Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Whew, busy but fun

 I bet you got snow! well we did but it has gone down some today we went for a great walk tomorrow more snow.

Teddy loves the snow we have shoveled a few paths for them but he gallivants through the snow like he has legs as long as a Great Dane!

This is a sweet little teddy bear he loves to be brushed and handled, and loved and cuddled and is just so sweet we got lucky!
 how bout the holidays are you having fun yet?! we did Mom was here she made my best cookies oatmeal date cookies. So you know that was my staple for 4 days.

Also turkey, dressing, potatoes gravy homemade cranberries and veggies

Mom has just left and I had to change the bed. I should have shown the quilt she slept under it was one of the christmas ones, but I forgot to take a picture.
 So I had to change the bed after she left and I was thinking what quilt do I put on that was still festive well looky here a red and white fitting for the occasion I would say!

it was also Holly approved as you can see below! as soon as the quilt was on the bed and I went to get the camera there she was! she blends in well does she not? what a sweet happy girl

Both of the kids are going through Nanna withdrawal though. They were so good with Mom here and she was fabulous with them as well.
what would be a visit if we didn't do a little quilting Mom had this sampler to put together now this has come to the house 3 times! and we finally had time to put it together...well almost we have both halves pieced I just have to put them together and then the border.

Excellent holiday fun with my Mom and Murray. I hope you all get some family time and what you want for Christmas

Thanks for taking the time to visit will see you in the new year!