Sunday, August 5, 2012

Save your pennies for 2013

picked out the fabrics
that were in complimentary to the stripy fabric
started my blades
for my Lone Star. If you see the picture it is going to look awesome with the other fabrics and of course there will be prairie points!!
This is going to be our quilt for the draw next year hopefully if my mom likes it. You can see the finish picture. It will be hand quilted by the Wheatley Friendship Club that my mother quilts with on Mondays and Thursday`s
I hope she likes it!!
If you are wondering about our tickets for this quilt there are tickets still but remember the draw is on Sept long weekend so if you are still interested email me would be glad to send you tickets
on another note we both have been stuck at home with a bad virus throat sore no voice and it has been pretty quiet for both of us…we kinda miss each others voice….LOL
this project has cheered me up though.


  1. As someone who spent most of childhood sleeping under a big lone star, I am cheering you on!

  2. Oh my, that will be very pretty when it's done! Would you be able to buy me a ticket in that beautiful quilt, and I will pay you when I see you in October?

  3. This will be another stunner, that's for sure, betweens! Love, love, love the striped fabric and look forward to seeing it with the lone star.

  4. I would LOVE to buy tickets for this quilt. I'm set up with PayPal, is it possible to do long distance? I would be happy to pay shipping if I win. I followed the link, but didn't see where I could get tickets.

  5. Another gorgeous quilt to give away..... I love it, and I'm sure that Mum do's too :o)
    Hugs from Lena

  6. Sorry to hear that you have a virus. Not nice to have during the summer months. Your Lone Star is absolutely fabulous! Love your colours. It is difficult to do?

  7. What can I say, except "wow"! How I miss sitting in my chair at your place and looking at the stuff on your design wall. Bet this lone star looks even better up close and personal.

    The colours are gorgeous and love that striped fabic for the borders.

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  9. Deb, the colors in this lone star are simply spectacular! This is going to be an amazing quilt! Where can we buy tickets!!


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