Sunday, July 19, 2009

a few things going on in the quilt'n room

Good Morning!!
I see that there are some posts on old and new quilts the one below is the second quilt I made the sampler is lost that I had done. This one was pieced and quilted by hand and went to my mom's bed (king size). I found the pattern in a mag (sorry can't remember which one) and it was about 20 years ago. You can see it was well loved. I just got it back this year and wondered what I was going to do with it.. I think I am going to applique new arches on it.. the quilting is still good right now it is folded and on my Lazyboy to curl up in.
The sun had bleached alot of the arches you can see the "real" color along the edges.

The bargello below was a class I took a couple of years ago Monika was teaching it. Monika was the one that helped me with my one block wonder class that I blogged at the beginning. Mom came and I asked her to finish the binding I had it almost done. The color was to match mom's dishes, it will go on her dinning table. The pattern was from an Australian Patchwork Mag that is out of print cause everyone loved it so much. A girl in Newmarket Ontario LAQ it in this wonderful flaming pattern a nice change from those waves everyone gets... and I did want different.
Now who is this below and what is she doing?? I belong to a group that Iam coordinating a mini swap and mom is working on hers. It is really adorable and her hand quilting is perfect. She is confident now to hand quilt her quilts and give them away.

And I am currently working on a mini double wedding ring for a swap that I am in with machine is a mini that is for sure!!

I didn't realize the pic would also advertise the Bernina...LOL we are having another wonderful visit...


  1. Ooh! Ooh! Look at that incredible mini that your mom's working on! See me, waving my hand in the air!! Pick me! Pick me! ;-)

    Okay, the other pictures are pretty darned impressive, too (as usual!) - but I want to make sure your mom gets the warm fuzzies and encouragement...

    I have always wanted to do a woven bargello - just never got around to buying a pattern for it (and I have some sort of block when it comes to designing my own). Hmm. It might be that I have plenty of other designs clogging up the brain right now.

    Or I need more coffee.

  2. Both quilts are fabulous. One day I want to make a bagello. Great mini quilts too.

  3.'s a shame to see your older quilt faded so badly. It usually happens slowly over time and people don't know to move the quilt until it's too late.
    I LOVE the bargelo! That's one I've never tried. I'm not as fond of usual up and down pattern..but that twisted bargello is calling my name! Yours is SO pretty!
    Those minis..oh my! Both of them are spectacular. You have some very lucky swap partners. I'm sure they'll be thrilled. ;)

  4. The quilts are lovely! You do such wodnerful work!

  5. How fun to share your love of quilting with your mom!

  6. You are so lucky to have a quilting Mom to share with...I wish my DD was interested! I did help my DDIL make a baby quilt for her nephew-but then they moved thousands of miles away! :)

    Both your mini quilts are great! A double wedding ring was an ambitious early quilt!

  7. great pictures. I love the Bargello, its just awesome.


  8. Hi! Those quilts are just wonderful! And that mini double wedding ring? Oh my gosh! LOVE it! How did you do that? Love your blog-all of your wonderful quilts and kitty!

  9. Wow Betweens, that is a small DWR. I also love the Bargello. I am still thinking about how I want to get mine quilted. By the way, a pattern for this quilt is available from the designer in Australia.

  10. Love the hand quilting on your mini DWR. Very nice. Did you raw edge applique your rings down?


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