Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I won a gorgeous hand quilted quilt!

This quilt was made and hand quilted by the Wheatley Friendship club and I was the lucky winner!! I was shocked, my own mother put many stitches into this quilt, Mom quilts on Mondays and Thursdays. I am so so happy!! I am so glad that the quilting is showing on the picture too.
This is one of the hydrangea plants I have the mop head is just huge!! the picture does not show how big it is but you can see the color
This is another variety of hydrangea
couple of different lillies making their appearance!
And my Alice Oak Leaf these blooms are enormous
This below is another oakleaf variation it is a Snowflake, now do you think I am addicted to hydrangea oakleaf`s? Yes I yam…
Summer is halfway over and we have had great weather perfect for a gardener, I have really enjoyed my garden this year and have been keeping up with it pretty good.
I have started going to the gym and finally loosing some pounds, I will have some quilting stuff to show you on the next post. I got a gorgeous mini from my swapee on Kathleen`Tracy`s Yahoo group. I am also investing a little time in a surprise not quilt related but very dear to the heart will post more about that in a couple of weeks sorry for being so evasive.
I have to get some shut eye on nights that is perfect for me so I can enjoy some of the day!