Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer happenings...a brief picture view

some Gardening

Making swap projects. 

Friends and Quilt shows this one we just liked we did not make it was at the Black Creek pioneer village

Friends sharing their talents by giving wonderful gifts

Starting an Applique Society at the Log Cabin Yardage Quilt store a fantastic place to meet

Sharing applique with friends, from left to right Irene, Lizette, and Nicole, Nicole owns the store we meet at. she is very generous and allows us to meet for free, she also is a TAS member

Lizette Showing her wonderful talents 

Of course sewing with mom a king giant star! did not get a full picture of it sorry. 

making mini swaps for the Small Quilts group swap 

getting booty in between

More swap booty received. love my kitty pincushion and apron
So as you can see it has been a busy summer just wanted to give you a few snaps of what has been happening. I can`t take a picture of myself sleeping cause there is lots of that with working lots of hours too...squeezing in some good times is a bonus.