Monday, January 26, 2009

My goodness the community has grown!!

Well it is so wonderful to have so many wonderful quilters following my blog. I visit as many quilting blogs as possible learn so much and see so much eye candy. All your blogs really keep the incentive to continue with my quilting journey. The only question I have is how can you quilt and type at the same time!!?? I have been visiting other blogs.. new bloggers congrats on a job well done!! and the continous bloggers..I love to visit..take a look on my side bar you will have to scroll down a little and you can keep up with everyone's updates.

I have been very busy with my quilting that is why I have not posted in a while I have not found a way to do both...I wonder if there is voice typing for blogging yet?? to start with...I have 2 Dear Janies done!! my first 2 blocks from Stitch in Heaven. The coordinator is called Texas Jane and the Creator of the book Brenda invited me to a wonderful Dear Jane List to chat about how too's and other Dear Jane (DJ) activities!! Brenda is a super lady and I thank her for the invite to a great group of DJ's so here is a couple of photos to my first approach.
So this is the wonderful package I got in the mail (minus the book..LOL). I got the fabric for the first 10 blocks and also some wonderful backgrounds that are all different. My way to make a quilt of course...the variety of backgrounds I found always makes a quilt sparkle. A list was attached to the bag as to what color goes with which block.
this is not block #1 but block # 5 my 1st block I made...then I went to block #1
all these blocks will be hand piece (there is only 225 of them!!) but the process is so comforting!! I was absorbed into making these I don't remember what was on the telly!!

Then next item I have been working on my "Country Sunshine" I had started it last January and put it away due to other commitments for the year!! I had been doing it on line with another group when I pulled out the 2 measley blocks I had done I realized Icut the background to small...they will become a part of a "misfit quilt" (talk about those later) I remade all 4 of my tulip blocks and also got the center laid out for appliqueing.

these are my wonderful Tulips that are going into the quilt you can see the layout. I have them all laid out and glue basted to the background with my stems and leaves.. I just have those wonderful circular berries to do and then the Flowers that are in the pots...then it is the Boarders!! isn't it just an awesome quilt!!
Here is the Center of this awesome quilt all my backgrounds will be a different shade I had them all up on the design wall but then when I uploaded the pics I noticed that I didn't take a pic...drats!! next time. In the center will be my Name and Year of making this treasured quilt.
what else...lets see what else have I been doing...what every quilter loves to do in early January I went to a fantabulous sale!! Our local quilt shop had the best sale I had every seen and well
I could not pass it up and this was the first visit I had with her. Usually we chat at the quilt shows... look see.. oh the little helper that is showing off my purchases is my quilty bear my mother bought me many moons ago. This bear my Cousin in Florida made (this is for my Bear Friends..they always make me smile).
Now I am sure if you click on the pic you will see the most beautiful background fabric in the is wild horses bucking don't you worry I am going to find a great quilt for that one!! I love that fabric. I am sure you will see some of the fabric already in my quilts that I dove into and used.

I am working on my AMG's blocks I had them ready for applique and now getting them done. I will soon get a couple more ready. I am also finishing up the Primitive Flower Pot one as well.. I am diving into my Australian Patchwork Quilting Mags to find what I am going to do for my next round I am going to make that one into a Medallion quilt.

MBG's quilt will be done this weekend and I will be sending it off. I have to sandwich and quilt it then I think I am going to put the Prairie Points on to finish up the fabs she gave me. I will post after that . I put on a couple of boarders on some quilt tops that I am getting machine quilted in exchange for classes I had taught at the Cozy Quilts (if you click on cozy quilts you will see in the background pic my stack and whack with the blue background..that was a nice surprise!! Shahena is a wonderful person to work for and has great fabric if you are ever out for a drive.She also does beautiful LAQ) in Port Hope Ontario

Well I think I have just reminded myself to post more often.. it has taken me 2hrs to post all this stuff and I will have to update myside bar on what I have done as well.. that I will do later.
There is another great sale and also a Super Bowl quilters party at Cockadoodle Quilts check out her blog as well on the side bar Jo-anne is posting main events everyday and her daily menu is to literally go every day. I was in there the other day and saw amazing new Henry Glass fabric

You may have to read all this in sections I appologize for taking up so much of your stitch'n time but I hope it is worth it.. until we meet again...I'll be visiting you..

Monday, January 5, 2009

AMG-block 6

this is block 6 done (well almost ready for applique) I am 1/2 way there..I am starting to think about my boarders I love how they done their boarders in the pattern and I have some of the strips left from when I was working on my lone star quilt (still sitting on the quilt that needs to be finished quilting) so I am pretty sure I going to use them.
As you can see with the blocks I am trying to use as much variety of fabric as possible. I am trying to prove that you can use anything and it will still look is more important to have different values of fabric (light/medium/dark) that is what really makes your blocks is the different values. I learned that long ago from the Quilts, Quilts, Quilts book.. how many of you ole' time quilters remember when that came out!! But it is an excellent resource book if you are afraid of color.
There is another great appliquer working on this project as well..she is using the red background and it just looks so awesome. Carrie she has a great title for her blog but i am keeping that a secret so that you can go look it...very much worth it.
The blogging world is very I am finding out. I am so happy it is this way we can share everything and not have far to go.. in fact I have to go a lot farther for a cuppa tea!!

I love all your comments and really like to visit your blogs thanks in advance for those that I cannot visit due to anonymous. I know some friends visit that is not on blogger but I still like their company.

Have a great day.
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I can't get no... na na na na..

I am not sure if you heard the song can't get no "satisfaction" well mine is sleep. I was up from 1230am until 300pm the next day and this is why if you look to your right. It is another group I belong to (sorry they are currently not taking new members) but this is the pattern they had selected for a "Small group project" so i started with cutting the templates and then thought I would select a few fabrics and then thought weellll.. I'll do it till I am tired and then I was done. Ihave it all "glued" to the just to applique. It is a little bright still for primitive.. I started with the basket so did start and then the yellow was jumpin up and down and said pick me.. so I did..then those leaves with the turquoise lines..well I like it.

The block is 21 in and they said you can do a pillow. I am thinking of a Medallion. I love the Australian Patchwork Mags that do that I think I will try to design my own applique 3 round boarder after I piece the second round. If you look closely or click on the pic the circles on the vase..are little bunnies...just a little fussy cutting..LOL

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Nice way to start

do you not think this is the best world to live in?
do you think that she is comfortable in her quilty little world?
I sit work on my applique and look over to see this wonderful view so at peace and so trusting. Molly is on the quilt that I was under and you can see another quilt underneath plus I have an older one I made folded under the sheet as added padding for the ole' hips. So my princess kitty has the comforts of a quilters home and a quilters love. (1 of 4 but this one is not camera shy)

This is how New Years should start... dreaming and sleeping in the safety of your quilt. I hope your New Year has started this way as you can see it is quite the picture of comfort. After the Christmas visiting with house guests/cooking/baking decorating and gifts you worked so hard to complete near the hour of giving have gone. After the house is empty, all decorations put in their safe packages, have done all the extra laundry like linens and bath towels, washed all the china and put them back for the next holiday celebration. Take time out and just unwind under your favorite quilt and dream of all the wonderful quilts you will finish/start.
Just lay back and enjoy your January day...rushing will come again soon enough.
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