Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Learning something

Everyday I am learning something how to get pictures from my iPad to my blog well now I know before I can only get from June 2017 this is almost done hand stitched machine pieced pattern by Kathy Schmidt’s

And some garden pleasures

This is a project that I am working on

Monday, September 10, 2018

Work space makes a difference

Hopefully with posting again I can get some incentive I had some time for my quilt studio (that is what I am calling it) this is why I call it my studio last year there was a Facebook post for sale on these 3 items and the machine. I had worked a lot of overtime last year didn’t know why till this plopped into my lap I was so giddy. It is really a quilters dream!

 There is a tall boy with loads of drawers for my tools and such (yes full already!)
Then there is the sewing table this is great as you can see more drawers that are handy to have right beside you they also roll out so that I can have a little cutting table or ironing surface, yes the Bernina came with it! It was well cared for and there is also a bunch of embroiderie stuff. This machine also sews like a dream it hummms. The table also folds out in the back making it much much bigger!

Then below is my dream cutting table! both sides fold out to make it larger for my borders that I sometimes like to cut whole, yes and more drawers.

Everything is on wheels which makes it portable. You would laugh how I got it all in there with 2 vans and organizing it all in with help from a strong neighbour we got it down the owners stairs and then down my stairs the cutting table just squeezed in. so nothing had to be dismantled.

 I had promised to show what the border looked like thousands of pieces and that gray fabric is pins and needles this is all hand Applique and machine pieced. This is on my list for hand quilting there is alot of empty space so quilting will be easy. My fingers are itching to get this one done. This was a pattern out of the book a Simple Life if you are interested in making. I love the fact that there is piecing and applique it is a great mix I will also use that border treatment again on a quilt block.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Wake up call

i got an email do I want to stay alive in blog land well YES! Just didn’t realize where the time went! So much going on and so little time to get all that you want done I know you all understand so I am going to just post some pictures, you know every picture tells a thousand words
 This little thimble quilt I got from a swap so cute I added some hand quilting to it as you can see it is already chi approved
Found a great bag pattern to easily put together 

 Did a workshop for my guild last year on the fundamentals of appilque had them do a bag so it wasn’t so intimidating quite a few will add touches of Applique to their pieced quilts now
 Just showing both sides I used the templates of some of Kim Dhiel motifs for the bag. I carry and use it all the time for my Applique gear

And this one actually became a finished top I have the borders pieced as well will post an updated version later 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dead Head slow stitching

There comes a time when you just can't stitch very much both hubby and I are down with colds I call this the "achy breaky" cold each bone can be felt.
so I am either in my chair or in bed and either one or 2 of the dogs are with me, this to me is the first sign of spring I always seem to get something just before Easter or Thanksgiving.
So I have some project beside me where I do a couple of stitches and then put it down I feel so useless and really wanted to get some stitching done before it becomes full on gardening.
 There was a fabulous quilt show that I went too in Newmarket by the Region of York Quilt Guild

What a great show there was old patterns and new for all to see this is the front door quilt they had when you first come to the door

The one below what a way to entice a quilter or non quilter!

 I loved this one with the baskets I have a bunch of nine patches and I think this would be the best way to display them so I am keeping this on my short list of to do's

 The one above I just absolutely loved!! really my picture does not do it justice.

the one to the right does anyone remember this pattern? I love how she used the border Drunkards path as vases for the green sprouts.

Then below we have my slow stitching moments pick it up and do a little put it down and sleep pick it up and do a little put it down and sleep doesn't help when you have watery eyes either.

This is block 4 and 5 of a Simple Life

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Not for the faint at heart

 Mommy I see dead things on the wall....
 i am going to lay here and just be safe from those things
 I have finally finished my Walking Dead quilt
 here is the close up of the fabric. 
and a close up of the corner pretty happy they all turned out the same 

I am going to have it LA quilted and have brought it to Whirls and Swirls to think about what to do for consult she took some pictures and will let me know. I do want Daryls angel wings in the large white areas the hard part is what to do with the rest. 
I am post the first post to show you where I got my inspiration for the pattern 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Doing what I love to do

 Well you will see I have been busy. Mom brought a couple of sampler blocks to put together so we put 2 of her quilts together. I am not sure why I didn't get a full picture of hers below.
 You can see that she used green for her sashing strips
 We have a funny tale on the border. We like our borders not to be pieced and cut whole all the way across. Mom didn't have enough, she does these blocks out of a store in Leamington Ontario.
We have a store called Log Cabin Yardage in Pickering. We decided to see what she had that would match well turns out she had the fabric!! so we bought enough for Mom's borders and if she wants she has enough to make pillows.
 I am also back to finishing my Walking Dead quilt I  love how it is turning out. only have 3 more sides to put on and I am done.
I brought it to Whirls and Swirls for some custom ideas that I want for it. She is a talented custom quilter and it will be worth every penny when she is done.Look at all that wonderful space she will have fun playing with.
 This was one of the sampler blocks mom gave me for Christmas and I wanted to do something different with the layout so I used a stack and whack technique. I like how it turned out.
 and these are my blocks that mom gave me i too went to Log Cabin Yardage with mom and got the border fabric for of the trees.
BTW she has changed locations from Whitevale to Pickering much easier to get to off the 401.

 I am also working out of a book called the Simple Life, Rosemarie of Applique n Patch and I decided we were going to do this as an online partnership. She is working her's so differently than I am she is only doing one of the blocks where as I am doing each of the blocks

So this is done
 this is done
 This is prepped
These are prepped for applique

Plus I have been busy with the pupps they love to go for walks so they keep my joints moving...

Well off to work hope you all get a chance to stick a needle in

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Whew, busy but fun

 I bet you got snow! well we did but it has gone down some today we went for a great walk tomorrow more snow.

Teddy loves the snow we have shoveled a few paths for them but he gallivants through the snow like he has legs as long as a Great Dane!

This is a sweet little teddy bear he loves to be brushed and handled, and loved and cuddled and is just so sweet we got lucky!
 how bout the holidays are you having fun yet?! we did Mom was here she made my best cookies oatmeal date cookies. So you know that was my staple for 4 days.

Also turkey, dressing, potatoes gravy homemade cranberries and veggies

Mom has just left and I had to change the bed. I should have shown the quilt she slept under it was one of the christmas ones, but I forgot to take a picture.
 So I had to change the bed after she left and I was thinking what quilt do I put on that was still festive well looky here a red and white fitting for the occasion I would say!

it was also Holly approved as you can see below! as soon as the quilt was on the bed and I went to get the camera there she was! she blends in well does she not? what a sweet happy girl

Both of the kids are going through Nanna withdrawal though. They were so good with Mom here and she was fabulous with them as well.
what would be a visit if we didn't do a little quilting Mom had this sampler to put together now this has come to the house 3 times! and we finally had time to put it together...well almost we have both halves pieced I just have to put them together and then the border.

Excellent holiday fun with my Mom and Murray. I hope you all get some family time and what you want for Christmas

Thanks for taking the time to visit will see you in the new year!