Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beauty, Beauty, Beauty

Beautiful quilting, I had this pieced moons ago and wanted the bubbles quilted on the lighthouse my friend Sandy Lindal offered to quilt this for me and OMGoodness she did fabulous I hope you can click on these pictures and see her work! Isn`t she gorgeous too! all that is natural beauty
Sandy quilted this quilt that a friend of hers pieced too. I was there when she started it as a blank canvas and to see the end results is just incredible
Donalee down below did this one block wonder with the superhero fabric and I think she did tremendous
This was a class that 2 of the girls took amazing bargello work this one was by our hostess Linda H. (none of these girls have blogs how disappointing is that.
Shirley is doing this wonderful runner with wools she always has amazing work on hand
We also have some knitting projects going
Linda has a gorgeous house with a fabulous garden I came a little early and she walked me through everything. She served this lovely dessert!
This was our Thursday sewing session.
I got home this morning to see that these flowers were coming out. The pictures (cause I am not a photographer) I can do them no justice but they are massive and so gorgeous
i love how the buds apppear
This is another color I know I post this one every year but it really does astound me how beautiful
This bush just went crazy with blooms as it does every year
I am almost finished quilting another mini so soon I will have another small finish…better than none.


  1. Wow! what great quilts. I have always wanted to make a bargello quilt. We have some gardens that people can tour that have those same flowers. You are right. They are huge.

  2. Lots of inspiration in this post! Your flowers are so pretty - doesn't matter if you post them every year, we always enjoy seeing them.

  3. Beautiful quilts! All of them! Great quilting too. And I love your Hibiscus! I have a burgundy coloured ones and I am on the lookout for a pink or white one like yours.

  4. What gorgeous work your group does. Hats off to the lady who did the bargello. It is fabulous! I have made only one small piece of bargello and it just about drove me nuts.
    Love all your little quilts and your quilting too. Thank you for your visit to my blog :) Elly

  5. I love your lighthouse quilt! Can almost hear waves looking at it.
    Those flowers are stunning.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful evening with your quilting friends! Gorgeous work by all.

    Stunning flowers and you have such a green thumb!


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