Thursday, January 14, 2010

I need a break!!

this picture won a quilt photo award in the Connecting Threads Quilt with Us forum.. I am just stunned. there are over 13,000 members on this forum and they have only been open for a 1yr... they have had an online store for ages though with really excellent buys. I just bought books from them with 40% off their already great prices! (when I get them I will post them you better hurray one if them is Petal Play I have been drooling over this book since I saw it on someone elses blog!!)
As an anniversary they had a voters choice for different catagories. I was very surprised to see my name there in the first place(betweens is what i go by)but to win too!! The photo below is what everyone voted on The Aunt Millie's Garden quilt. What a great incentive for me to finish this quilt!! but this is what they will be sending me
Each winner will receive a $25 Connecting Threads gift certificate and a hand painted, specially designed, one of a kind, Golden Ripper Award! These fabulous plaques were designed and made by our own very talented MaryJo Tuttle, and the seam rippers (yes, they are real), were generously donated by Clover. what a wonderful keepsake...just put yourself in my shoes and you will know that I am just in quilting heaven right now!!
I am thanking the members and CT for their wonderful votes and comments and for having a great site take a visit.. there are thousands of quilting pictures thousands of quilters starving for quilt talk and great deals!! but you don't have to buy to join it is all FREE!! very clever eh??

Over new years holidays I went to my mom and dad's stayed a couple of days and then was ready to go but couldn't...why you ask?? my brakes seized!! the back wheels were locked!! being in a small town the parts were not to come till Tuesday so I had an extra 3 days with them. (blessing in disguise since my dad had lost his best friend and we had a service and funeral) we were telling everyone that they sabatoged my van to have me stay longer!

But a quilter never leaves home without hand work well I don't I carry a case with me all the time that people think is a laptop until I pullout my applique. I was able to get 3 AMG blocks done. I took photos of them but messed up and deleted them these 2 are all done I have a little of another one to do which I will post.

Working nights I have odd hours in sleeping and staying awake so at 3am I was awake and couldn't really do much cause I didn't want wake my Parents.. but I would pull out my applique and I was very happy on how much I got done. I didn't need the television...their neighbours have a sauna and being New years week and young.. they were partying and I could hear them since the sauna was next to my bedroom window.. these people had never last week to call my parents to turn down their I know that t.v. is not on after 11pm..after my parents didn't complain of their partying from 2am to 730am during the week of New years...geesh.

I have also started my sewing and cutting to get a break from applique....every appliquer knows that it takes time and patience and sometimes you don't see results on a quilt becoming closer to finish for a while.. for a quick fix it is always nice to piece something inbetween for a break...this is the BOM that I have posted on the side Fall Fancy
if you are making this gorgeous pattern or want to click on the button to get to her site or if you want the Yahoo group click on the title of the blog

last I wanted to show you my Christmas decoration I have had this for many years it is a lava lamp I love lava amazes me what a little warmth from a lightbulb can do. This is as far as I got with the see it in movement is lovely.. oh I see that I got my new shelves in there for my fat quarters..bought them at Canadian Tire and they are perfect.. they fit all my FQ there is actually 6 shelves there..
Well thanks for visiting always great to hear from you.. I am behind on my blog reading been trying to keep up but January has brought on a flurry of activity and you bloggers are just full of energy. There are numerous BOM for 2010..gotta love those designers!!