Monday, December 28, 2009

It is silent...

I got this just before the holidays!!
I was in a mini swap a while ago and there were problems with my swappee and sending my wonderful mini.. but she perservered and sent it again..I am so glad she is patient cause look what I opened my parcel too.. this adorable wall hanging..
I had to do some close ups cause all the stitching is by hand looke at the basked how she traced the patterns with her stitches and those tiny itty bitty circles..then there is the embroidery around the fabulous fabrics used to make these flowers..

Hand quilting throughout!! and to use a different color thread just added to the great dimensions of these beauties!! The maker doesn't have a blog but is a member of our on line group Quilters Last Resort
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This blog is not to be written about my furbabies and I hope you don't get bored but sometimes pictures are just to hard to you can see below
our moments are peaceful at this time mother and daughter show me contentment. This was taken Christmas eve before I went to work. I hope that your world is at peace and that the New Year brings good cheer and health...and of course quilting

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New and old...

I was in a wonderful Secret Santa Swap and we were not allowed to open our gifts till today...what a time trying not to open this gift since i know who it came from. PAWS from one of the sites I chat on sent me this adorable wall hanging mini..a great keepsake we have been friends for a couple of years glad she got my name!! the cute little bows and buttons are a treasure..I even loved the wrapping paper and the cute card..thanks so much

I had "misplaced" my Aunt Millie's Garden blocks but found them and have been working on them. Got this one done and have started another one. They were on a roll and fell behind some material in my cupboard. Now they are all on the design wall and I just take one down and start workin' on it.. ain't lose'n them again!!
about half way done on my 3rd Love Letters block and am going to lay out 2 more...

and then look at this!! what did I do?? I joined a BOM with Stitchin Heaven Affairs from the Heart.. is this not adorable!! I haven't done the embroidery but have the applique of the first block done. This is a perfect choice for winters blues if people get them.. I don't I love winter and wish I could get snowed in for weeks!

Well Happy Holidays to all and a wonderful New Year...not sure when I will be posting again. All this applique is keeping my fingers busy and it is a slower process.. plus I have a quilt on the frame I have to get quilted!!