Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 is starting much better

well it is quite cold and really we seem to be in the dead of winter with snow blowing and freezing temps. I had some issues but now much better and getting back to quilting. I actually pulled out an old friend that I had started about 15 years ago. This is Flourishes from Piece of Cake I got the borders to do and have started. once the borders are done I will have to quilt it but it is great if I can get it ready for quilting.
you can see in the small picture what I have to do.

so there was some auditioning I like the one on the right  better so went with that the side fabric on the left was very difficult to try to cut so that it looked straight. the top fabric has wonderful little cherry bowls and the medium of the fabric was dark enough as well I think I will use it for the binding or maybe pairie points?

 Then I had to think about what I was going to use around the border for the stemming part of the border. I got 2 fabrics together that I had in the box, The box of fabric that thank goodness I had the forethought to keep that I was using for this quilt.

I got the the stemming all ironed and ready with my clover bias tape maker I like the 2 greens that I chose, remember trying to keep with the quilt dynamics already

Then it was the middle of the tulips you may not like what i have done with the fabric choices but once you see it with the quilt you will see the difference. Now I have started with getting the leaves ready and I have slowed right down. I may have to needle turn these. the other stuff I had used the no melt templar method since all the patterns were the same. 
perfect fabric.

The picture below is the trick or treat baskets I am more than half done the baskets and am thinking about the outside with the applique along there and i found this wonderful strip fabric that I am going to cut and do around the edges as the background it will give it some texture and some interest.
I have it in red too...LOL

Well thanks for patiently waiting for me I had some issues with google but now have my account back (long story short) good to be able to see my quilting diary again and to get back at it.
Thanks for visiting and hope you have a great family day weekend for those that are able to celebrate it.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

no design space left

 This was Buddy checking out some quilts on the bed I was getting ready for a Trunk show that I was going to do in North Bay
Here is the prince now on the quilts piled up for him to enjoy..hard to work with such a great helper. 
I had the joy a couple of weeks ago of teaching Eleanor Burns Radiant Star class you can see all about it on Rosemarie`s post she posted the pictures, cause silly me did not bring a camera. left at home in another bag that I was going to take.  There were 16 enthusiast quilters and believe me they were very prolific and getting work done!

This is a FQ package that I am getting once a month from The Cottage Quilter in North Bay they are only 20 for 10 FQ and she sends a pattern that will make up the FQ I am trying to keep up so that I can have a new one done every month. 

The stars above are from a kit I had bought when Quilters Palette went out of business. Lots of Y seams i have most of the stars done a few more and I can put them all together with the fabric I chose. can`t wait

This has been my sit down job, I had a bad bout of pneumonia and so when I was at my friends house she had this pattern flagged I loved it! Well it is free on line from McCalls Quilting so I have been digging in the never ending pit of scraps that I have and have 40 prepped already about 10 are appliqued on...I am really trying to reduce my scraps....really

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer happenings...a brief picture view

some Gardening

Making swap projects. 

Friends and Quilt shows this one we just liked we did not make it was at the Black Creek pioneer village

Friends sharing their talents by giving wonderful gifts

Starting an Applique Society at the Log Cabin Yardage Quilt store a fantastic place to meet

Sharing applique with friends, from left to right Irene, Lizette, and Nicole, Nicole owns the store we meet at. she is very generous and allows us to meet for free, she also is a TAS member

Lizette Showing her wonderful talents 

Of course sewing with mom a king giant star! did not get a full picture of it sorry. 

making mini swaps for the Small Quilts group swap 

getting booty in between

More swap booty received. love my kitty pincushion and apron
So as you can see it has been a busy summer just wanted to give you a few snaps of what has been happening. I can`t take a picture of myself sleeping cause there is lots of that with working lots of hours too...squeezing in some good times is a bonus.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Starting to do some quilting

this was 2 1/2 inch strips that I swapped, blocks are together just have to make it into a quilt, I am using the back of table clothes from the dollar store as a design wall they work great and roll up your project to take where ever you may want to finish. I am going to take this to the feast and finish at Irene`s
The pattern is another Bonnie Hunter called Many Trips around the world, it is still free on her site
i love this picture with Cheech and that curly tongue..LOL lucky shot
and this is a closer and better shot of a very handsome boy. he looks pretty good for a 9èr

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Summer is over

quilting had taken a back burner this summer, which is unusual for me, but I got us a new Champ!! Introducing Cheech a 9yr old Chihuahua that was at the Durham Humane Society for 2 years, he came from an abusive home and has some issues that are slowly melting away. He has captured my heart and is slowly melting my husbands. I will tell you more but wanted you to know what was taking up my time.

I did go to a quilting retreat with the Rouge Valley Quilters Guild and this is the project I decided to bring. Rosemarie and Mary of  We Three Quilters did another swap but with 9in Blocks of Reds and white off whites, we found this pattern on Bonnie Hunters site (Majestic mountains) and this is what I pieced on the weekend. I have since then completely changed the layout this was just on the floor beside me as I was going along...
Well glad to be back into quilting I will have much more to show you later, but warning you are going to hear some Cheech stories too.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I won a gorgeous hand quilted quilt!

This quilt was made and hand quilted by the Wheatley Friendship club and I was the lucky winner!! I was shocked, my own mother put many stitches into this quilt, Mom quilts on Mondays and Thursdays. I am so so happy!! I am so glad that the quilting is showing on the picture too.
This is one of the hydrangea plants I have the mop head is just huge!! the picture does not show how big it is but you can see the color
This is another variety of hydrangea
couple of different lillies making their appearance!
And my Alice Oak Leaf these blooms are enormous
This below is another oakleaf variation it is a Snowflake, now do you think I am addicted to hydrangea oakleaf`s? Yes I yam…
Summer is halfway over and we have had great weather perfect for a gardener, I have really enjoyed my garden this year and have been keeping up with it pretty good.
I have started going to the gym and finally loosing some pounds, I will have some quilting stuff to show you on the next post. I got a gorgeous mini from my swapee on Kathleen`Tracy`s Yahoo group. I am also investing a little time in a surprise not quilt related but very dear to the heart will post more about that in a couple of weeks sorry for being so evasive.
I have to get some shut eye on nights that is perfect for me so I can enjoy some of the day!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Binding, Binding, & Bound

Our spring summer started out with activities that were more in demand than quilting. So I have not had any to post…until now
I had put a couple of tops in to get quilted these were the ones I showed previously well they are done!
This one below is just called sunshine I wanted a yellow quilt and these blocks I had bought at a guild members boutique someone had handed in their BOM I put the gold around them to make them bigger and then went a little further by putting them on point.
I found Tammy Murphy through a guild member and asked if she had time to quilt these just a pantograph design. I share the wealth with LAQ everybody deserves a share of quilting my quilts.
I met her at the house and we discussed thread and pantograph design, she was surprised it only took about 15min I knew the color and the design she has a wall of threads. It is hard to tell the design on this one due to the color closeness but she did a fabulous job!
Do you like the backing fabric I love it got it Sew Sisters a while back, same with the border fabric. All the fabrics were picked from the `grand stash`
The one below is the second beast loved the pantograph and thread we picked for this it went the theme of blooms. I am just finishing the binding on this one. It is big!!
I hope with the photo`s you can see the binding fabric I picked it was not easy to find in my `grand stash` but this goes with both sides and you will see below why I want both sides
I love the fabric I put on the back and the quilting of the pantographs is so close that it is a great filler and a perfect `second quilt` This was an asian fabric that was on sale at The Quilt Store believe me I paid less than 7dollars a meter for it I was very very happy….but it was a while ago when they had a sale and so it was pulled from the stash I must have bought the whole bolt cause I was able to use it all on the back this is not a small quilt sorry I can`t remember the measurements but it could fit a king almost.
I am trying to get it so that you can see the quilting I hope you can…
Then there is this wee quilt that is going away on a swap I was in…due to unforseen circumstances it is arriving late but that is okay my partner understood and I hope it is worth her wait.
Well I am not sure when I will be posting again I have taken a great turn towards my gardens this year and it is paying off, the weather has been fabulous with enough rain to make everything happy, I am just starting to feel like doing a little quilting again we will see what happens If not please have a wonderful Summer and enjoy our weather