I have been doing a lot of applique I need something quick and feeling accomplished.
With all the fabric cut and a couple of blocks started I set off for my afternoon shift feeling like spring in our cold wintery day.

How do you celebrate your secret seasons.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

no fun, fun, no fun, fun

 This quilt I bought from a store that was closing on the west end of Toronto a couple of years ago. The top and binding were together. I loved the fussy cutting of the blocks and it is a perfect Lazy Boy size.

I took it to Whirls and Swirls in Oshawa a new LAQ store and machine quilted it. I had fun doing it, This was the first one I did there and I don`t think I posted a full picture of it.

 This is the fabric on the back of it. This was fun Love the kitty with the glasses which was appropriate for today`s weather. as you can see below I have rhubarb coming up already! isn`t that green gorgeous.
 My husband had surgery on his right knee and so it has been a different life for me here I have had to be the chauffeur and grocery shopper, and physio dictator and all around good sport. DH has been a very very good patient though I have no complaints. He is doing what is supposed to do and improving everyday.
It has cut into my sewing time though so I will have to make up for it later. I have been appliqueing my baskets and I have only 70 left to do! from 300! I am awesome...this is fun!
 There is still a little more to post that is fun, buying fabric! In keeping my DH from Cabin fever I have been driving him to the country and we have stopped at a couple of shops and in doing so I have bought from the 1/2 price shelf some backing and just fun fabrics. Wait till you see what I have done I can`t show you now cause the quilts are now waiting to get quilted at the shop.
I have 3 there and will bring 3 more to Whirls and swirls. They have edge to edge with batting free for the month of March.
 so you can see I have some border fabric and some backing fabric, which is now the not so fun part sewing the backings and borders....I am sorry but to me this is just so boring, so so boring not fun at all big huge pieces. All my fault because most of the quilts are over 100in square...ugh.
 then I saw this at Log Cabin Yardage I think I need to do a stack and whack the Sarah`s roses one. I made it once from the Lake house Hydrangea fabric my mother has that one. I want to make it with this fabric is it not fantastic. This is only a small part of it. there is so much to see.
back to loving another fabric the background and border, got this at Log Cabin Yardage too. The blocks are from a FQ set I got in the mail 10 for 20 dollars a while back from a store up north.
I think this is very modern don`t you? This is going to get quilted too, ugh more backing to piece. I am my worst own enemy I know I could use the wide backs but I get more variety from the fabric that I choose. I like to make my backs as interesting as my fronts

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

scrappy gal quilt co...

 I am just a horrible friend, I thought I had posted about  this quilt but I scanned my blog and it is not there! This is the first Walking Dead quilt. Someone commissioned me to make them a quilt that had no Flowers in it.

so 2 years later I found the perfect fabric, did I say 2 years, yes you are correct. Walking Dead fabric, I knew she was a follower of the Walking Dead (honestly so am I) then it was to find the right fabrics and pattern to work with it. She wanted red, white and black only on the quilt.

Log Cabin Yardage had it all so I spent a Friday night there sewing and picking fabric as I went along, plus other days to piece it all. That red fabric I loved I just went and finished the bolt! oh as well the walking dead fabric too as you know I am making the other one.

Piecing had to be precise for the blocks to fit once I find that darn pattern I will post the name. I have a bad habit of putting stuff away and not remembering where.

Then I had to get it quilted Sandy of Scrappy Gal Quilt Co came to the rescue! If you go to her blog you will see better pictures of the quilting and quilt, for some reason I didn`t very good pictures. Sandy quilted it in red and free handed these wonderful swirls!

Did you see the border fabric? it is of New York it has all the street names and habours it is very cool I know that the walking dead was in Georgia but this to me was close enough, if you follow at one point one of the Characters had a map drawn on the chalk board of his neighbourhood this is supposed to depict that scene.

It was much fun to make you will see that I got my flower in on the back Is this not the best?!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Everything little gets bigger

 So as you can see I am not sitting idle I have the top all pieced now it is time for the borders more HST.

I brought it in to show Nicole of Log Cabin Yardage, that is were I got my Walking Dead fabric, she realizes that the HST are not of faint of heart. there are only 526 so far and now the border.
 I am getting there on Love Letters I am half done my 8th block. I laughed because someone commented they were living vicariously through me and I thought aren`t all quilters living through each other and what we are achieving, it was a nice compliment and very much appreciated though.

Oh did you notice new button on the side! YES it is The Applique Society. I have been a member for a couple of years, I will now be doing their webpage, soon we will be active in the new site. Come visit, maybe join in only 25 bucks and worth it, you also get the FB membership and free applique patterns. I am going to start Chapter Visits again Nicole of Log Cabin Yardage lets up host in her store. She is also a supporter.

 I was also asked to see some of the blocks this is what I have done so far

you can see the blocks are huge 29 1/2in so I took 2 shots.

Then you can clearly see there was an interruption that needed to be addressed. How can I refuse such a darling face. He is feeling so much better and really becoming a lovey dovey.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


 The lighting is not the best for this picture but I have pulled out my Love Letters and have 2 blocks left this one was almost done but now done and now I am working on the Rose Bud block.
This is from the book When the Cold Wind Blows I hope to have the other 2 blocks done and the top together by March 9th do you think I can do it?
You see it might be a little difficult Buddy first photo bombs my block and then takes over my lap...LOL as you can see he lays back to the point of almost falling that I have to catch and hold him...stinker...but he is my stinker, look how soft his fur is.
I kiss his forehead and it is like kissing a baby`s forehead it is so fine and soft. Buddy follows me everywhere, is currently on my lap sleeping (on prednisone right now)

Buddy was very sick on the weekend but Amberlea Animal Clinic  was there for us and he is doing much better. Buddy is back to his space invasion antics (Love)

This Dr Fulop and her team are fabulous with him and have wonderful loving patience with Sir Grumpiness`s antics when handled. They have helped me come a long way with him. They trim his nails every 2 weeks and put his Advantage on for me. I only give him love...lucky me.

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