Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peck's Pieces BOM

Peck's Pieces

take a look at this Gorgeous applique BOM I love the pattern the design is a perfect Halloween pattern

Saturday, August 25, 2012

we`re hiding

first i wanted to give you some close ups of Sandy`s quilting I hope you can see it…my brick and mortar
my seaweed along the boarders
the detail is incredible
What is exciting is Sandy will be starting a blog...FINALLY now I will have to convince Mary too...I know you are reading this Mary...LOL

and so we will be hiding out a bit lots going on in the household
this kitty is not well my vet`s assistant (fantastic gal) actually made a house call for me to give her a shot for antibiotics…Nosey is not happy…cross your fingers and hope it works.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beauty, Beauty, Beauty

Beautiful quilting, I had this pieced moons ago and wanted the bubbles quilted on the lighthouse my friend Sandy Lindal offered to quilt this for me and OMGoodness she did fabulous I hope you can click on these pictures and see her work! Isn`t she gorgeous too! all that is natural beauty
Sandy quilted this quilt that a friend of hers pieced too. I was there when she started it as a blank canvas and to see the end results is just incredible
Donalee down below did this one block wonder with the superhero fabric and I think she did tremendous
This was a class that 2 of the girls took amazing bargello work this one was by our hostess Linda H. (none of these girls have blogs how disappointing is that.
Shirley is doing this wonderful runner with wools she always has amazing work on hand
We also have some knitting projects going
Linda has a gorgeous house with a fabulous garden I came a little early and she walked me through everything. She served this lovely dessert!
This was our Thursday sewing session.
I got home this morning to see that these flowers were coming out. The pictures (cause I am not a photographer) I can do them no justice but they are massive and so gorgeous
i love how the buds apppear
This is another color I know I post this one every year but it really does astound me how beautiful
This bush just went crazy with blooms as it does every year
I am almost finished quilting another mini so soon I will have another small finish…better than none.

Monday, August 13, 2012


someone gets to relax
while I am chaining
to make my blocks for my 1812 Block Swap, only 16 of these they are 8 1/2in so the HST are odd they are only 1 7/8ths Pattern again from Judy Hopkins 501 Rotary Cut Blocks I just love this book the colours are geared to that period and most quilts were star patterns. This is called Crown and Star.
Finished hand quilting this mini it is 18in x 14in just putting the binding on. Started this on Friday it went real fast with that Baptiste Fan quilting.
Thought you could see the stitching better on the back.
Well it will be probably be quiet around the blog now I am back at work so that will eat up some quilting time.  This was most helpful while trying to get over my virus and then allergic reaction to the cure x2. I am not one to take antibiotics and now I know why!
Have a great week and thanks to those new people that are visiting and all your wonderful comments. Thanks to those that keep coming back I love to hear from you. To those that are enjoying silently thanks for taking the time to visit.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do you have a go to Quilting pattern?

One of my favourite patterns is the Baptiste Fan. I love how a quilt looks being quilted with this pattern. I am quilting a mini (another) and used this pattern also on larger quilts. I don`t want to over use it but if I can`t think of anything else it becomes my go to pattern.
The blocks are from scraps that I had left from pie in the sky I ended up making up this block with the strips that I had left. It is really a mishmash of scraps.

I have part of the star quilt together I got over the hurdle of putting those boarders on that are inside the quilt. I am going to add another white boarder and then another of the Hydrangea boarder to make is a queen. DH and I laid this part on the bed and the star just fits perfectly over the queen bed, he even wants one of these! LOL

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mini finish

Hand quilted and even bound, nice mindless work for a mindless moment

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Save your pennies for 2013

picked out the fabrics
that were in complimentary to the stripy fabric
started my blades
for my Lone Star. If you see the picture it is going to look awesome with the other fabrics and of course there will be prairie points!!
This is going to be our quilt for the draw next year hopefully if my mom likes it. You can see the finish picture. It will be hand quilted by the Wheatley Friendship Club that my mother quilts with on Mondays and Thursday`s
I hope she likes it!!
If you are wondering about our tickets for this quilt there are tickets still but remember the draw is on Sept long weekend so if you are still interested email me would be glad to send you tickets
on another note we both have been stuck at home with a bad virus throat sore no voice and it has been pretty quiet for both of us…we kinda miss each others voice….LOL
this project has cheered me up though.