Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer moments in July

My dad was able to make more quilt holders for me so we put up another quilt this is in my living area. This was the first stack and whack I ever did...and sure wasn't my last doesn't it look great with my dad's great talents
This is what it looks like in with my day bed there.. the trundle bed was his mothers I was very fortunate to get it.. I know the 2 quilts don't go together but I love the brightness of the other quilt. it is called it is a bugs life.. when you see it on a big bed the blue looks like a ripple of water.
Taa DAAAAA.. my mother made this isn't it awesome!! this is her first mini swap and her first mini that she has made hand appliqued and hand quilted even down to her prairie points. She has this done and it is going to be on its was soon.. the person receiving this I think is very fortunate. She fussy cut the fabric you can click on the pic and see the butterflies and hand drew the design freehanded... you can see a secondary design in the quilting.
Here is mom holding her mini.. now you can see that it is a great mini..
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mini parade

These are the mini's that I am working on. I have only to put the binding on... I know everyone knows this is a double wedding ring. I am currently in 2 swaps and one of them won a draw to win a mini that I make. So I will be sending one of these mini's to her but not sure which one.

This one I am just starting it will be for the summer swap for Quilters Blogger the person will get wonderful dimensional butterflies I will post when completed... I just wanted to show the butterflies getting ready to flutter away on this wonderful background.

This one will also go to one of the members in Quilters last Resort as well... one of the ladies in Connecting Threads mini group made a Trip Around the World and I loved the pattern so of course I had to make one. just putting the binding on this as well. Machine pieced and quilted.

I know that I am going to make another one of these for myself. All these are patterns that I have taken outta the Mini Quilts Mags that are now out of print...Maybe if I keep making them and posting what I am doing they will start reprinting them again. I go through their mags over and over. Mother also got her pattern for her mini out of this mag.
thanks for visiting I know the posts are irregular but as you can see my hands are busy. I have not had alot of time to catchup on everyones blogs but will soon.. have a great long weekend.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

a few things going on in the quilt'n room

Good Morning!!
I see that there are some posts on old and new quilts the one below is the second quilt I made the sampler is lost that I had done. This one was pieced and quilted by hand and went to my mom's bed (king size). I found the pattern in a mag (sorry can't remember which one) and it was about 20 years ago. You can see it was well loved. I just got it back this year and wondered what I was going to do with it.. I think I am going to applique new arches on it.. the quilting is still good right now it is folded and on my Lazyboy to curl up in.
The sun had bleached alot of the arches you can see the "real" color along the edges.

The bargello below was a class I took a couple of years ago Monika was teaching it. Monika was the one that helped me with my one block wonder class that I blogged at the beginning. Mom came and I asked her to finish the binding I had it almost done. The color was to match mom's dishes, it will go on her dinning table. The pattern was from an Australian Patchwork Mag that is out of print cause everyone loved it so much. A girl in Newmarket Ontario LAQ it in this wonderful flaming pattern a nice change from those waves everyone gets... and I did want different.
Now who is this below and what is she doing?? I belong to a group that Iam coordinating a mini swap and mom is working on hers. It is really adorable and her hand quilting is perfect. She is confident now to hand quilt her quilts and give them away.

And I am currently working on a mini double wedding ring for a swap that I am in with machine is a mini that is for sure!!

I didn't realize the pic would also advertise the Bernina...LOL we are having another wonderful visit...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

if only you knew

that pics make a room much bigger than it really is.. I had to hug the wall to take these pics.. but then on reading everyones comments I realized gee.. maybe I do have alot of space.

I am almost embarassed to carry on but now that I opened my doors you might as well just come on in and see some more... I will not overwhelm you, we will do this in sections (so you can breath now)...I will show you more of my cupboards and my "meager" stash (now I do say this with a smile).

So what I did to compensate for no walls I added batting to the outside of the cupboards for my design wall by cutting the batting to size and using 2sided tape to adhere to the door. The tape comes off if I roll it off to replace the batting if necessary (I have not had to replace it and the more you use it the better the blocks stick) you can see some of the things that are on the wall. I never leave it totally empty I will put up a UFO just for some quilters color.

You can see a better pic of the ironing board I bought it at Quilters Cupboard and found flannel and a great ironing fabric one that holds the heat. The Pic-Nic baskets on top and a few of the containers.. yes are filled with UFO's. I will let you know that since this pic there is a hole next to the whicker basket. One UFO completed.. I hope to have that top cleared by the end of 2010 (if I am reasonable and honest with myself)

then comes the stacks of fabric.. now as you can see I am half organized cause they are put in color sections so that ain't to bad right?? the bottom right are all those miscellaneous that have no catagory.. you know the novelties and such. I have taken all this fabric and refolded it and put it in order and still have not found a fabric that I have asked myself why?? I still love it all..

The cupboards are Rubbermaid and I got them at Canadian Tire on sale I bought six of them and DH and I put them together. I thought I would be able to gather all my quilting gear and put it all in one never know how much you really have until you THINK you can put it all in one spot...I was wrong.
I love the chair I sit in that and watch T.V. sometimes when I have to unsew (dreaded words) and I guess I must have been cleaning that day cause I see the vaccuum part there.. and it had to be taken before June cause I still see Merry B's quilt there and my mini's on the design board that were for the Mini swap on Quilters Bloggers (which reminds me I have joined the summer swap as well). Today is the last day to sign up so if you are interested get over there and sign up quick...
well back to getting my work done.. I just finished 12 more blocks for the block swap I am entering on.. it is Canadian yahoo site so mailing is a little cheaper.. they are cat blocks and I would love to show you but.. I am not allowed and some of the members are following my blog. Sept I will show you I promise. Plus I am still finishing the binding on the bargello will be able to post it the next time and working on the mini's
I see that others are posting alot more so everyone is getting busy...check out a new blogger she is excellent in her quilting and has a showcase of antique quilts she is going to show is... you can finder her here..
Read her blog and you will find some excellent news but is justly deserved from the Quiltmaker mag
I know to much to read.. I will try to post less words and more pics next time.. chatty cathy today..
It looks like a good rainstorm today I put down the weed and feed and now let it rain.. have a super day quilter friends. thanks for your wonderful and supportive words..


Thursday, July 9, 2009

quilters room with a view

I noticed a few blogs were starting to post pics of their sewing room check out Pat's blog she has a very neat and tidy sewing room..well welcome to my sewing room th pic below is the entrance when turning the corner of the basement..I have quilts that need to be quilted hanging on the doors as reminders..don't look at the top all stuff that don't fit in the cupboards

oh geesh who opened the doors!! oh well this is what is inside these cupboards some fabric some mags and you will see on the very bottom right some Golden Threads mags that I just can't let go of..they are from the 60's 70's and someone gave them to me the stack of fabric on the right 2 shelves are "do not touch" fabrics for projects I have in mind and the fabric is specifically for that project..
the bar is the opposite side and really becomes the "dumping grounds" I have to clean this off at least once a week by the end of the week.. The pic at the end of the bar my Great Gram painted many many moons ago.

this is around the corner of the cupboards I love my big ironing board hard to keep that cleared off too.. and the lamp I found in the garbage. the left cupboard has my "tools of the trade" and then we start getting in to the fabric. so that is what we walk into so far...again don't look at the top of the cupboards that is as neat as I can get them..
I am working on binding a bargello that I made for my mom to put on her dinning table.. a UFO almost completed. I have been appliquing on my Country Sunshine pattern is in the book click on the title and I am currently working on 3 mini quilts and another set of Cat blocks.. so workin' hard to make the quilting ends meet.. will have to slow down soon Sept is around the corner and all the meetings are going to start up again..

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bye bye siggy quilt

Harold and Fay holding the quilt have come to pick up their signature quilt I made for them last summer at Harold's reception. He was a Grand Warder of our Eastern Star of Ontario Grand Lodge and his wife was his escort. Mom is in the pink and there is Dad in his "Wilson" pose..he does crack me up. Harold is very happy with it.. these were the colors for their outfits for that year. I wrote about the quilt earlier... I will have to find it and post alink..
they are currently on our porch the plants are 2wice the size they were 2 weeks ago with all the rain.. my wonderful Annabelle hydgrangeas in the back and painted ferns and the endless summer hydrangeas are coming out but they are blue and I didn't have to give'em the nitro!!

I had to post this pic. I mad this all by hand it is just a square bow tie that. I had made it as I was making my first sampler for something to do ( I was destined to be working on more than one project from the get go) As you can see it is used on the bed and the kitties sleep on it.. someone mentioned that they wish their cats were so trained.. they acutally wait till I spread it on.. can you see that cute smile she has on her face.. that's my Nosey girl. She is not fat just the way she is curled up...
Your comments on my Dad's hangers is truly wonderful I can't wait to show him that it is not just a daughter's love that sees them so beautiful. Thanks so much (he just celebrated his 81st birthday Jun 29) you can see on my critters blog.
Well I have 3 mini's go get done.. hopefully will visit soon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

lots going on!! Happy Canada Day

My dad came to my home last week with a wonderful surprise!! Look what he made me hangers for my quilts..he was so worried that I wouldn't like them he was right!! I love them.. he is now sent home with making a couple more and also a few frames for some mini's and a quilt ladder!! you can see that I have my One Block Wonders on Display..oh happy day

I still have my Winter Wonderland quilt on my bed but it is so nice and light that it is great to sleep under for my parents.. this was done in 6 months when we had our SARS scare I was quarentined 2times cause I worked at the ER were it started and then was working at the other hospital where we had a break out.. it was a very scary time for me.. I had bought the focal fabric on a whim (before the scare).. there was a teacher there and she asked what I was going to do with "all" (8meters) that fabric.. not sure yet but now you can see what. I found the pattern in a Quiltmaker Nov/Dec 2002 mag machine pieced and then hand quilted it in 6 months.. it is my memory of walking my dogs in the winter that time I was not allowed to go anywhere.. you don't realize your freedom until it is taken away from you.

This is the other One block wonder doesn't my Dad's quilt hanger's look awesome!! he is looking for orders if anyone is interested that lives close enough to deliver (postage would be expensive) or maybe one of the stores in our area would like to have some there to sell my dad is very reasonable just email if you are interested. Alot of thought and caring goes into these

This is a mini that I am working on.. pattern was from a Fon's and Porter mag last 2008 borrowed the mag from my mother but gave it back

And this is an ongoing project I am working on.. it is my own round robin. The pattern in the middle was designed by someone in a Prim group I belong to and I wanted it as a medallion. The next blocks are an old pattern English Ivy.. it is one of most favorite patterns I have used it before and one day will make a whole quilt with it.. but love the effect it makes as a boarder.. now to think of another round.. it will be applique for sure..
I also have been visiting and catching up on what others are doing in their blogs I really love the design wall theme that is going on!!
Well Happy Canada Day hope you are able to do something great to commemorate.. We went to Montana's and ended up ordering the "Great Canadian Burgers" with sweet potatoe fries.. delicious!!