Thursday, June 28, 2012

6in swap blocks

I am working with my swap blocks from last year that I got from Reprofabrics. What a great project the names are still on the back of the blocks and where they came from. Each block is so unique and the pattern I picked to frame them is perfect…just having way to much fun I yam, I yam…

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hot, hot, hot

I got a few together and also auditioned my sashing. This to me will be so awesome my first 2 color quilt!

Friday, June 22, 2012

I can be….

My own worst enemy. I look through magazines and then I see something I just love and KNOW I have the fabric to make it!
See that picture on the right well look what happened it popped right outta there and onto my cutting table only to become a quilt! I just loved these 25in blocks! this is the first one and I am making nine to make a queen with boarders.
Mary (no blog anonymous poster) and I had our first  sew together without Rosemarie, I am sure it was trying for Mary since she is the only one I can pick on. We missed Rosemarie, but Mary brought over some wonderful Lasagne and we gobbled it up then sewed some while a wonderful heavy thunderstorm came barrelling through and both sagas of Twilight were on…great mindless movies.
Look at the perfect (in my opinion) patriotic mini she has made and now doing some big  stitch just perfect for the American holiday. Don`t worry I will post the finished quilt when she is done. This is the pattern that was a BOW with Temecula Quilt Company
Thought you would like a better glimpse of the block, Rosemarie will remember that cheddar fabric I had bought from Sew Sisters. I know, I know I just made a single wedding ring but now I see they come in large too…LOL

Thursday, June 21, 2012

First day of Summer

Our friend Rosemarie gave us a gift before moving and it gave great motivation to start a hexie quilt. Rosemarie gave us thread and Scissor and also a wonderful Quilters Mag and quilters nail file. Her words were that it was to start our hexie quilts…so we have.
The kit above is a mixture of things given,  thread and scissor`s by Rosemarie
Box and magnet pin holder by a retreat that I had been in the early spring,  the threader is from me..LOL.
This project will take years! I have started this a week ago and have 11 blocks prepared and ready with 4 done ….Yippee.  The fabrics are from my scrap bag!
I am not using the ENGLISH PAPER Piecing method I am using the no melt Templar. I don`t  like to waste my thread on basting. I know my stitches are showing but I think because I don`t have much of an edge. There has been some learning hurdles, like, what needle so sew with, I had been using the applique needle but have learned my betweens short needle is best to grab the couple of threads. My stitching is getting better and I am enjoying the process of working with my hands.  I also like to fussy cut some of the fabrics.
I am hand quilting a mini I had made earlier in the year it is a grid that is every 1/2 in. Gotta say if you want to quilt and watch tellie but not feel you have missed anything watch the last Twilight saga (Sorry to those that follow and love it but I thought it was time that was well wasted if I had not had my quilting)
Then I had put together my other mini tops that have to be quilted so that when I want to do them they will be ready sometimes picking the backing is just as much fun as picking the tops.  Here they are all rolled up!
This is what I had bought when I had been out with Rosemarie on our last quilt show together. The dishes are very different I thought with the plates. I loved them so I bought them, turns out the girl had 2 sets I only bought one.
Don`t laugh that I have a Christmas wall hanging up a dear friend made it and and I just can`t take it down. It has been there 2 years. The flowers are dried Peonies not roses cool eh? and then the bear my D Cousin had made, and the mini was a 4 patch I had made from left over fabric.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

mini pantry-the basics

Well I had to do something with the scraps of the boarder and I am on the June mini with Kathleen Tracey`s yahoo group. so you can see with a little fussy cutting.
I also got my second quilt back this is the backing fabric I will show you the finished quilt once I have the binding on…
And this morning I had so show you how intense Mollie is hiding in the hostas at the window she thinks that the life that is happening outside doesn`t see her but she chatters all the while…
I am going to be away for a bit life happenings and all see you soon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FQ Pantry

so here is my Crown of Thorns, or other names it goes by I am calling it My FQ Pantry.  I found this pattern in the Country Patchwork and Craft  Vol 7 no 2 . I added a row to make it larger and also did a 10in boarder.
I was fortunate enough to find the boarder fabric on my way to my mothers. There is a house I stop at in Dutton Ontario, Brenda is the proprietor and she has a Garage reverted into a wonderful Quilters paradise with fabrics, books, threads and notions and her prices are very reasonable, the boarder fabric was in the 50percent bin so what a steal.  You can google Evelyns Sewing Center in Dutton and it will give you directions on how to get there.
If you are on the 401 going west stop by and say that Deb sent ya. She is a wonderful person to chat quilt chat and it is a great break when travelling the 401
Anyways back to the quilt, take a look at the sashing I was lucky the fabric (from Art of Fabric) is directional but the way it is put together the directions cut all the same way. I love the sashing fabric. So this is my country quilt it is large it will drape nicely over my bed when I quilt it which won`t be till winter. I used up some of the FQ`s in my stash and have found a couple of more patterns where I will be using up these FQ`s

Has anyone seen the quiltmart pictures? do you love the things that are coming out? Fabrics are to just go gaa gaa over and the patterns. I have been going through my Mag`s and been rippen out the patterns I want to keep and tossing the rest I am finally realizing that I just don`t have the room for everything I would like to keep.

I am testing out new ways to post from Writer please bare with me as I decide what is a good view.