Thursday, June 1, 2023

variety of stuff

These flowers bloom at night and die off during the day I have had them for at least 40 years got them from moms garden
Murray enjoying a creamcycle on the patio

just some quilts I had put together earlier the on top I got as a partial finish so glad the quilter gave it up I love it
the top and bottom one originated from the same pattern I just set them a little different. My dad loved the red one so it was given to him
this one i did a strip swap with a couple of friends it was supposed to be our ugliest fabric as you can see they look great here. 

the one above was  a favorite that mom and i appliqued together pattern was sourced in a fons and porter mag
one of my OBW on the wall and then the one on the day bed I have on the couch now with the 2 pillows it orignated from a block swap when Connecting Threads used to have chat groups called Quilt with Us. 

 The one on the top was just a quilt I made for a doll quilt swap a couple of years ago 

These memories came up so thought I would show as you can see I am a quilter that loves variety. 

Monday, May 29, 2023

On a roll...

Number 2 is now bound and being displayed on the bed
Notice that the black fur ball is not here. I love the prairie points on this one. 

 These are quilts that are made more than 5 years ago Mom made the blocks through stores that had a block of month program. Mom used to sign up for 2 of the same and would put Dad's name down, Dad would carry one of the blocks in and brag about his sharp corners. 

Mom would get the finishing instructions we would peruse my collection and use fabrics that we thought suited the quilts. We would then spend a weekend speed sewing and putting the quilts together we would get 2 quilt tops completed in a weekend with great team work! 

Counting down with one more to go but also the 5th installation of the Hexagon mystery is out by Jemimas Creative quilting is out and I am still finishing 4 so back to work 

Hope you are able to get some stitching done! 

Sunday, May 28, 2023

time is limited

Well I have been purging unwanted home items and rearranging our world in the process I am spending time on things that are easy to reach and mindless. I had some quilts quilted well over 5 years ago that I needed to needle turn the back because the borders are with prairie points. 

 I hope you can see the quilting I had the longarmer quilt it from edge to edge lengthwise so it looks like a trail of feathers love the effect it gives on the bed. 
You can see the fabric on the back so that if I wanted I could make this a nice 2 sided quilt Meara is playing Vana White and showing you the prairie points on the back side after turning over. 

Hopefully I will get back to my other hand work but now the gardening is calling to me. I haven't touched it yet! and the weeds will soon be bigger than the plants struggling to get by them! 

Hope you get a few stitches in!

Sunday, May 7, 2023

a day in kitty land

It's been raining and what better way to enjoy by watching it fall the girls love when I put the chair in front of the door there is a bird feeder there so they were fully entertained
I had one of the beds that was on the floor and put it up in the window and one of them found it very cozy she is hunkered right in
The other one stayed close by and snuggled up on the dresser
I was showing some mini's I made this one was a sew a long I think by Humble quilts a while ago 
As usual hand quilted but also love the hottie fabric on the back!
This was the snippets left from my Pie in the Sky quilt and thought I would just put it together as a doll quilt as well 
A better view of the backing and all the quilting it said it needed, I tried to argue with it saying it can be too much but the quilt won! 

Sunny days will be coming...I hope the grass is way long now! freckled with yellow spots (dandilions)

Wednesday, April 26, 2023



My little Teddy being a character
the precious girls it will be 3 years May 30 we have had them as entertaining as they are
no shelf goes untouched
no quilt was ever not tested whether finished or not
no table is left bare
any basket or box is still filled with kitty antics
windows and curiosities of outside bird activity
trying to take a picture where they would be still for a minute
Well we tried this was 3 years ago! and they are so big now and still into things but respectfully they don't knock anything on the ground they don't pull pins even though I still cover them just in case, but they will still love quilts

Monday, April 17, 2023

changes in season and life

I saw these beautiful Star Magnolias on the corner place where I live and hope my little one below aspires to be that big and beautiful one day. We have had a week of perfect weather for spring maintenance outside, I will not start on the gardens though till after May 1st but able to do cleaning and updating the outdoor accessories

I went to the Newmarket quilt show there were some gorgeous quilts but these 2 were may fav the one on top was hand applique AND hand quilted the quilting is absolutely amazing! 
I loved this one with the chicks appliqued in these mini hexie circles Look at all this work! 

And I love the use of the fabrics in the spider web pattern well done! It was a great show I was the first one there and won a fabulous door prize with share that next post
My heart is broken, I lost my Ted on Thursday Apr 13 and it really put a hole in my world. I didn't realise how much time I spent with him and how much space this little guy took. 

I donated his blankets and bedding to neighbours and vet they were happy I filled the whole back of my car with just this my floors are so empty, my space is vacant. Kiera one of the kitties calls out with no response from her Uncle Ted 

 I thought these pictures were true to him being on my chair as I stitched and also sitting facing the sun, I know time will heal. 

Sunday, April 9, 2023

best laid plans

Well my partner in crime is patiently waiting while I stitched the last of part 3 in the mystery by Jemimas Creative Quilting  I have my first bloom for the spring now I have to get back to other projects keeping my hands busy
Quiltmania mag came and I had a brain explosion on using that bunny in this quilt that I am working on
I have the top appliqued and attached and auditioned the size on the bed the length is perfect but the width is too short for me so I am adding the borders to both sides and feel it needs more applique. 

I have decided that the bunnies in the quilt that Quiltmania has on their front page can be used in between more vines and flowers they are just the right size. 

Remember I am only using what is left of the fabric I have enough of the off white but had to dig in my collection for another dark and I am happy to report I have one that is perfect and enough of it. So planning is a go!

The blocks remind me of the briars and I thought I would call this bunnies in the briars with all those points the applique will round off the quilt some 

Well back to stitching an update on the star quilt will be in order in the next post I have been working on that as well the border is a bit of work since it is 3 rows of hexagons all the way around. I also have some planning to do on the layout...and of course spring is approaching fast and I want to get ahold of the gardens before they run wild. 

Fat chance I am afraid that something has found my delicate oakleaf hydrangeas and nibbled them to nothing I am going to cover them before they sprout and see if I can save them if not I am not going to have a showy garden. 

Hope you are getting a few stitches in thanks for visiting.